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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AGE

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Reappearance, 79:II. Christ as the Forerunner of the Aquarian Age People are very apt to overlook the fact thatReappearance, 79:and spiritual Leader of humanity during the age which is so rapidly drawing to a close, He alsoReappearance, 79:recognized the work which He would do when that age came to an end and the new astronomical cycleReappearance, 79:golden calf and forgot the new teaching of the age of Aries, the Ram, into which they wereReappearance, 80:to the work He would have to do in the Aquarian Age, in the next sign into which the sun wouldReappearance, 80:He referred to the symbol of the Aquarian Age and to the task He would then perform. With HisReappearance, 80:achievement and evolutionary event of that age will be the communion and human relationshipsReappearance, 80:and this will be the great gift of the Aquarian Age to humanity. This the church has ignored andReappearance, 81:used the symbol of the scapegoat or ram in the age of Aries, the Ram, and that the ChristianReappearance, 81:desire to change. The coming in of the Aquarian Age, Christ foresaw and reduced to pictorial formReappearance, 81:possible of demonstration only in our time and age. Astronomically, we are not yet functioningReappearance, 82:a true initiation as it enters into the new age of Aquarius; it will then be subjected to thoseReappearance, 83:Ones, He enters upon His duties in the Aquarian Age, whilst as the center of the Triangle aboveReappearance, 83:of His world service, throughout the Aquarian Age. [84] Reappearance, 84:a desirable fusion. Just as, during the Piscean Age, there was unfolded in humanity a massReappearance, 84:principle of intelligence, so in the Aquarian Age, a mass response to right relations will equallyReappearance, 85:because they will set loose (in the Aquarian Age) in a new and dynamic manner the new energiesReappearance, 86:the Forerunner and the Teacher of the Aquarian Age. As Nourisher of the Little Ones, we are dealingReappearance, 86:thousands towards the close of the Aquarian Age. The purifying waters of the Baptism InitiationReappearance, 87:hearts of men"; the group which (in the Aquarian Age) the Christ Himself will "nourish" and prepareReappearance, 88:[88] The work of Christ, during the Piscean Age, was to relate humanity to the Hierarchy of theReappearance, 88:to the Hierarchy of the planet; in the Aquarian Age, His work will be to relate this rapidlyReappearance, 96:for the coming civilization of the Aquarian Age. As many millions in the world know, each year (atReappearance, 98:the task which He attempted to do in the Piscean Age. He and His disciples and the New Group ofReappearance, 98:demonstrate within Himself, during the Aquarian Age and after His reappearance, certain major fusedReappearance, 98:enabling Him to be the Builder of the new age and civilization. The fusion of Piscean energy,Reappearance, 99:the harvest of which He will garner in the new age. The tragedy of His appearance two thousandReappearance, 106:the first dim influences of the Piscean Age could be felt, impinging upon the powerful quality ofReappearance, 106:felt, impinging upon the powerful quality of the age of Aries, the Scapegoat or the Ram. It was theReappearance, 106:or the Ram. It was the influence of this age - persisting throughout the Jewish dispensation -Reappearance, 123:have ever prophesied that, at the end of the age, we shall see the revelation of that which isReappearance, 123:our present cycle marks the end of the Piscean age; the next two hundred years will see theReappearance, 126:churches had ignored and had - in the Victorian age particularly - looked upon science as an archReappearance, 126:today, at some point during the Aquarian Age. Humanity, the world disciple (through its variousReappearance, 126:during the next two thousand years. Each age has left a reflection of a modern fivefold developmentReappearance, 126:Aries, and Pisces. Today Aquarius, the fifth age, is coming into power. In Gemini, its symbolicalReappearance, 127:Krishna and Sankaracharya; finally we have the age of Pisces the Fishes, which brought to us theReappearance, 127:time (a time which is the antechamber to the new age) is how few material things are reallyReappearance, 129:will be increasingly potent and the Aquarian Age will see so many of the sons of men accepting theReappearance, 129:as the mass education of mankind in the Piscean Age. Materialism as a mass principle will beReappearance, 131:a group sentiency, and only in the Aquarian Age, and as a result of the reappearance of the Christ,Reappearance, 142:teach nothing new or appropriate to the day and age, but send out young men to guide humanity whoReappearance, 158:is concerned, is the approach (in the coming New Age) of a mentally polarized humanity. In theReappearance, 179:a separative organization or church. In the new age which is upon us, prior to the return of theReappearance, 182:and existent under the demands of the Piscean Age. In the age into which we are now emerging, theReappearance, 182:under the demands of the Piscean Age. In the age into which we are now emerging, the Aquarian Age,Reappearance, 182:age into which we are now emerging, the Aquarian Age, this mode of group work will reach a veryReappearance, 182:energize the minds and souls of men that the new age will be ushered in by an outpouring of theReappearance, 183:construction; they are the builders of the new age; to them is given the work of preserving theReappearance, 185:the fundamental ideals which will govern the new age. This is the major task of the New Group ofSoul, 25:materialistic. It is mechanistic, thriving in an age of machines and machinery. The position of theSoul, 42:when the subject was over fifteen years of age, and contradictory in all other cases, so deductionSoul, 42:and very mature, and apparently had reached the age of adolescence. He was abnormally brightSoul, 47:with no sign of adolescence at the expected age, and no exhibition of sex tendencies thereafter." -Soul, 64:of pure science, in the front rank of this age. He says: "What about the Ether which holds theSoul, 78:of modern medicine, and the revelations of the age of electricity. Gradually the form aspect ofSoul, 130:past been proved and demonstrated in the present age? Might it not be possible to apply a techniqueTelepathy, 3:Mind; this is complicated in our time and age by a growing responsiveness to the mass ideas -Telepathy, 12:is one of the most important in the coming new age, and it will be of value to gain some idea ofTelepathy, 19:can then be trusted." (Discipleship in the New Age I, Page 87) Telepathy, 26:the new telepathy which will distinguish the new age. There must also be mental development andTelepathy, 33:be, outstandingly, the glory of the Aquarian Age. As the race achieves increasingly a mentalTelepathy, 35:will come to its full glory in the Aquarian Age. The intuition is the infallibly sensitive agent,Telepathy, 35:in the three worlds. Of this intuitional future age, Christ is the Seed Man, for "He knew what wasTelepathy, Discip:the status of Master) [Discipleship in the New Age, I, 777] are Themselves in process of learningTelepathy, 48:must and will condition the thinking of the New Age and will eventually produce the new culture andTelepathy, 56:Points of Revelation. (Discipleship in the New Age, Volume II, Section 3.) Revelation is a genericTelepathy, 58:anent the Antahkarana. (Education in the New Age. A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Volume V.) All suchTelepathy, 62:Points of Revelation, (Discipleship in the New Age, Volume II, Section 3.) will convey muchTelepathy, 89:time equation varies according to ray and the age of the soul. Sixth ray people, for instance, areTelepathy, 120:Point of Revelation (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II.) I said that it concerned itself withTelepathy, 160:for all, on all the rays, for at the end of the age, when cosmic etheric substance [161] composesTelepathy, 172:by the governing rays, as well as by the age and the length of the soul's expression. The extentTelepathy, 173:use of the new occultism in the coming New Age. The oriental symbols which are often superimposedTelepathy, 178:beyond the grasp of the greatest mind of the age, mounting into more than astronomical figures - ifTelepathy, 187:of registration instituted. At the close of the age, the three major Centers will be in complete,
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