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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AGENCY

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Astrology, 10:forget the Law of Analogy as an interpretive agency. Esotericism teaches (and modern science isAstrology, 42:must become the flame; this they do through the agency of the fifth Hierarchy and the four wicks,Astrology, 199:no longer felt. The Hierarchy - The distributing agency to the various kingdoms in nature. Mars andAstrology, 297:into play, and Uranus is then the distributing agency and the head center becomes the center in theAstrology, 391:has entirely superseded desire as a motivating agency. The soul is linked with form but its majorAstrology, 457:but it is of major importance as a distributing agency for the Hierarchy and particularly for thoseAstrology, 465:a particular planet, using it as a transmitting agency to the Earth. You have therefore: I. SiriusAstrology, 481:centers and transform our Earth (through the agency of human thought, reacting to zodiacalAstrology, 488:is for instance a most important transmitting agency in the present world crisis. This means,Astrology, 617:Each great center is, therefore, a transmitting agency. The fourth Creative Hierarchy, the humanBethlehem, 22:and the door still stands wide open. Through the agency of this hierarchy of achievement, men areBethlehem, 37:that subtle divine Self to manifest through the agency of the experience which we call the "newBethlehem, 110:between God and the Evil One. Through what agency could this evil force reach Him? Through theBethlehem, 110:could this evil force reach Him? Through the agency of His own human nature, through the medium ofBethlehem, 147:from one state of being to another, through the agency of fire." (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p.Bethlehem, 148:and this aspect (transmuted through the agency of fire, the will or spirit of God) produces theBethlehem, 169:to the recognition that it must be a motivating agency if business, as we understand it in theDestiny, 17:energy of will working out potently through the agency of certain great outstanding personalities.Destiny, 124:work of humanity which is to be the distributing agency for spiritual energy to the three subhumanDestiny, 129:by and swept into activity through its agency is called force. The terms are therefore relative andDiscipleship1, 19:into a dynamic, self-conscious, creative agency. Usher in a period of spiritual unfoldment in everyDiscipleship1, 67:and the fact of your group as the impressing agency (thus providing the two poles between whichDiscipleship1, 163:choose to project into an organism through their agency. The New Group of World Servers is aDiscipleship1, 376:and its problems and as it acts as the directing agency in the brain) which must be your immediateDiscipleship1, 696:and wishes must not be the enforced directing agency in the lives of those with whom he is inDiscipleship1, 697:ladder, the mind appears as an interpreting agency and the nature of the mechanism and of theDiscipleship2, 158:world is the Hierarchy - that great transmitting agency of love to every form in the divineDiscipleship2, 194:in the mind, is the instrument or implementing agency of the other two monadic energies. H.P.B.Discipleship2, 331:from a group, though it is released through the agency of an individual disciple. That is a totallyDiscipleship2, 433:latter center is, as you know, the directing agency of the soul within the soul-infusedDiscipleship2, 613:with any disciple acts as a precipitating agency, evoking that which is good and bringing to theEducation, 20:on this. The soul creates through the direct agency of the lower mind and hence the appearance ofEducation, 92:stream, as is well known, as its distributing agency and, through the medium of the blood,Education, 93:to practice it: It will serve as a directional agency from the earliest years, finally indicatingEducation, 94:and throat into one unified and functioning agency. The meeting of the three aforesaid requirementsExternalisation, 28:then have seen it come into being through the "agency of recognition," as it is occultly called.Externalisation, 35:the negative mass of mankind and the positive agency of the Hierarchy. That is the reason why, inExternalisation, 181:evil work possible. He is mainly a precipitating agency, for through him world selfishness andExternalisation, 206:of world servers believes that (through the agency of goodwill) the new world order can be firmlyExternalisation, 268:and They will then issue forth through the agency of One of Them, Who will unify the energies ofExternalisation, 301:Hierarchy; the Hierarchy is heir transmitting agency; They occasionally reach those thinkingExternalisation, 301:They will destroy the forces of evil, using the agency of the Forces of Light. [302] They willExternalisation, 309:as well as on other levels, with every possible agency? Can they at the same time live that dynamicExternalisation, 353:which the spiritual Forces can work. Through the agency of the many tiny points of light and will,Externalisation, 358:the planet through the medium of every possible agency. The first step towards this release is theExternalisation, 475:danger which was nearing the Earth through the agency of the combined forces of evil. These forcesExternalisation, 526:consciousness aspect of all forms; Its present agency of salvage and of service is the mind, as itExternalisation, 566:These two groups unitedly form a transmitting agency through which the Hierarchy