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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AGONY

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Astrology, 442:abstruse and abstract information to a world in agony and a world distressed? The major usefulnessAstrology, 520:in the present furnace of pain and fiery agony and will be raised into the heart center. There theyAutobiography, 108:through three months of great discomfort and agony. We then moved from the seminary to other livingAutobiography, 252:consequent chaos, horror, disaster, death and agony, many spiritually minded people were anxious toBethlehem, 74:be all in all. And the pain and suffering and agony of humanity, never before so acute as now, mustBethlehem, 74:of those who ponder upon world suffering and agony. May it not indicate the birth pangs whichBethlehem, 107:Many questions have been propounded and much agony of soul has been experienced by the seriousBethlehem, 166:intermediate stage on His way to the Cross. The agony of loneliness in the Garden of Gethsemane wasBethlehem, 201:to the mount of Transfiguration, and on to the agony of the Crucifixion - if they too are to shareBethlehem, 208:who supposedly loved Him, with His subsequent agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, is as familiar toBethlehem, 208:failure to recognize its true significance. The agony in the Garden of Gethsemane was based uponBethlehem, 212:love constitutes the outstanding problem in the agony in the Garden; it was this sense of travailBethlehem, 212:either deserted Him or slept, unaware of His agony of mind. "The Promethean conflict is the [213]Bethlehem, 213:not founder, but He had His moments of intensest agony, finding relief only in the realization ofBethlehem, 218:people who meant the most to Him, and from the agony of the Cross He spoke to them a specialBethlehem, 218:of His Son, He also suffers with similar acute agony in the person of that Son's mother, theBethlehem, 220:as one listens to Christ thus veiling His agony, whether He was not again "in all points temptedDestiny, 95:in the present furnace of pain and fiery agony. This transmutation will bring about a new power ofDiscipleship1, 100:blaze of pain (and their numbers are Legion), of agony, anxiety and distress - seeing it on everyDiscipleship1, 101:are of far greater importance than his temporary agony. Little as you may realize it as you thinkDiscipleship1, 101:task of standing-by one of supreme spiritual agony. They understand the depths of the reaction ofDiscipleship1, 463:you "permission thus to call." I foresaw the agony of your coming months and sought to have youDiscipleship1, 492:or of a future which holds nothing but further agony; you are not wracked with pain nor have you toDiscipleship1, 595:mine. I have little time, in these days of world agony, to give to the particular training of anyDiscipleship1, 649:with all that is in you these days of world agony, and remember that if you are not suffering withDiscipleship1, 677:light, out of bondage into liberation, out of agony into peace. That peace, that light and thatDiscipleship1, 737:to the needs of humanity in these days of human agony; this involves a sensitivity to world pain asDiscipleship1, 784:consequent chaos, horror, disaster, death and agony, many spiritually minded people were anxious toDiscipleship2, 29:which the personality experiences and the agony through which the personality goes. But in realityDiscipleship2, 29:in the pain of humanity as a whole, in the agony of humanity's separation from God (a separationDiscipleship2, 29:to be an unresponsive God. Personality pain, agony and desperation are very different things andDiscipleship2, 34:all easy of achievement. In all times of world agony and catastrophe (such as we are at this timeDiscipleship2, 35:emotional human being, bewildered oft by world agony, reacting painfully to the sorrows andDiscipleship2, 66:from the physical disasters and chaos, with its agony, despair, anxiety, and its demand for aDiscipleship2, 164:producing the purifying fires of pain and agony through the medium of war, and making availableDiscipleship2, 180:of emotional energy (incidental to the war agony) is today far more heart-conscious than at anyDiscipleship2, 180:similar plight and that this community of shared agony brought all men together, irrespective ofDiscipleship2, 244:with all the physical relinquishments, and the agony that ever precedes the birth of the Christ inDiscipleship2, 262:is being done in spite of all the horror and agony and will be one of the first results of respiteDiscipleship2, 649:and to be overcharged with blackness and agony, so there are lives which equally so stand out in aDiscipleship2, 650:steps towards shouldering world pain and the agony of the human family, thus becoming a participantDiscipleship2, 655:DISCIPLE: The last few years have been years of agony and distress for you, both physically andDiscipleship2, 655:almost to the limit - in pain of body, in agony of anxiety, through financial stringency and itsEducation, 111:the World War was a supreme disaster, an agony to be averted in the future at any cost, a dire andExternalisation, 116:the ways of earth today, bringing distress, agony and terror to those who cannot interpret HisExternalisation, 138:terror, fearful anticipation, suffering and the agony entailed by the sight of suffering mightExternalisation, 172:to their point of integrated development) to the agony of mind, the tension of emotion and theExternalisation, 313:overwhelmed and stunned by humanity's pain and agony, by the horror of the moment, by anxiety overExternalisation, 320:or by a compassionate longing to see the long