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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AGONIZING

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Autobiography, 86:had started which was basic in its results and agonizing in its application. I was thoroughlyDiscipleship1, 663:of one-pointed aspiration, of painful and oft agonizing detachment from all that the personalityDiscipleship1, 692:light and love can be poured into a needy and agonizing world. The group will then be endowed withDiscipleship2, 649:handling of an accumulation of unhappy and oft agonizing karma. But, my brother, all lives are notHealing, 291:a large scale that karma is truly horrible and agonizing and can express itself through worldHercules, 171:Prometheus. Upon a slab of stone he lay, in agonizing pain. Quickly Hercules then broke the chains,Problems, 125:ones who walk the torrid, unhappy streets with agonizing humanity and who, therefore, recognize inPsychology2, 374:awareness of this dilemma, voicing itself in the agonizing words: "My God, My God, why hast ThouPsychology2, 604:only of symbolic forms, of sexual longing, of agonizing aspirations and an intense "wish-life" ofPsychology2, 723:process and bring order into a distressed and agonizing world. Therefore, the May full moon CouncilRays, 439:courage and hope from this statement - all this agonizing reaction to the spiritual urge will beRays, 678:dissatisfaction about things as they are and an agonizing realization of failure. It is at thisReappearance, 135:hearts which are becoming invocative today. The agonizing emotional cycle through which humanity
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