can reach the massExternalisation, 657:before attained. This has happened through the agency of the energies listed above. Disciples andFire, 71:forms the central factor and the attractive agency around which the sheaths of the incarnatingFire, 72:Temple of Solomon, the egoic body, through the agency of the egoic life, the second [73] aspect. InFire, 73:but essential quality demonstrating through the agency of some one factor. The Primordial Ray isFire, 90:is transmitted to man's etheric body through the agency of certain deva entities of a very highFire, 193:therefore as beatitude.80 [193] 80 ..."the chief agency by which Nature's wheel is moved in aFire, 455:powers and forces made available through their agency. The coming into incarnation of numbers ofFire, 476:from one state of being to another through the agency of fire. The due comprehension of this isFire, 476:the Father's life to the lower three seeketh the agency of fire, hid in the heart of Mother. HeFire, 476:lower three into the ready fourth seeketh the agency of fire hid in the heart of Brahma. He workethFire, 476:the life into the gathering fifth seeketh the agency of fire hid in the heart of Vishnu. He workethFire, 483:of energy. They reach the whole through the agency of the few centers in a form. 58 The difficultyFire, 488:The black Magician attains results through the agency of force external to the sphere involved, andFire, 488:involved, and produces transmutation through the agency of resolvents (if so I might term it) orFire, 491:of the destruction of the form through outer agency, and not through the liberation of the lifeFire, 492:factor is comprehended, and science admits the agency of mental fire as embodied in certain groupsFire, 501:of the threefold lower nature through the agency of the permanent atoms. Bridge the interludeFire, 512:and properly controlled is the great transmuting agency, which eventually will make of the humanFire, 515:and are each (on their own plane) the coherent agency which gathers [516] substance into form, andFire, 517:of the three groups of Lipika Lords, and is the agency through which They work in the imposition ofFire, 517:atoms of men, and produce results through the agency of form until they have exhausted theFire, 549:are stupendous and if released now through the agency of an unready personality would lead to direFire, 563:and send forth as the occupier, or vitalizing agency of the thought-form. Roughly speaking, a solarFire, 640:kept busy building the mineral forms through the agency of fire; they are the alchemists of theFire, 643:and of bridging, and this is carried out by the agency of [644] certain groups of devas on all theFire, 646:lies the ability of man eventually - through the agency of his centers - to put himself en rapportFire, 688:which is brought about through the agency of the solar Angels or builders and vitalizers of theFire, 799:the desire or astral body, the strongest karmic agency which has to be considered. [800] In theFire, 800:atom in the system, and does so through the agency of substance and its inherent quality,Fire, 860:is concerned, The fact that it is through the agency of the fifth principle that man canFire, 884:brought down from the higher triad through the agency of the electrical rod. Fire, 885:type of force, using the petal as a transmitting agency. From the particular petal in which theFire, 892:their dense physical activities through the agency of glamor, and cast a veil over their objectiveFire, 920:that is visible and objective, and through their agency our solar system takes its place within theFire, 925:upon the archetypal planes, through the agency of divine thought, and from thence (through directedFire, 946:of fiery atoms, or energetic lives, through the agency of greater lives, and is held in coherentFire, 986:of the right hand path is the transmitting agency for the building force, and the triangle he usesFire, 1007:here be said that the eye is the great directing agency. When the third eye is used, which is theFire, 1107:that one or other of the spirillae will be the agency for lives which express specific qualities.Fire, 1127:Monad, and to direct that energy (through the agency of the Rod) so that eventually it circulatesFire, 1200:must become the flame; this they do through the agency of the fifth Hierarchy and the four wicks,Fire, 1213:his own, and to become a transmuting mediating agency. It might be of interest here to note that itFire, 1213:the human kingdom was stimulated into a positive agency through the power of the will. ThatFire, 1278:divides save in transition and through the agency of time. * * * The major fifth within the EternalGlamour, 43:awakened and used. This is the great dispelling agency, and pours down from the plane of theGlamour, 43:awakened and used. This is the great dissipating agency, and pours down from soul levels (theGlamour, 58:are in process of construction through the agency of the soul, as well as through the jointGlamour, 100:Raja Yoga and bring in the mind as a dispelling agency and thus learn to stand in the "light"Glamour, 165:the planet through the medium of every possible agency. The first step towards this release is theGlamour, 176:of the phenomenal life, of a revealing Group or Agency whose task is of a triple nature: To gaugeGlamour, 245:and fully developed on Earth, through the agency of humanity. The will and the breath, my brother,Healing, 25:forms, is simply a transferring and transmitting agency for vital energy to the outer dense
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