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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AGGRESSIVE

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Astrology, 522:which has protected that small country from the aggressive sweep of the Axis powers. The motto orDestiny, 56:group-conscious, occult by inclination, aggressive, full of grandeur, interest in law and in layingDestiny, 85:with the aid of France (which has a very similar aggressive tendency), the period of aggression,Destiny, 97:that which protected the small country from the aggressive sweep of the Axis powers. The motto orDestiny, 106:- a combination of ancient evil and modern aggressive selfishness, released through a group ofDestiny, 120:power of possessions and this has led to the aggressive and grasping character of the motives whichDiscipleship2, 387:is, in its turn, founded upon the arrogance, the aggressive nature and the lack of true perspectiveEducation, vi:the overpowering concept of its culture, and the aggressive "individualism" of the Occident theEducation, vii:orchestration of culture is now. Japan was not aggressive until the country learned the trick fromEducation, vii:may provide us with the counter-balance to our aggressive materialism. If this new synthesis is toEducation, vii:energies of the East and conscious of it. Our aggressive commercial penetration of Oriental landsEducation, 80:of all that is most selfish, brutal and aggressive. Germany has proved that educational processesEducation, 84:have led humanity onward and not on the basis of aggressive wars and international or nationalEducation, 93:much from the angle of the facts of material or aggressive achievement as is now the case. As theEducation, 121:not yet ended. This spirit of possession and the aggressive taking of that which is desired hasExternalisation, 171:numerous in every land, whether they war with aggressive and planned intent, whether they preserveExternalisation, 177:are on the march - ruthless, selfish, cruel and aggressive; the powers which are battling for humanExternalisation, 182:Individualistic interest, separative aims and aggressive desire march towards their inevitableExternalisation, 213:by the ancient hues of selfish desire and aggressive acquisitiveness, or by the newer and moreExternalisation, 215:a European war. Every nation has its selfish, aggressive people, who believe that might is rightExternalisation, 221:that the form side of manifestation, with its aggressive selfishness, its cruel emphases and itsExternalisation, 233:you desire. Who will arrest the progress of aggressive selfishness if the men and women of goodwillExternalisation, 252:be argued, conclusively convince the attacking, aggressive groups that their day is ended and thatExternalisation, 254:materialistic intent lying behind the present aggressive activity of certain groups ultimate goodExternalisation, 278:order on Earth and to end the cycle of aggressive wickedness in which today we find ourselves. TheExternalisation, 385:of goodwill in your environment. Be spiritually aggressive in this matter and go out to discoverExternalisation, 428:for evil guidance. The tendency to be led along aggressive, selfish and evil lines has beenExternalisation, 475:a group of men of such positive selfishness and aggressive materialistic spirit that they couldExternalisation, 476:Hierarchy knew. This war has not only been an aggressive conflict between nations or of hateExternalisation, 481:complete peace, but it will mean the end of all aggressive fighting and all organized resistance,Externalisation, 548:us rather hope, simply for threatened use) when aggressive action on the part of any nation rearsFire, 433:Logos is felt at the first Initiation. The aggressive fire of the sixth Logos is felt at the secondFire, 949:In the comprehension of these two methods of aggressive work (that of the aspirant and theFire, 1014:vitality and distinction of its own, so that no aggressive action emanating from the egoic centerHealing, 263:evil and the heights of human divinity. Their aggressive history as narrated in the Old TestamentHealing, 507:falls into three phases: The phase of a dominant aggressive personality life, basically conditionedHealing, 712:progressed far along the Path and the present aggressive, too sure, fanatical sixth ray healer willHercules, 108:hence, he is exceedingly individual, often very aggressive, self-confident and self-satisfied, andHercules, 132:is not at all sure he cares to take part in the aggressive struggle to make a living, and to pushMagic, 88:mind, the soul in its turn becomes more actively aggressive. The work of the solar Angel hasMagic, 574:method would then be destructive, dominating, aggressive, argumentative, forceful, rude orMeditation, 117:the movement of the Soviet in Russia and all the aggressive radical bodies that sincerely servePatanjali, 71:of our mental Aryan race and is the cause of the aggressive intensity of endeavor found in allProblems, 13:day no longer be heard. In the meantime, this aggressive, immature spirit culminated in the war ofProblems, 13:children who could not be stopped in their aggressive ways because the other nations were still tooProblems, 51:of all that is most selfish, brutal and aggressive. Germany has proved that educational processesProblems, 57:have led humanity onward and not on the basis of aggressive wars and international or nationalProblems, 101:The Old Testament as the history of a cruel and aggressive people - apart from the Psalms of David,Problems, 107:should recognize them as a debt he owes to the aggressive and acquisitive white nations. ContactProblems, 115:that it can tie the hands of the selfishly aggressive and open the door of opportunity to those whoProblems, 180:and are free from scurrilous attack or aggressive modes of action, and actuated by goodwill to allProblems, 180:by goodwill to all men and are free from an aggressive nationalism and partisanship, then theProblems, 181:of the past or the enforced will of some aggressive or wealthy group, but through the weight of aPsychology1, 389:standardizing, group-conscious, occult, aggressive, full of grandeur, interested in law and inPsychology2, 674:educated in the technique of right thought, non-aggressive action, and the elimination ofPsychology2, 681:nation in service, in kindly effort, and in non-aggressive action. A positive harmlessness will beRays, 634:years. Their attitude is perhaps the culminating aggressive action of the age and marks a climaxingRays, 681:because through the leaders of these groups of aggressive men the forces of evil - dammed backReappearance, 110:and of the Christian church has been one of an aggressive militancy - the last thing desired by theSoul, 49:amounts of adrenal cortex are the pugnacious, aggressive, charging kings of the fields and forests.Telepathy, 140:Esotericists have always known this, but their aggressive and foolish presentations of the truth
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