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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AIDING

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Autobiography, 247:and A.A.B. desired to prove (for the aiding of the work of the future) that one could do definitelyAutobiography, 303:point in that body bringing potency to it and aiding in making its work successful. This is ourBethlehem, 273:To work for the whole; to be occupied with the aiding of the group; to be cognizant of One LifeDestiny, 75:Ray 4. - This time through the Moon, thus aiding the work of Mercury and producing that neededDestiny, 115:is that the mind of man has been consciously aiding in the process of coordinating the instinctsDiscipleship1, 13:involved. Group activity... resulting in the aiding of each other in specific problems of characterDiscipleship1, 18:in readiness to go anywhere when requested, thus aiding with their wisdom and experience andDiscipleship1, 123:I could and twice I definitely succeeded in aiding you. Do you know the occasions when thisDiscipleship1, 168:undertaking upon which you are engaged in the aiding of the Plan. Your second ray astral bodyDiscipleship1, 214:months build them into your very nature, thus aiding the work of closing the solar plexus andDiscipleship1, 254:into action another second ray attribute, thus aiding in the work of "sweetening" your nature, if IDiscipleship1, 408:what is this group experiment in which you are aiding. It is group work in which you are engagedDiscipleship1, 425:of a loving, understanding heart, thus aiding all you meet. Have no other aim. The practice of thisDiscipleship1, 454:Will you do this nine months' work for the aiding of your group usefulness in the world, for useDiscipleship1, 464:Find surcease from sorrow in the task of aiding others. You can call and find me if your need isDiscipleship1, 502:that quality, the very force of circumstances is aiding you to acquire. The situation of constantDiscipleship1, 595:your contribution [595] is meditation, and aiding in the meditative life of the group; exotericallyDiscipleship1, 610:and not with the work. They are occupied in aiding individuals and, through individuals, the world.Discipleship1, 706:the first duties of a disciple; In the task of aiding humanity, as a part of the Master's group orDiscipleship1, 779:and A. A. B. desired to prove (for the aiding of the work of the future) that one could doDiscipleship2, 299:a cooperator, step by step, in the process of aiding in this task of revelation. More light on thisDiscipleship2, 389:he becomes so engrossed with his service, with aiding his fellowmen and with leading them towardsDiscipleship2, 460:and in preparation for treading this path of aiding and salvaging humanity, you have to learnDiscipleship2, 470:life is yours. You can achieve, and for your aiding, I and A.A.B. stand ready. A debate aroseDiscipleship2, 473:to me and sometimes have proved most helpful in aiding me to understand the occidental mind. I amDiscipleship2, 539:[539] if I may call them so, and (for your own aiding and help) analyze them, define accurately toDiscipleship2, 543:Learn to think in wide terms and world planning, aiding F.B., when due time comes, in formulatingDiscipleship2, 565:you have also done a good and creative task, aiding A.A.B. Even though it did not involve your ownDiscipleship2, 702:me where you are concerned? It is the task of aiding you to transmute your personality nature intoEducation, 93:indicating vocation and avocation and thus aiding in the choice of a life career. [94] It will drawExternalisation, 259:also sleeping hosts which may be evoked for the aiding of the spiritual forces, and certain ancientExternalisation, 268:The place from which They issue forth to the aiding of humanity is a certain area of the divineExternalisation, 276:humanity can play its part and do its share in aiding all those who are cooperating with the ForcesExternalisation, 323:so much engaged in helping the individual as in aiding the Hierarchy to salvage humanity. For thisExternalisation, 331:things possible to this group: The discovery and aiding of the members of the New Group of WorldExternalisation, 352:the Christ and every effort must be directed to aiding His work as Representative for the people.Externalisation, 395:the attention of the Hierarchy at this time. For aiding in this endeavor the Buddha is preparingExternalisation, 399:your due share in this physical plane war, aiding the armed forces of the United Nations to wageExternalisation, 399:for an act of fusion and of cooperation, thus aiding humanity and throwing your small individualExternalisation, 431:at this time? In what manner are the Masters aiding the work of the Forces of Light? Can