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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AGENT

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Rays, 598:agent is the soul, whilst the transfiguring agent is the Spiritual Triad, working through theRays, 601:relationships, the fifth in order is the prime agent and the revealer of the second type ofRays, 602:aspects of the personality: As the transmuting agent - the physical body As the transforming agentRays, 602:agent - the physical body As the transforming agent - the astral body As the transfiguring agent -Rays, 602:agent - the astral body As the transfiguring agent - the mental body This gives you much food forRays, 623:a symbol) which will eventually prove to be the agent that will bring about a "point of emergence."Rays, 633:yet failed, and this conflict will prove the agent in harmonizing many factors. Within the comityRays, 634:and in later days, Germany became the prime agent of conflict. Today the Jewish people areRays, 639:today. The Principle of Conflict is the agent of the Principle of Harmony and produces the strainsRays, 647:plane and, at the same time, it produced a great agent of destruction upon the physical plane. ThusRays, 647:Christ is fitting Himself to be the distributing Agent and the directing Factor, with theRays, 670:positive. To the aspirant it becomes mainly the agent for the creation of the vehicles needed forRays, 674:and its pliability, which makes it such a good agent for the deceptive thought-forming faculties ofRays, 674:equally the good as well as the bad; it is the agent, therefore, of deception when manipulated byRays, 678:the rejection of the Theosophical Society as an agent of the Hierarchy at this time. Earlier andRays, 687:Rod of Initiation is used as the transferring agent. The second initiation freed the initiate fromRays, 689:application of the Rod. He acts primarily as an agent for the transmission, for the stepping downRays, 691:major effort, for he knows that the mind is the agent of direction; he endeavors to concentrateRays, 712:Mahachohan. The Manu is receptive to, and the agent of, the energy of the divine will for humanity;Rays, 712:the divine will for humanity; the Christ is the agent for the distribution of the energy whichRays, 714:this can only function correctly and be the agent of the divine will after the third initiation.Rays, 716:to you, therefore, that this energy is the agent for the revelation of the divine purpose. It mayReappearance, 77:Humanity. The focal point of His effort and the Agent through which distribution of His energy canReappearance, 86:will set the seal on Christ's mission as the Agent of the great spiritual Triangle which HeReappearance, 87:by the Christ, the disciple becomes an agent of the love of God; the higher initiations enable him,Reappearance, 87:him, however, to become, stage by stage, an agent of the will of God. The first group knows andReappearance, 96:attentive Hierarchy. He acts in this way as an agent bringing about relationship between theReappearance, 98:to Him the focal point and the transmitting Agent for all these five divine energies: The energy ofReappearance, 116:new world religion, as well as the clarifying agent for a better understanding of world affairs.Reappearance, 128:to register; neither the mind, nor its recording agent, the brain, were able to from the angle ofReappearance, 189:Servers in every land - that group which is the agent of the Christ. To fuse and blend the unitedSoul, 56:even than matter. If we could conceive of an agent outside of universal substance - an hypothesisSoul, 56:fact and possibility - and if such an external agent attempted to compress universal substance, orTelepathy, 10:for anything, on the part of the receiving agent create streams of emanating energy which rebuff orTelepathy, 10:on the part of the broadcasting or transmitting agent. Intense desire to make a satisfactoryTelepathy, 10:The failure on the part of the receiving agent whose own intense desire to be successful sends outTelepathy, 14:factors which must be considered: The initiating agent. I use this word with deliberate intent, asTelepathy, 14:power to work telepathically, both as initiating agent and as recipient, is closely connected withTelepathy, 17:the solar plexus center itself as the receiving agent; the emitting agent (if I may use such aTelepathy, 17:itself as the receiving agent; the emitting agent (if I may use such a phrase) worked, however,Telepathy, 22:but, in its turn, it becomes a "transmitting agent" or communicator. The impressions received fromTelepathy, 33:in all telepathic work are: The initiating agent or emanating source. The recipient of the ideas,Telepathy, 35:Age. The intuition is the infallibly sensitive agent, latent in every human being; it is based, asTelepathy, 41:idea, purpose or intention of the sending agent concretizes, it slips into the second stage whichTelepathy, Discip:mastered both from the angle of the impressing agent and of the impressed recipient, is definitelyTelepathy, 44:and is dependent upon both the recipient and the agent. That great group of divine ContemplativesTelepathy, 47:of impression and agents later of the impressing agent. When we arrive at the human family, thisTelepathy, 52:Hierarchy. Connected with the lower mind, as the agent of the soul. 3. The Science of Telepathy -Telepathy, 53:head center. Each of them acts as an invocative agent and produces evocation. All act as recipientsTelepathy, 61:Triad. The etheric body is, therefore, the agent consciously directed, of the rapidly integratingTelepathy, 79:of the fourth kingdom to be the impressing agent for the third; the problem is complicated,Telepathy, 87:the other with the ability to be an impressing agent. The disciple is not permitted to practice theTelepathy, 88:throat center of the one who is the impressing agent. Those who are developing or have developed aTelepathy, 88:by the brain. The one who is the impressing agent in this case works via the center between theTelepathy, 92:the level from which he works as an impressing agent, and to know who are the sons of men he canTelepathy, 96:to group. The disciple can become a receptive agent within any group of which he is a part, andTelepathy, 98:this living, vital aura which is the recording agent of all impressions, both objective andTelepathy, 98:both objective and subjective. It is this "agent of sensitive response" which the indwelling selfTelepathy, 109:the lower aspects of the Universal Mind as an agent. Mental telepathy or the interplay ofTelepathy, 115:the Spiritual Triad, the task of the impressing agent is relatively simple; all the disciple has toTelepathy, 118:it will remain for several more centuries the agent of directed impression and not the objective ofTelepathy, 118:of the reservoir upon which the impressing agent can draw and to which the recipient of theTelepathy, 122:the chain of Hierarchy from the very highest Agent to the very lowest recipient of divineTelepathy, 122:to whom he can personally act as an impressing agent. He has consequently to study himself as aTelepathy, 122:to study himself as a recipient and also as an agent, as a responsive factor and also as an [123]Telepathy, 125:planetary Logos: The Head Center, the dynamic Agent of the extra-planetary Purpose, the expressionTelepathy, 125:connotes essential Being. The Heart Center, the Agent of the Plan of evolution. This is theTelepathy, 125:the kingdom of souls. The Throat Center, the Agent of all the three Aspects in relation to theTelepathy, 128:eventually to act as the major impressing agent in relation to the three subhuman kingdoms inTelepathy, 134:of the Christ as the focal point or the supreme Agent of the planetary heart center, a new era orTelepathy, 135:of the fact that the head center is the agent of the first Ray of Will or Power, the heart centerTelepathy, 137:a participant in the divine Purpose and an Agent of the divine Plan. It is therefore literally andTelepathy, 179:and it thus becomes in its turn an impressing agent. You see, therefore, where differentiatedTelepathy, 190:and awakened by the corresponding higher agent. It might be stated that: Energy from the planetaryTelepathy, 190:man is adequately developed. This center is the agent of the divine will within the life of theTelepathy, 190:utilizes the heart center. This center is the agent of divine love (expressing basically theTelepathy, 193:from the three planetary centers. [193] The agent for the distribution of the energies received viaTelepathy, 193:is the ajna center between the eyebrows. The agent for the purification, transmutation and
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