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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AGONIZED

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Autobiography, 8:saw it at the time. I worked. I made mistakes. I agonized and I rejoiced. I had a grand time livingAutobiography, 42:Him; He struggled and yearned over humanity; He agonized to save them but seemed quite unable toAutobiography, 144:have not always understood me, and I have often agonized over them, and wanted to change things,Bethlehem, 7:spirit of life, which the letter veiled. We have agonized over the historical aspects of the GospelBethlehem, 22:unity. Those who in the past thus worked, agonized and attained, constitute a long chain, reachingBethlehem, 108:human conditions as also we are; He suffered and agonized; He felt irritation, and was conditionedBethlehem, 219:all that was embodied in this tragic and agonized Word. The number three is, of course, one of theDiscipleship1, 508:extent of your problem or of the weakness of the agonized equipment which you brought to itsDiscipleship1, 519:is undesirable in others and its moments of agonized indecision, based on a fear which - in yourExternalisation, 223:of the emotionally oriented people and the agonized longings of the masses, who [224] hate war,Externalisation, 402:worked, labored and suffered. They have seen and agonized over the distortions [403] and theReappearance, 143:phrases and words. In the meantime, men have agonized, starved, suffered, demanded help andReappearance, 187:directions: towards the devastated Earth and the agonized hearts of men; it also looks towards the
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