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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AIDED

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Healing, 656:reaction, often very powerful, is equally aided to attain dispassion and quiet, and the etheric andHealing, 663:of World Servers and by the men of goodwill, aided by the Hierarchy, from which planetary centerHealing, 703:that he can cast off the disease or can be aided to face with confidence the processes of death,Healing, 711:understanding and work of the modern physician, aided by the healer (who works as does a catalyst),Hercules, 193:down the walls and to express life and love, aided by your own soul whose nature is love-wisdom, doInitiation, 12:apprehends that (by dint of his own effort, aided by the advice and suggestions of the watchingInitiation, 129:the Lord of the World - its prime guardian, aided by the deva Lord of the second plane. The BuddhasInitiation, 134:in connection with the causal, or egoic body is aided, and thus continuity of consciousness, andInitiation, 143:Center through the power of the Planetary Logos, aided by the scientific knowledge of the Lodge,Initiation, 144:The work of apprehension is thus directly aided. This concentration in no way resembles hypnoticInitiation, 166:them irrevocably upon his memory. This he is aided to do in three ways: First, by a long priorInitiation, 205:so that the group may be thereby benefited and aided in its spiritual progress, and the lawInitiation, 219:of our world evolution stands the first Kumara, aided by six other Kumaras, three exoteric andMagic, 11:being who, [11] gifted with purpose, and aided by intelligence, is so coordinating his forces thatMagic, 79:or the betterment of social conditions. They are aided by a disciple of rare capability in Sweden,Magic, 159:those aspects of their endeavor [159] would be aided if they were to be occupied by the profoundlyMagic, 317:are hurt thereby or helped? Are they hindered or aided? A close study of one's emotional reactionsMagic, 354:work on broad lines of preparation. They are aided by bands of lesser devas or angels who suggest,Magic, 604:to work with intelligence. They can be thus aided to place themselves. First, there are theMeditation, 35:threefold personality, the Ego is consequently aided on lower levels by two different disciples,Meditation, 127:The strengthening of the etheric web will be aided by means of the violet light, with itsMeditation, 200:Deva Lords of the planes. These Deva Lords are aided by the deva evolution, and the Hierarchy [201]Meditation, 202:between higher and lower mind will be greatly aided. The intuition will also be developed andMeditation, 316:the work of these trained seven men will be aided by that of three women chosen for their capacityMeditation, 354:of our world evolution stands the first Kumara, aided by six other Kumaras, three exoteric andPatanjali, 70:of the work he has to do. He is thus aided to place himself where he at present stands, andPatanjali, 168:world of forms. This later stage is greatly aided and hastened through the practice of Raja YogaProblems, 71:false names and through deceptive organizations, aided by neutrals of their own way of thinking.Problems, 76:of their workers at heart, stood by them and aided them. They were relatively a small minority butPsychology1, xxi:to daily life in that whole. I have also aided A.A.B. in getting out a translation of the YogaPsychology1, 82:in the work of government in all its branches, aided on the mental plane by trained thinkers, soPsychology1, 119:psychology. Thus may the work of revelation be aided. 2. If there is one thing that has emergedPsychology1, 125:on the atomic subplane of the physical plane, aided by a deva of the causal level who works with,Psychology2, 264:and rounded out glandular equipment. This is aided by his urge to power and the proper [265]Psychology2, 517:the organized work of the spiritual Hierarchy, aided by the age-old religious consciousness.Psychology2, 660:are found and located must be made known and aided. To do this, we need to combine wise andRays, 65:and labor in its delusive sphere and are there aided by the initiated disciple working from theRays, 91:flesh. The future progress of humanity is also aided and hastened because of the attainment andRays, 92:and in this way, under soul guidance, and aided by the Hierarchy and its schools of instruction,Rays, 96:it through the Ashram of the Master Who has aided him to take initiation, to the planets Venus andRays, 194:and will-to-synthesis. Mankind was thereby aided to move forward more easily along the "lightedRays, 194:Way," to pass through the halls of maya, aided by the light pouring through the rents made in theRays, 370:and finally into its magnetic field. This is aided by the clarity of perception, theRays, 379:of relationship for Sanat Kumara. The Christ, aided by the Manu and the Mahachohan, is theRays, 408:man in incarnation and the Spiritual Triad is aided and finally constructed, but this is onlyRays, 468:is primarily an activity of the personality, aided by the soul; this in time evokes a reaction fromRays, 495:and the lower, emanating from the personality, aided by the soul - across the chasm of theRays, 509:then the self becomes the acting agent, aided by the ray of the lower self. The rays of the threeRays, 748:will be beyond anything yet demonstrated and, aided by Great Britain, the two great democracies,Reappearance, 125:not yet acknowledged. This stupid reaction was aided and helped by the inquisitive nature ofReappearance, 133:public by the world thinkers. It is also largely aided by the unconscious, but none the less real,Telepathy, 173:from substance or matter of the one to be aided. It is high time that students paid attention toTelepathy, 189:and the divine creative intention is thereby aided. [190] Telepathy, 194:and responsibilities in the outer world; it is aided also by the steady vibratory activity of the
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