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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AID

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Discipleship2, 607:you stay where you are - and I still need your aid, my brother. Second: This particular group ofDiscipleship2, 611:attempting to do and which she was equipped to aid. That the "middle point" between the auras orDiscipleship2, 621:in ascertaining the situation in order to aid, stimulate and love with wisdom. These, my brother,Discipleship2, 631:and of finding, alone and without any outer aid, the answer. With you, this is a fixed belief andDiscipleship2, 632:that gloomy land a cry comes forth: We need your aid. We cannot see. Come hither with the light."Discipleship2, 641:of all love yourself. There are those you can aid. You will do so at this time through giving themDiscipleship2, 641:The Hindu system of rolling up the eyeballs does aid in this matter, and the point where theDiscipleship2, 654:Downward I look and see the many hands demanding aid. With gladness and with hope, I recognize theDiscipleship2, 659:be your steady and practical objective. To aid you in this, I suggest the following shortDiscipleship2, 662:Three await your service. Stand by A.A.B. and aid her in the service of the Plan. The link is closeDiscipleship2, 670:of your five rays (literally only four) will aid you to do this, particularly as your seventh rayDiscipleship2, 671:right you have earned. It is my present task to aid you on this way of peculiar training. Have youDiscipleship2, 677:of the work preparatory to his coming. It must aid in drawing the attention of the masses as far asDiscipleship2, 726:books and the teaching that they convey, and to aid the effort of A.A.B. For that reason you earnedDiscipleship2, 726:world outstanding service. Your recognition and aid of the work I was doing has released certainDiscipleship2, 727:you have your brothers do? Would you have them aid me in helping you to free yourself from wildDiscipleship2, 732:life, as a result of my corrective teaching and aid, has been largely negated by your supineDiscipleship2, 734:the midst of the glamor and by this remark I may aid in reorienting your thought and dissipatingDiscipleship2, 741:were admitted into my Ashram, I have tried to aid you to centralize all your forces upon theDiscipleship2, 747:that energy out into the world of men, to aid in the destruction of fear. Next, reaffirming yourDiscipleship2, 748:in the world and do so consciously in order to aid the Christ and his mission, come within theDiscipleship2, 752:I will tell you here certain things which may aid you towards a fuller life and a deepened soulDiscipleship2, 753:brief visualization exercise and meditation may aid in this process of emergence. It is well toDiscipleship2, 756:clear perception and insight, is essential. To aid you in making this supreme life effort, I wouldEducation, 9:- relating to the type of experience which would aid the child to round out his development andEducation, 29:but the group understanding will increasingly aid the individual. Education, 35:training of the memory. Interest will greatly aid the will to recall. 6. The new education willEducation, 52:knowledge, to transmute it into wisdom by the aid of the understanding, and thus to become "fullyEducation, 63:the churches; governments condition people and aid in the production of any current civilization,Education, 78:and existing educational agencies rightly to aid him in making his adjustments to life and hisEducation, 96:the power to visualize can grow with the aid of the illumined mind, and the later work of trainingEducation, 99:to you to do so, and I am unable to really aid your thought if I jump you forward two hundred yearsExternalisation, 11:which I have sent out into the world with the aid of A.A.B., [12] also all who are working in myExternalisation, 20:I have for years - ever since 1919 - sought to aid you to the best of my ability. The Hierarchy (aExternalisation, 20:has for hundreds of generations sought to aid humanity, and since the fifteenth century hasExternalisation, 21:and that of the world aspirants and disciples to aid in that helping. Esoterically speaking, aExternalisation, 22:of a developing future, but that when their aid is sought in the materializing of the idea, thenExternalisation, 24:more of my time can I give to help this work, to aid those who are distributing the pamphlet, or toExternalisation, 24:cannot do more than you are doing, through the aid of meditation, money and thought, to salvage theExternalisation, 25:[25] about greater integration. Thus they can aid in carrying out the plans of the Council of theExternalisation, 26:with these simple words: Please give us your aid, my brothers. Externalisation, 30:a vision and sought to materialize it with the aid of those whom he could impress and influence toExternalisation, 40:and occupy a key position), which can gradually aid in the task of dispelling the great illusionExternalisation, 46:forming (including this third group of mine) can aid in this process, if such is the will of theExternalisation, 61:those who know God's Plan will help humanity and aid the efforts of the Elder Brothers. They areExternalisation, 64:have been made. Group Four can attempt to aid in the building of the world antahkarana, working ofExternalisation, 76:with the Hierarchy have to deal, but you can aid more than you know through the regulation ofExternalisation, 88:of the world, under instruction and vital aid from Shamballa. [89] I. The Shamballa energy. TheExternalisation, 123:was forced to intervene potently, and, with the aid of certain great Lives extraneous to ourExternalisation, 155:can be called in by the Ruler of Shamballa to aid in the readjustments required for the New Age andExternalisation, 155:the emanator