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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AGELONG

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Bethlehem, 216:stands aghast. This work of forgiveness is the agelong work of the soul in matter or form. TheDiscipleship1, 275:more clearly. It is a relation not only of agelong mutual service and of understanding but also ofExternalisation, 431:will clarify the minds of the masses. Into these agelong causes I cannot here go; there is not timeFire, 154:identity. Here we can see the beginning of that agelong duel between Spirit and matter, which isGlamour, 4:recession or the capacity to withdraw from one's agelong identification with form life. I wouldGlamour, 73:it or to understand it; it is the result of the agelong activity of human desire. It is a corporateGlamour, 77:is particularly potent at this time owing to the agelong activity of the sixth Ray of DevotionGlamour, 265:[265] process but that in itself is delusion. Agelong identification with the form side of life isHealing, 78:"solar-sacral" people. This is partly due to the agelong habits of suppression and of inhibitionHealing, 137:There has been much teaching given anent the agelong struggle between personality and soul, but itHealing, 294:gain from the above, my brother, is a concept of agelong conflict, of seven great energies whichHealing, 583:since time began and the Hierarchy started its agelong task of influencing and stimulating theHealing, 599:the form aspect; these constitute part of the agelong action of evil versus good. It is this fifthHercules, 11:made its presence felt with the facility of agelong expression. At the same time he knew that hisIntellect, 92:be entering upon this particular phase in the agelong pursuit of truth. We are conscious withinMagic, 22:of God into a trinity is universal and agelong in use, where every people - ancient and modern -Magic, 78:in a settled condition which is the result of agelong work upon the mental plane. This is oneMagic, 627:out of this fear has emerged - as a result of agelong enquiry - our present educational andMeditation, 106:task for it means working against the results of agelong development. He has to direct theMeditation, 298:at the same time. They achieve by right of agelong effort, and because in previous lives they trodPsychology1, 93:and the intangible, and which testify to an agelong belief in a soul and its immortality for whichPsychology1, 129:field. A world Teacher has been teaching for agelong cycles. A world Savior has been, for manyPsychology1, 269:their fellowmen. Behind all these results of an agelong wrong attitude to the sex function lie twoPsychology2, 104:and position. All that has been acquired through agelong struggle and strife, through pain andPsychology2, 147:which the Pilgrim has much to do on his weary, agelong way, back to the center. It is the fourthPsychology2, 361:with the time wasted in building up the agelong glamor. The third ray aspirant is always slower toRays, 25:They are the result of tried experience and of agelong undertakings and - assuming neither the formRays, 116:in his recognition; he was rich as the result of agelong experience and evolutionary development.Rays, 280:consciously applied as the result of agelong processes, and matter-force, via the antahkarana. TheRays, 472:the three worlds of life service, and then the agelong task of the incarnating spiritual man isSoul, 31:has long been versed in the race-old beliefs and agelong convictions of the East on the generalSoul, 127:the merely physical and material? Such is the agelong belief of India - that through the
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