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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AGE

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Glamour, 77:of Devotion during the rapidly passing Piscean Age. It is today one of the potent glamors of theGlamour, 78:plexus center. For this glamor there are some age-old rules: Contact the greater Self through theGlamour, 81:why the emphasis has been put, during the Aryan age, upon the necessity for the study of Raja Yoga,Glamour, 112:of the time and of the immediately preceding age have formulated, and which at the time of theirGlamour, 124:they eliminated themselves from this initial new age activity. I am explaining this, for it isGlamour, 143:as indicated elsewhere (Discipleship in the New Age, Volume I, page 61), and then - when you haveGlamour, 156:personality rays given above are for the Piscean Age which is now beginning to pass out; but theseGlamour, 156:ray of a minor incarnation. In the Aquarian Age which is rapidly coming, the Dweller will presentGlamour, 160:recognize the true values and thus bring in the age of soul or hierarchical control? Time aloneGlamour, 166:the war, prior to the inauguration of the New Age. Glamour, 189:and dreams and constructive goal of the New Age, the demand comes for the first time from a largeGlamour, 213:modes of work which will be employed in the new age. For this, the Hierarchy has planned and workedHealingthe knowledge is in its infancy. Only in this age and generation is it at last possible to impartHealing, 9:ages has wrestled. In our present mechanistic age we have wandered far to the surface of things andHealing, 11:man surrounds all things. The best minds of this age are only just beginning to see the first dimHealing, 48:new expression of usefulness, and enter the new age equipped to deal with the people who willHealing, 68:and the man who has grasped some of the New Age concepts have often equally dosed minds and seeHealing, 68:But the ways and the techniques of the New Age are hard to grasp. Much of the old ways have to beHealing, 77:bodies. All these will, in the coming New Age, be definitely considered and discovered, and thisHealing, 156:the shoulder blades and is - in this day and age - the center which is receiving the most attentionHealing, 196:and from enlightened medical men in the New Age. When this relationship existing between the nadisHealing, 204:power to resist. The healing process in the New Age will start with definitely planned work withHealing, 218:suggested that the medical profession in the New Age will deal increasingly with the theory ofHealing, 225:people into cities and towns; the other is the age of the soil upon which man lives (a fact littleHealing, 225:of every human being. One of the aims of the New Age will be "to lighten this shadow and bringHealing, 243:fruitful cause of disease and one of such great age that it is inherent in the life of the planetHealing, 246:the withering of a flower, death from old age in an animal or a tree, and the many diseases of theHealing, 263:to a fresh plowing in the springtime of the New Age, with a fresh sowing of the seed which willHealing, 276:advanced occult theories. Medical men in the New Age will eventually know enough to relate theseHealing, 286:by careful, orthodox medical diagnosis. The age of the patient, his birth date and some informationHealing, 299:physical form, all atrophying processes, and old age. Healing, 305:upon the condition of the physical body, the age of the soul and the karmic possibilities. I wouldHealing, 315:As the forces of life run more slowly, as old age creeps on, cancer often appears, proving theHealing, 330:(if there is any) may lie also in the greater age of the oriental races. The diseases of old age,Healing, 330:age of the oriental races. The diseases of old age, and those of youth or middle age, have theirHealing, 330:of old age, and those of youth or middle age, have their variations, and Asia and its peoples areHealing, 330:fast. Yet the Japanese show no sign of that old age. India is far older than Europe, but theHealing, 330:yet they demonstrate no such sign of effete old age. The reason for this lies in the very differentHealing, 344:according to ray types but according to the age of the soul, and the individual status upon theHealing, 344:personal instructions (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I. and II.) to all of you to bring aboutHealing, 350:today, lives are preserved in form - both in old age and in infancy - that could be well permittedHealing, 358:I point this out because, in this coming Age wherein group work will be greatly developed, it willHealing, 361:One will appear. But the mantram for His coming age is not yet for use. The world is not yet readyHealing, 373:will as the sixth ray recedes and the Piscean Age passes out), the new schools cannot exist as theyHealing, 374:the foundation for later expansion in the New Age. Seek to preserve that which is good and usefulHealing, 375:in healing. The exoteric developments of the New Age healing will grow out of the above. There isHealing, 401:particularly during the materialistic Victorian age. The theory of conditional immortality. ThisHealing, 403:of absence are proclaimed, dependent upon the age of the departed soul and its place upon theHealing, 407:cataclysm [407] which inaugurated the Lemurian Age, and which was induced by His cosmic experienceHealing, 413:an end. - Page 183-184. