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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AGGREGATES

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Fire, 158:this produces coherence of form; bodies, or aggregates of atoms come into being or manifestation,Fire, 472:the karma of the larger groups (which are the aggregates of the lesser groups). 54 Karma andFire, 527:from the second aspect of the Monad, which aggregates to itself, and subsequently builds into form,Fire, 527:and the centers as we know of them are but aggregates of force points which have reached a specificFire, 534:groups are differentiated and are formed of aggregates of seven, until there are formed forty-nineFire, 769:seven fundamental groups. These seven groups or aggregates of egoic lotuses form the seven types ofFire, 798:which are seeking outer response. When all aggregates of ideas are interpreted in terms of forceFire, 798:response of units to each other, and of aggregates of units to other groups, we shall have theHealing, 36:mutable phenomenon. Bodies, so called, or rather aggregates of atomic units, fade out andHealing, 248:species and types and forms within those [248] aggregates of living processes. These cycles areMagic, 332:but as yet the energy which sweeps atoms into aggregates which we call organisms and forms has notMagic, 332:of the race of heterogeneous shapes which aggregates of atoms can assume. This type of energy whichRays, 57:the phrase: Accepted as a group. This refers to aggregates and blended combinations through whichRays, 100:eighteen vibratory groups of atoms, and eighteen aggregates of life which form the bodies of the
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