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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AGGRESSOR

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Externalisation, 176:groups of people are involved: The fighting aggressor nations, ruled by ambitious dictators. TheExternalisation, 178:and equally selfish purposes, stood with the aggressor nation; immediately, panic swept theExternalisation, 179:ranged themselves against the leaders of the aggressor nations, though not against their poorExternalisation, 192:Assuming that humanity will not rest until the aggressor nations are subdued, it will be necessaryExternalisation, 256:of aggression, focused at this time through the aggressor race. Externalisation, 365:owing to the enormous prepared strength of the aggressor nations and the unpreparedness of theExternalisation, 373:in the initial stages? Also, given the existent aggressor nations, collective self-interest forcedExternalisation, 434:that little nation and to declare war upon the aggressor. It was Japan who brought war into theExternalisation, 444:security, readjustment, the obliteration of the aggressor leaders, protection and restoration ofProblems, 13:war and banded together for the defeat of the aggressor, the war would not have lasted as long asRays, 237:win and to enforce complete surrender upon the aggressor nations which are the agents of the Black
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