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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AID

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Discipleship1, 270:in order to intensify the contribution to world aid that you can make and to stimulate you, as aDiscipleship1, 279:Your power to intuit, therefore, will aid the group, so regard your work as a service to beDiscipleship1, 281:which will render group service and which will aid me in my work of awakening these members of myDiscipleship1, 284:with your fellow disciples. This meditation will aid in bringing in your seventh ray power orDiscipleship1, 285:members of my Ashram and form a group which will aid in the dissipation of the world glamor,Discipleship1, 286:commend to your care I. B. S. Care for her. Aid her with your wisdom and your love, and help herDiscipleship1, 293:keynote, and with humility go forward, and thus aid in the breaking of the world illusion. YourDiscipleship1, 294:it the consequent tests and new opportunities to aid and help. This expansion should continue andDiscipleship1, 301:technique of instructions, you can receive some aid in the treading of the Path if you choose toDiscipleship1, 303:you the line of activity by which you can best aid in this group activity, and this is theDiscipleship1, 308:work for a little while. I seek, secondly, to aid you to be more sensitive to the forces whichDiscipleship1, 310:the physical plane is required and would further aid you towards your goal. Your problems are,Discipleship1, 311:from where you are because those whom you can aid will come to you increasingly. For you, theDiscipleship1, 311:aspirant of finding in a brother that power to aid which is based on a trained reticence and a sureDiscipleship1, 312:to become conscious disciples. Give of that aid, and thereby achieve that magnetic usefulness whichDiscipleship1, 314:An understanding of your ray types may greatly aid in this process of release, of relinquishment,Discipleship1, 317:real asset in connection with the group. You can aid them in gaining the needed group poise for theDiscipleship1, 320:I will give you, at present, is one that will aid this fusion and release the magnetic quality ofDiscipleship1, 323:to the work of illumined building with the aid of other souls. There is much to be accomplished ifDiscipleship1, 329:who stand steady, who love strongly and who aid untiringly. Give this kind of help, for well youDiscipleship1, 331:in the mental polarization. This I endeavored to aid you in correcting last year when I suggestedDiscipleship1, 341:to people and their values; this will actively aid you in the dissipation of glamor. You are makingDiscipleship1, 342:ideals. There are always those whom you can aid and stimulate and whose consciousness you canDiscipleship1, 345:in an unbreakable unity. The problem is to aid and assist this process subjectively and with trueDiscipleship1, 346:daily points of contact are not intended to aid you personally. Nor are they for your own spiritualDiscipleship1, 359:am show me the light I seek; give me the strong aid of their compassion and their wisdom. There isDiscipleship1, 363:spirit of joy? If you give this more definite aid and work as it may be indicated to you, it willDiscipleship1, 363:for you a large measure of release. You can aid in the work with your wisdom and ripe experience.Discipleship1, 375:for you to love personally also. I will [375] aid you where I can and I give you my personal love -Discipleship1, 380:training, but in complete self-forgetfulness. To aid you and in order to evoke your second rayDiscipleship1, 382:brother of mine?) of those you seek to aid will render you more effective in service to yourDiscipleship1, 386:you. Turn, instead, outwards in the effort to aid your fellowmen. Aid people by using what you are,Discipleship1, 386:outwards in the effort to aid your fellowmen. Aid people by using what you are, which must expressDiscipleship1, 388:fulfilment of your many obligations, but it will aid you in the process of selection which is yourDiscipleship1, 401:and means. Have patience. It will, I believe, aid you in the relinquishing process and help you toDiscipleship1, 424:Breathing exercises are necessary for you and aid you much. Attempt, therefore, the following... BeDiscipleship1, 430:Your first ray mental body should definitely aid you in this work, provided you ever bear in mindDiscipleship1, 432:it is your task to set things in motion and to aid others by your poise and your wisdom so thatDiscipleship1, 434:I have given some thought to exercises which may aid you and some measured consideration to yourDiscipleship1, 440:can safely leave it to me. This exercise will aid you in handling your life problem and yourDiscipleship1, 445:the lower nature. In what way does observation aid in this redemption? Does redeeming force,Discipleship1, 449:both along the line of the second ray) will aid you in expressing. But it is the task of the fifthDiscipleship1, 452:the world. Those of you who are in a position to aid unfolding minds, as you are today, and whoDiscipleship1, 454:your group usefulness in the world, for use and aid by many others and for me? I put theseDiscipleship1, 455:but detached from personalities. Souls heal and aid each other's personalities. PersonalityDiscipleship1, 466:there is in you too much of the second ray. To aid in the process of balancing and offsetting theDiscipleship1, 476:need during the next few months. It will aid in increasing your occult sensitivity and drive outDiscipleship1, 476:of expression and your spiritual diary could aid you much if you would seek each day to use it toDiscipleship1, 487:no capacity is left except (with the aid of some outside help) to hold the ground gained and toDiscipleship1, 488:united with others working along these lines, aid in the dispelling