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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AGGRANDIZEMENT

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Bethlehem, 130:personality, battling for its own existence or aggrandizement; the cup of His existence is emptiedBethlehem, 281:(Matt., V, 16.) They are not interested in self-aggrandizement nor with the making of claims of anyDiscipleship1, 772:by a desire for personality progress and aggrandizement. They are, at this particular time, greatlyExternalisation, 134:ambition, personal will-to-power and personal aggrandizement. [135] We call these people dictators,Externalisation, 237:centralize the world around Germany, for the aggrandizement of Germany, for the expansion of theExternalisation, 318:for the world. First, their countries seek no aggrandizement, territorial or other; Second, theyExternalisation, 375:He knows that the efforts to attain national aggrandizement, a place in the sun, Lebensraum,Initiation, 102:- that of service and brotherhood, not self-aggrandizement and selfish acquirement. It should alsoMagic, 102:forces concentrated for self-enforcement, self-aggrandizement, and self-gratification. HarmlessnessMagic, 197:center, for they would be subordinated to self-aggrandizement and ambitions of various kinds. HereMagic, 481:are, for many lives, centered around his own aggrandizement, focused on his personal acquisition ofProblems, 125:need of man and not a vision of the growth and aggrandizement of the churches? Such men do exist inPsychology2, 461:controlled and directed towards the planned aggrandizement of the man. This condition is found inPsychology2, 677:obedience through penalizing, of selfish aggrandizement at the expense of the helpless, of personal
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