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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AGE

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Statement:no matter what the cost. I am not an old man, as age counts among the teachers, yet I am not youngAstrology, 85:sphere of influence at the end of the Great Age of Brahma, as it is esoterically called. In theAstrology, 129:which we are passing; also, in the Piscean Age, the lesser cycle out of which we are at this timeAstrology, 130:Consequently, you have at the end of the age (I refer here to a greater round of the zodiac and toAstrology, 148:at the gateway of the new world, of the new age and its new civilizations, ideals and culture.Astrology, 149:to confer upon mankind during the Aquarian Age, if man will but prepare for them, accept them, andAstrology, 209:and the former to the methods of the Piscean age which is just passing. Mars and Mercury controlAstrology, 218:Devotion is consequently most powerful in this age or cycle and hence the expression in every landAstrology, 220:and Who is the ruler of the Piscean Age. The formula runs as follows, speaking esoterically: "...Astrology, 233:do the deciding. Today, the foremost men of the age - disciples, aspirants and the intelligentsia -Astrology, 238:between two activities - that of the Piscean Age which is passing and that of Aquarius which isAstrology, 261:the guarantee [261] that the birth of the new age, of the new consciousness and the newAstrology, 285:the Lion Passing as we are into the Aquarian Age in which the spirit of Aquarius will beAstrology, 285:this present cycle (the antechamber of the New Age) you have the pronounced attitude of theseAstrology, 304:which leads to progress" and - at the end of the age (as it is now at the final or seventhAstrology, 374:be here pointed out that just as the Aquarian Age is coming into manifestation for our planet as aAstrology, 395:will open before the astrologers of the New Age and fresh light on this greatest of all sciencesAstrology, 395:when the investigator can determine the relative age of the person or of the group whose destiny isAstrology, 438:is naturally active at the close of the Piscean age and is consequently bringing about the presentAstrology, 447:continue its critical work until in the Aquarian Age, so rapidly coming into expression, theAstrology, 448:full of promise is the future. In the Aquarian Age, the power of the planet Venus becomes aAstrology, 448:other influences and forces. In the Aquarian Age, Venus will again have an analogous influence onlyAstrology, 485:which potently aids in inaugurating the New Age. That New Age will be [486] distinguished by aAstrology, 485:aids in inaugurating the New Age. That New Age will be [486] distinguished by a truly self-awareAstrology, 486:in motion the causes that will produce the New Age, can be seen today in the trend of all the newAstrology, 489:and will remain so until the end of the Aquarian Age. By [490] this I mean, that these sevenAstrology, 490:source of the initial energy, producing the New Age. Ray II - Virgo: This constellation producesAstrology, 523:share in the "gifts of the gods in the coming age of peace which will succeed this present point ofAstrology, 537:Sons of Mind to the Earth during the Lemurian age and once in the Atlantean period at the climax ofAstrology, 540:of the masses of men into the Aquarian Age, bringing them under the new influences and potencies,Astrology, 541:structure and the dim outlines of the New Age civilization can already be seen. The underlyingAstrology, 541:Men can achieve liberty and organize for the New Age with its unique civilization and constructiveAstrology, 542:as the outstanding characteristic of this age of major conflict. Humanity is today participating inAstrology, 548:the beginning and the initiator of the New Age and its coming civilizations, of the appearance ofAstrology, 567:Christian era; it initiated, through Him, the "age of Love" which is only now beginning to takeAstrology, 602:and their promise. At the close of the Aquarian Age, these keynotes will vary somewhat because theAstrology, 631:the Transcendent One. Finally, at the end of the age, it knows Itself as the Transfigured One andAutobiography, 7:broad sweeps of human progress from the primeval age to the dawn of the impending new civilizationAutobiography, 12:I broke away to live my own life around the age of 22. During those early years I was surrounded byAutobiography, 19:no recollection of my mother for she died at the age of 29, when I was only six years old. I doAutobiography, 20:always matter, apparently, no matter what the age or the circumstance! I used to own a very largeAutobiography, 22:that I later found. Thus I began consciously the age old search for the world of meaning which mustAutobiography, 29:I went to a finishing school in London at the age of eighteen. She was the one person to whom IAutobiography, 31:but equally sound and sweet. At 18 years of age I was sent to a finishing school in London, whilstAutobiography, 43:relief to our uncles and aunts when we came of age, passed out of the Courts of Chancery and wereAutobiography, 43:were definitely on our own. In effect I came of age when my younger sister reached the age ofAutobiography, 43:I came of age when my younger sister reached the age of twenty-one. A new cycle then started forAutobiography, 67:very clear, but I have a daughter about your age and I am damned if I would like to have herAutobiography, 133:of surety and usefulness, it will be at that age. Numerologists would affirm that the reason isAutobiography, 142:in one way (probably suitable for his time and