of glamor. To this task, yourDiscipleship1, 493:is a process of graded triumphs and I seek to aid you towards that process. Having said this, letDiscipleship1, 494:you a personal meditation which may serve to aid you: [495] PERSONAL MEDITATION Relax. IdentifyDiscipleship1, 496:and then he said: "Only the will-to-good will aid this man and prompt him to excessive service.Discipleship1, 499:be constantly developed. These concepts will aid by stretching your mental body. In quietness andDiscipleship1, 500:save the souls of men or - perhaps more truly - aid them to invoke and evoke their own souls. WhenDiscipleship1, 504:you can give to them, and - in your giving - aid them to greater usefulness of life expression.Discipleship1, 506:as you note these happenings, be not tempted to aid. Leave the personalities to their own wise,Discipleship1, 506:and stay not there for a long time. It will aid you to break the power of ancient thought-forms.Discipleship1, 523:my daily life, knowing that all is well. To the aid of those I serve, the Masters of the Way, IDiscipleship1, 536:show us the light we seek; give us the strong aid of their compassion and their wisdom. There is aDiscipleship1, 537:many. 5th month - Stretch out a hand to all, and aid the stumbling on the way. 6th month - GiveDiscipleship1, 543:are calling for all the conscious creative aid that we can find. I call on you. [544] It is for youDiscipleship1, 548:family and environment whom you seek to aid. To distressed humanity. As you do this regard yourselfDiscipleship1, 549:Ones. You can do much by thought and pen to aid your brothers to work with greater power in theDiscipleship1, 551:through suggestion and watchful cooperation, to aid you on your way. I would remind you at thisDiscipleship1, 554:the group in the strength of your love and thus aid its progress forward... Particularly, however,Discipleship1, 554:I represent than any other one thing. It will aid in blending them together in the bond ofDiscipleship1, 555:to have your brain consciousness register? To aid you in doing this, permit me to formulate threeDiscipleship1, 569:formulation of those disciplines which will aid in purification. If you will do this faithfully, inDiscipleship1, 569:after years of self-centered life. In order to aid you in this task and to teach you that you areDiscipleship1, 573:can take place. My problem is, therefore, to aid you to do this - as easily and as intelligently asDiscipleship1, 573:head and into the heart. This, incidentally, may aid the head condition of which you complain. YourDiscipleship1, 573:therefore, begin with a meditation which should aid you in this shift of focus. Before giving it toDiscipleship1, 574:as in you lies, stand firmly in your endeavor to aid the New Group of World Servers. That should beDiscipleship1, 574:of the head into the heart is the best way to aid your general health and relieve the condition inDiscipleship1, 574:Study well the keynotes of your life; this will aid your soul growth, and lead to perseverance untoDiscipleship1, 581:a second ray vibratory center, for this will aid the shift of energies with which your soul is atDiscipleship1, 583:group meditation is essential; it will serve to aid your soul in its life task and to integrate youDiscipleship1, 585:it does matter that in some second ray group you aid yourself by forcing the emergence of yourDiscipleship1, 597:bearing, ever in mind the thought that they aid in the unification of soul and body and in theDiscipleship1, 601:then I, on my side, will do what I can to aid you in your group work. All the work I assign toDiscipleship1, 604:by you in loving helpfulness and readiness to aid. So do I. This is no idle word but a statement ofDiscipleship1, 615:wondering what they can do to help you and aid in your release. The door still stands wide open forDiscipleship1, 618:sphere of action of the work. I look to you to aid and help. If you will always act in fullDiscipleship1, 631:in time to come. Give full measure of advice and aid, tempering all with a more vitally disclosedDiscipleship1, 632:in practice and not preserved in theory. Could I aid you, my brother, did I not love you that way?Discipleship1, 633:plane. I work on mental levels, seeking to aid you all in the building of the bridging link betweenDiscipleship1, 633:of the mental plane, and from there seek to aid the sons of men. Your contact with the HierarchyDiscipleship1, 638:healing; here work will be given to aid you; at this point I can begin to teach you; and here youDiscipleship1, 642:ask you to render all possible psychological aid when demand comes to you, and through thoseDiscipleship1, 646:into manifestation with such rapidity. It will aid you also in producing order and rhythm in yourDiscipleship1, 647:This devoted, idealistic one-pointedness is an aid to you in your soul's enterprise. I know thatDiscipleship1, 681:as regards that part of it which you could aid in materializing. It is not easy for the averageDiscipleship1, 683:selfish purposes and desire nothing but only to aid the Master and those senior disciples who mayDiscipleship1, 689:need and world demand for spiritual and psychic aid rank paramount in their consciousness. They areDiscipleship1, 691:in the apportioned service, you would greatly aid in the task with which the Master of any group isDiscipleship1, 706:is to lead humanity out of slavery into freedom. Aid them with love because they are where they areDiscipleship1, 711:many ways which can then be revealed which will aid the interplay between you, the disciple, andDiscipleship1, 722:this, the senior helping chela gives definite aid and guidance. The aspirant learns to distinguish,Discipleship1, 722:from which he must eventually free himself and aid in freeing the world. These three stages have
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