agony of man ended; it is seldom prompted byExternalisation, 326:of the widespread cruelty, terror, murder and agony rests squarely on the shoulders of the sevenExternalisation, 369:fires of revenge can have time to die down, the agony of mankind can be assuaged, and time beExternalisation, 375:there have been twenty years of travail and agony. We could take the nations, one by one, andExternalisation, 389:world's worst experiences from the standpoint of agony and distress; the point of acutest sufferingExternalisation, 465:end the present cycle of emotional distress, of agony, of glamor and illusion, and of materialisticExternalisation, 471:suffering, facing the future with despair and agony, but still aspiring - must go forth from theExternalisation, 606:in the Garden of Gethsemane, when His will - in agony and almost despair - was submerged in that ofExternalisation, 616:the potency of God, and thus end the cycle of agony and distress. The answers to this are many. ItExternalisation, 616:are still corroded with a selfishness which the agony of war has not cured; because the standardsFire, 416:chain to a terrific culmination. Conditions of agony and of distress such as are found on ourFire, 1096:to the cruelty and death, the suffering, and the agony which are seen in the vegetable and animalHealing, 120:plexus energies into the heart, and the world agony is profoundly hastening the process. Stomachic,Healing, 128:that only the most drastic measures - pain, agony, despair and terror - can suffice to establish aHealing, 364:involved in assuaging pain and deadening agony; they are dismayed also by the depths of theirHealing, 399:the strain of war, the observation of pain and agony which cannot be relieved, are indeed worseHealing, 435:(and this will be one of the results of the agony of the present war), death will be seen as anHealing, 451:restitution and an invocation for relief from agony, despair and fruitless effort goes out fromHealing, 661:underwent (and are still undergoing) the mental agony of insecurity, suspense and poverty.Hercules, 58:were bowed with pain; his eyes were closed with agony; he asked no help; he saw not Hercules butHercules, 169:Will you make use of them to rescue one in agony, a prey to vast and unremitting suffering?" TheInitiation, 24:aspirant at this time. There is no phase of agony, no rending sacrifice, no Via Dolorosa that theyIntellect, 133:that lasts but a fleeting moment, or the agony of desire for the continuation of the experience.Intellect, 265:is going to save this world from its present agony, economic distress, and chaos? What is going toMagic, 85:any amount of temporary inconvenience, pain or agony, must be developed, having in view the futureMagic, 264:of mutation ceaseless and consequent agony. Ideals are transcended only to be found to be stationsMagic, 305:types are aggravated into a condition of real agony. This should be recognized by those who careMagic, 531:lies right here in the realm of mind. Pain and agony, rebellion and the conscious urge towardsMagic, 532:anticipate the future. They are exempt from the agony of foreboding. Their entire reaction to whatMagic, 533:light, out of bondage into liberation, out of agony into peace. That peace, that light and thatMagic, 621:and those painful cleavages and hours of agony which attract more attention than the more subtleMeditation, 126:inner planes the disciple looks [126] on, and in agony of mind sees his lower vehicle dishonoringMeditation, 135:what suffering he may cause; he cares not what agony of mind he brings upon an opponent; heProblems, 24:is humanity itself, and in the face of human agony, human distress, and human destitution, theProblems, 36:means of its dissolution have brought so much agony and suffering to humanity everywhere.Problems, 81:the correct steps are taken before the pain and agony are forgotten and their effects have passedPsychology1, 314:of this consummation. Hence the difficulty and agony evidenced in the life of every true disciplePsychology1, 337:definite factors in unfoldment, and the long agony of humanity commences. Love then is seen in itsPsychology1, 338:influence is found a clue to the distress and agony and pain in the world today. The planetaryPsychology1, 343:through wisdom, is attained only through the agony of successively presented choices. These,Psychology1, 344:when we remember that they express the long agony of humanity's test, and the opening to man of thePsychology1, 345:His hand though deep [345] and full the pain and agony. Peace must be the goal. Beauty must bePsychology2, 102:exaltation of the initiate, and the exquisite agony of sacrifice or of any feeling which is carriedPsychology2, 374:the dilemma of the world disciples and all the agony of the astral awareness of this dilemma,Psychology2, 645:steadily in numbers as a result of the agony of the world war, but, feeling isolated and alone,Rays, 11:my remarks. The world today is in the throes of agony. Just as in the evolving Ego, the moment ofRays, 29:aware. Or the burning ground of sorrow, agony, horror and pain which is the characteristic qualityRays, 40:form and soul must also disappear. Here lies the agony [41] of isolation and the overpowering senseRays, 70:formulated in the tension produced by the world agony and strain, are the reflections of this, andRays, 135:restitution and an invocation for relief from agony, despair and fruitless effort goes out fromRays, 234:of saving humanity. The cup of sorrow and the agony of the Cross are well-nigh finished. Joy andRays, 390:extent. Men have been so aroused by the past agony that never again will they fall asleep; they may
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