age) that it should be acceptable now in a differentAutobiography, 142:should be acceptable now in a different time and age, under a different civilization and withAutobiography, 156:me one or two questions as to residence and age of the children and then said, "I have read theAutobiography, 184:- Chapter V The children were now reaching the age where the normal physical care which engrossesAutobiography, 202:I would like to see every boy and girl at the age of adolescence taken to an understandingAutobiography, 230:the work which is intended to inaugurate the new age and the future civilization, particularly fromAutobiography, 231:made possible by the coming in of the Aquarian age. This Aquarian age is both astronomical andAutobiography, 231:the coming in of the Aquarian age. This Aquarian age is both astronomical and astrological inAutobiography, 234:room is the great symbol of the [234] Aquarian age, for we shall sit down together under the lovingAutobiography, 240:a book just published, Discipleship in the New Age, which contains instructions that the TibetanAutobiography, 240:the Hierarchy to strike the keynote of the new age, and it is upon these [241] things in the seniorAutobiography, 241:of ancient truths which during the Aquarian age will guide humanity. Towards 1934 we began to visitAutobiography, 249:press and a book on the discipleship in the new age is in the hands of the public, the work ofAutobiography, 253:belong to the old order, to the Piscean age and who are therefore unable to see the emergence ofAutobiography, 254:in a book entitled "Discipleship in the New Age." Volume II of this book will be published shortly.Autobiography, 275:power and will prepare the disciples of the New Age for the future Schools of Initiation. Autobiography, 284:be an adult has, in fact, nothing to do with the age of the person. We hold (as does modernAutobiography, 299:out of the Piscean era into the Aquarian Age. D.K worked with the great disciple whom we know asBethlehemthrough the transition period between the old age and the new, and the true mission of Christ, soBethlehem, 3:We are in process of passing from one religious age into another. The spiritual trends of today areBethlehem, 7:the need of man, down the ages. The truth of one age becomes the myth of the next, but itsBethlehem, 16:was that which embodied the technique of the new age, which was to come when individual salvationBethlehem, 18:He came at the beginning of that astronomical age which we call "the Piscean age" because, duringBethlehem, 18:that astronomical age which we call "the Piscean age" because, during this period of approximatelyBethlehem, 19:including the New Testament. This Piscean age comes between the previous Jewish dispensation (theBethlehem, 19:the sign Aries, the Ram) and the Aquarian age into which our sun is now in process of transiting.Bethlehem, 19:keeping of the Passover feast. In the Christian age we use the fish symbology, even to eating fishBethlehem, 19:fish on Good Friday. The symbol of the Aquarian age, as it appears in all the ancient zodiacs, isBethlehem, 19:man bearing a jar of water. The message of that age is one of unity, communion and our relationshipBethlehem, 19:are all the children of the one Father. To this age Christ pointed in His instructions to HisBethlehem, 19:inevitable goal. We are today at the end of the age, and entering the period of Aquarian unity, asBethlehem, 20:of the goat or ram, and how in our present age of Pisces, the Fishes, those influences have coloredBethlehem, 37:has gone forth from Him and has penetrated our age also. This fact will be neither shaken norBethlehem, 38:Then we can pass through the gateway of the New Age into a world which will be characterized byBethlehem, 39:and thus lose our perspective. One is that each age provides its way out. This, Christ meant whenBethlehem, 49:Today God is coming closer still, and the new age will not only recognize the truth of the pastBethlehem, 50:by B. Bosanquet, p. 111.) At this "end of the age" man stands before the door of opportunity, and,Bethlehem, 53:Christ Himself tells us that at the end of the age the sign of the Son of Man will be seen in theBethlehem, 57:God's Plan to the race in terms suited to each age and temperament; The uniformity of their lifeBethlehem, 58:firm establishing of the law I come to birth in age after age. "He who thus perceives My birth andBethlehem, 58:of the law I come to birth in age after age. "He who thus perceives My birth and work as divine, asBethlehem, 64:all world Saviors. We have already seen that the age of Christianity is the Piscean Age, and ChristBethlehem, 64:seen that the age of Christianity is the Piscean Age, and Christ came to the Holy Land when our sunBethlehem, 69:the bull, which was the worship prevalent in the age when our sun was passing through the age ofBethlehem, 69:in the age when our sun was passing through the age of Taurus, the Bull, and which was preserved atBethlehem, 75:is the one in which Jesus, having reached the age of twelve years, was taken up by His Mother toBethlehem, 75:to initiation: "The accomplishment of the age of twelve years signifies a full period of evolutionBethlehem, 80:hear the Gospel message in terms which each new age demands. It is a waste of time to go onBethlehem, 91:becoming the keynote of the best minds of the age. The story of ideas, how they come and how theyBethlehem, 102:that, until the near coming of the messianic age which was to reveal his glorious dignity, he wasBethlehem, 109:we all possess - acquired knowledge and the age-old rules. He conquered because He had taught
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