somethingExternalisation, 492:to the beneficent task of purifying and aiding all lives in the three worlds of material evolutionExternalisation, 511:its mission in the helping of the devotee, in aiding the great public which is innately religiousExternalisation, 521:aid them to work together as a group for world aiding and to do it together. I asked them to studyExternalisation, 535:of the antahkarana, and in so doing are aiding in the construction of the antahkarana which unitesExternalisation, 539:of the activities which are concerned with the aiding of humanity through welfare movements. It wasExternalisation, 603:in its already successful procedures, is aiding and will continue to aid. 2. Christ taught alsoFire, VII:assertion that all the teachings she was aiding in producing was in fact only the A B C of esotericFire, 483:getting thereby a concept of the work done in aiding the evolutionary process. It is the work ofFire, 504:of one's own evolution, and to do good work in aiding the evolution of one's brother. 1. EgoicFire, 791:is turned. He is responsible for the work of aiding in the evolution of substance, being himself aFire, 986:employs it for purposes of information, and the aiding of evolution. - S. D., I, 274. Black magicFire, 1250:fires" to produce the results they desire in aiding the evolutionary process. As they use theseGlamour, 52:of power, and with the part he is to play in aiding humanity, than he is with the realization of aGlamour, 68:a group, later to approach the arduous task of aiding in the dispelling of the world glamor. ThisHealing, 174:rightly understood and rightly directed) for aiding in the integration of the personality life. TheHealing, 536:our planetary Logos (as I earlier stated when aiding H.P.B. in writing The Secret Doctrine) is anHealing, 596:finds them present) will then apply his skill in aiding the man to die and will not attempt toHealing, 606:the last analysis the aim in the three modes of aiding the patient by direct work with the centersHealing, 652:the evil condition, but will nevertheless be aiding the patient by hastening normally the act ofInitiation, 89:intellectually, and likewise wield them for the aiding of the scheme of evolution. He studies theInitiation, 90:also, of large work, teaching many pupils, aiding in many schemes, and is gathering under him thoseInitiation, 123:interplay of force through any two schemes, thus aiding. stimulating and complementing each other,Initiation, 158:6. The Masters and initiates, in their work of aiding the evolution of the three worlds, concernMagic, 180:you have a rare and useful instrument for the aiding of humanity. Inspiration originates on theMagic, 521:should pledge yourselves to the work of aiding to the utmost of your ability (ponder those wordsMeditation, 35:five factors concerning themselves with the aiding of the Ego in his evolutionary development: TheMeditation, 98:will enable the God within to manifest for the aiding of the world. Meditation, 243:when conditions are thus recognized, means of aiding must be earnestly sought. This leads us on toPatanjali, 196:but comprehends how to make truth visible, thus aiding the evolutionary process and "casting imagesPsychology1, xx:he can lay upon the altar of sacrifice for the aiding of his brethren. Could all who read this bookPsychology1, 86:more easily understood when He is recognized as aiding the building Lord of the second ray andPsychology1, 172:technique and method) of any usefulness in [172] aiding their fellow men, were swept into a currentPsychology2, 132:being", as he himself is learning to stand. To aiding the individual to express his service in hisPsychology2, 157:will bring the Law of Repulse into play, thus aiding the aspirant to attain the longed-forPsychology2, 450:invoke external agencies to aid. And, They are aiding. If you couple to these facts the reorientedPsychology2, 693:hours, thus laying the foundation for and aiding in the work which will take place at the time ofPsychology2, 735:or in what way he could contribute for the aiding of humanity. The case has been presented clearlyRays, 155:to strength. All the time the Hierarchy is aiding in his development and at the same timeRays, 245:directing the Plan upon the earth and aiding mankind to work with a fuller understanding of theRays, 498:Nevertheless, they have been instrumental in aiding advanced aspirants to move forward on to theRays, 574:in the emotional processes of the initiate, thus aiding the preparatory work of the secondReappearance, 50:in its already successful procedures, is aiding and will continue to aid. Telepathy, 173:they can be deliberately [173] destructive, thus aiding in the liberation from substance or matter
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