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I: You must always bear in mind that theHealing, 422:- Pages 128-133. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I: All severing of links produces severeHealing, 428:caliber, adequate to the requirements and age of that soul. Energized that physical body throughHealing, 431:its presence felt through disease or through old age. I am not referring to death as it comesHealing, 443:for man the Dweller on the Threshold in this age and cycle. Both of them indicate sentient reactionHealing, 448:word of His will be spoken at the end of the age when the Lord of the World will speak fromHealing, 451:do its work upon the souls of men before the New Age could come in, bringing with it theHealing, 463:of the incarnated soul and its approximate age or experience are determined, the [464] physical,Healing, 472:death which comes as the result of disease, old age, or the imposed will of the soul which hasHealing, 476:losing his grip on physical existence. In old age this detachment can be more easily noted than inHealing, 528:to set a needed goal for all healers in the New Age. It will also explain why the various healingHealing, 529:because of the ability of the healer in the New Age to express in himself and in his daily life theHealing, 529:his own inner mechanism. The healer in the New Age will possess the ability to make the followingHealing, 536:essential requirements of the healer in the New Age, and also certain of the contacts which he willHealing, 537:so is a rarity indeed. The healer in the New Age will recognize limitation and conditioningHealing, 538:not of major importance. The healer in the New Age does not and will not work directly with theHealing, 540:the basic necessity for the healer in the New Age to be either clairvoyant or - far [541] betterHealing, 546:world in the immediate period, heralding the New Age. If it did, the implications would be that theHealing, 546:marks the rightly oriented person. In the New Age, teaching anent the antahkarana and theHealing, 549:The knowledge required by the healer in the New Age is therefore more basic and less detailed. HeHealing, 549:through a sane and worldwide grasp of the New Age principle of sharing will human ills be cured;Healing, 552:prior to any healing process. Healers in the New Age will also establish their own clientele, justHealing, 557:of hard study and work. Many healers in the New Age will combine orthodox study and knowledge withHealing, 558:confidence of the public in the so-called New Age modes of healing, in the methods of the ChristianHealing, 576:of the Hierarchy at that time - the time or age of ancient Lemuria - and had then to be interpretedHealing, 580:but in the case of the true healer in the New Age it is dependent upon the "lighted magnetic areaHealing, 610:reached which will usher in the so-called golden age. Points of friction will then be far fewerHealing, 667:and enunciated the truths needed for the New Age, and of these Lincoln, Roosevelt, Browning, BriandHealing, 681:soul is absent. This frequently happens in old age or serious illness, and it may persist forHealing, 693:in world affairs. We are passing out of one age into another, and this necessarily createsHealing, 700:into relationship. In Discipleship in the New Age the rays are given of a large number ofHealing, 713:point of scientific expression in the coming new age wherein the seventh ray will dominate ourHercules, 12:can become the knowers and initiates of the new age. Thus men will pass out of the Hall of LearningHercules, 15:mystery of death. Forget this not. What is your age, my son?" "I had turned eighteen summers when IHercules, 19:as important as love of God; and this the new age, with its new type of aspirant, will mostHercules, 21:fancied himself to be. [21] When he reached the age of eighteen years, we are told, he slew a lionHercules, 21:Yetzira, No. 30). This is what Hercules, at the age of eighteen, is setting out to do. He mustHercules, 65:back to that period, antedating the Taurian age, when the sun was in Gemini, and to that greatHercules, 67:a new state of being, and bring in a new age and a new world. Consequently, new difficulties andHercules, 145:that confront the person in this day and age who seeks to slay the hydra, should shed light on theHercules, 147:fears of ridicule, failure, the unknown, old age, chance and death. Can these fears be eliminated?Hercules, 182:into heaven is entrance into the Aquarian age, begun during the last two hundred years. We are toldHercules, 183:with each other [183] and the Aquarian age will be fully with us, but only fully with us in theHercules, 183:grasp, because it is something in the Aquarian age which will be emerging in greater fullness rightHercules, 184:happen in Aquarius. At the end of the Aquarian age, approximately two thousand five hundred yearsHercules, 186:that we are entering into the Aquarian age where materialism, as we know it, will have completelyHercules, 187:a sign of preparation for what the next Piscean age is going to bring in. Aquarius is depicted as aHercules, 187:words that embody the technique of the Aquarian age; not form, not mind, but life and love. TwoHercules, 188:of how to let go, in order that the Piscean age of materialism and of authority, possession andHercules, 188:and mentality can be superseded by the age of spirituality, of intuition, and of universalHercules, 189:and we are trying to vibrate to the Aquarian age. We are not Aquarians yet; there are no true
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