of energies which nourish and aid the growth of the Christ consciousness; Aquarius isExternalisation, 170:activity and realization and the other serves to aid the Hierarchy in its ancient efforts so thatExternalisation, 173:will rally all men and women of goodwill to the aid of the Hierarchy. This will bring to an end allExternalisation, 187:this recognition which lies behind the constant aid of the United States. The way of living and theExternalisation, 210:the men and women of goodwill can actively aid the statesmen of all nations by intelligentExternalisation, 218:the Forces of Materialism? What are you doing to aid the side which claims your allegiance, loyaltyExternalisation, 228:political approach to life, but I do seek to aid you to see humanity and its welfare - not only inExternalisation, 233:that is practical to justify their hope or aid in the materialization of the desired ideal. ThereExternalisation, 244:present, and what can the individual do to aid the cause of humanity and arrest the tide of evil?Externalisation, 247:think or pray or even to summon faith to their aid. They feel without hope. For them, you mustExternalisation, 248:in some form of national effort to bring aid and strength to the Allies. Whatever it is, it willExternalisation, 249:the work is widely spread abroad. The Active Aid of all who know the truth is also here. ComeExternalisation, 256:that two other races seek abjectly to copy or aid the forces of aggression, focused at this timeExternalisation, 264:and sent His Messengers and Representatives to aid and guide humanity. But this happens only whenExternalisation, 265:and the selfless will which seeks to aid the whole of humanity. The will of the lower self and theExternalisation, 266:attentive group of spiritual Lives who seek to aid when right demand coincides with right time. TheExternalisation, 268:spiritual development of the one who seeks the aid of true prayer and invocation. One thing whichExternalisation, 270:reach the two centers where wait Those Who can aid at this time? That is the question. It willExternalisation, 279:The demand goes forth to the Coming One to aid in the blending of the three upon Earth, so bringingExternalisation, 280:of definite [280] physical plane service, and so aid constructively the Forces of Light, theirExternalisation, 295:its darkest hour. But the cry is going forth for aid, for relief, for revelation, for light, andExternalisation, 296:but that it is hoped by Those Who are seeking to aid humanity that such intervention will todayExternalisation, 297:united, all of Them, in one stupendous effort to aid mankind at this time to surmount the DwellerExternalisation, 297:effort stand with massed intent, invoking that aid and expecting it also. Externalisation, 306:the Full Moon of June; He is giving all possible aid, as is His Brother, the Buddha. It is thisExternalisation, 313:responded and given help. Many have longed to aid. The majority have done little or nothing. InExternalisation, 313:you and the strength of the group enable you to aid in bringing good out of the present evil byExternalisation, 315:endeavor, indicating how you feel you can best aid in the task. I would ask all of you whoExternalisation, 315:in the closest spiritual unity. This will aid in the vitalizing of the etheric bodies of allExternalisation, 317:Way" of the future), but you can, all of you, aid materially in the important task of preparation,Externalisation, 319:of such nations is essential. They will likewise aid and encourage all other practicable measuresExternalisation, 323:therefore formed for two purposes: Primarily to aid the Hierarchy in its work during the worldExternalisation, 325:service, not by being helped. Your task is to aid the work which the Hierarchy plans to do, to findExternalisation, 331:giving spiritual and practical material aid. Work for the rehabilitation and correct handling ofExternalisation, 331:clearly, teach the new ideals correctly, and aid in this main world objective. This understandingExternalisation, 334:When, however, first ray workers appear to aid in the expansion of the work and to carry it to theExternalisation, 337:of invocation understood by all who seek to aid their fellowmen. As I explained elsewhere in detailExternalisation, 338:will invoke the Rider from the secret place and aid in His evocation, for it is the Rider from theExternalisation, 349:thus from the secret place of the Most High the aid, help, and directed recognition which willExternalisation, 350:enable the Christ to invoke for them the needed aid. One thing I would request. Set no dates forExternalisation, 350:Coming One, the Avatar, or for any spectacular aid. If the work is rightly done, He will come atExternalisation, 350:at the set and appointed time and the needed aid will be forthcoming. Modes and methods are none ofExternalisation, 350:work can only be known to the Hierarchy. Their aid will be focused [351] upon evoking in theExternalisation, 351:and the weakness of the will of those seeking aid. It is this inadequacy which the Buddha hopes toExternalisation, 351:it is this work that aspirants everywhere can aid the Buddha in bringing out, standing thus withExternalisation, 353:the will-to-focus and through this focusing to aid in the great act of invocation for which theExternalisation, 354:show you the light you seek, give you the strong aid of Their compassion and Their wisdom until youExternalisation, 375:side and the Forces of Light are fighting to aid them. The nationalistic spirit is not dead as yetExternalisation, 381:in service and cooperative activity. It seeks to aid all movements that benefit humanity and are inExternalisation, 385:strong to mould ideas, influence the masses, and aid the world leaders to right and appropriate
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