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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AIDS

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Astrology, 445:regarded as the "Ray of Ritualistic Decency." It aids and inaugurates the appearing of a new worldAstrology, 470:of Leo. The influence of this constellation aids in the manifestation of individual will,Astrology, 485:Aries, Leo, Virgo - a triangle which potently aids in inaugurating the New Age. That New Age willAutobiography, 300:the Hierarchical Plan and which more especially aids in that part of the Plan for which his ownAutobiography, 300:long as it is constructive and useful and truly aids the Plan it has available for its purpose allBethlehem, 28:are spiritual in nature, and these are aids to that expansion of consciousness which will make ofDiscipleship1, 111:and illusion. The psychic powers are valuable aids to service when rightly developed and sanelyDiscipleship1, 171:and emanating, consequently, from Shamballa - aids the process of visualization. It gives color andDiscipleship1, 255:needs, particularly when highly developed. It aids you in expression upon the physical plane; itDiscipleship1, 308:is good and your work in the world greatly aids you in this respect. Its integration with the lifeDiscipleship1, 320:in the astral body and, therefore, greatly aids its expression by giving you emotional power (ifDiscipleship1, 437:ray, as is your personality, and this greatly aids you in your life task, provided that you [438]Discipleship1, 501:a repetition of 2.1 2.1. Ponder on this. What aids you considerably in this connection is the factDiscipleship1, 605:This is for you important, for it not only aids in group integration but it serves to decentralizeDiscipleship2, 512:the soul of those you seek to help - inevitably aids suffering personalities. I think you realizeExternalisation, 274:and of the Rider from the secret place. He aids and makes possible, owing to His control, theExternalisation, 512:to the lessening of the other two aspects. It aids those men who are predominantly on the third RayExternalisation, 691:that the stream of projected love not only aids the recipient, but protects the disciple from undueFire, 819:it gradually increases its heat, and eventually aids in the destruction of the forms. Third. TheFire, 1271:no guiding hand. Only the fifth and latest known aids Him to forward grope, and pass straightGlamour, 28:usefulness. Each of you either hinders or aids the group, according to his auric condition, whichGlamour, 218:glamor and sees it in process of dissipation. He aids the process by saying with tension andGlamour, 226:the Path of Return to God. It is desirable and aids an easier and more concentrated form of work ifGlamour, 227:drama has to be developed and who need external aids, and they do provide a setting which serves toHealing, 57:grasp of the patient's inner emphasis; this last aids him in the diagnosis of the first. Healing, 359:of the healer when added to that of the patient, aids in the breaking of the illusion and of theHealing, 457:is assuredly no possibility of recovery. Orange aids the focusing in the head, just as redHealing, 710:and largely on concrete levels, employs all aids to bring about a cure, starting with appropriateIntellect, 259:living are emphasized, is one of the finest aids that can be given to the world at this time. AMagic, 224:who releases himself from the glamor of illusion aids in the Great Work. [225] Again, the astralMagic, 356:light, the achieving of a wisdom which helps and aids is not the prerogative of the Senecas, of theMagic, 505:is assuredly no possibility of recovery. Orange aids the focusing in the head, just as red [506]Magic, 523:ends of the Life which enfolds him. Thus he aids in the materializing of the plans of God. TheMeditation, 66:and those who seek Their instruction. It aids in the work of evolution. Infinitesimal that aid mayMeditation, 83:and the use of the Sacred Word. This Word aids in the adjustment of the matter, its vitalization byMeditation, 118:aught that has not its place properly there, he aids not but hinders, and again that involvesMeditation, 262:bodies of the race, is the work carried on that aids the evolutionary process. A Master of theMeditation, 275:and their correct awakening, and He later aids the pupil to work consciously through those centers,Meditation, 281:may be achieved. We have dealt also with those aids to meditation, the Sacred Word, Color andPatanjali, 93:reflecting the thought of the thinker). It aids also to remember: That on the physical plane thePatanjali, 247:It is brought about by the first six aids of yoga." The word contemplation here is synonymous withPatanjali, 309:The centers are to be found up the spine, but it aids the student considerably if he can grasp thePsychology1, 97:that the thing of the moment is that which aids the soul's spiritual living; they feel that thePsychology1, 112:take that aspect of the teaching which suits and aids you, and interpret it in the light of yourPsychology2, 170:his eyes. He wore on either side the blinding aids of every fanatic divine adventure. Only the longPsychology2, 377:of the Plan. In the field of science, he aids and assists the fifth ray workers. He is thePsychology2, 425:to express and language handicaps rather than aids the objective that I have in view. Human thoughtPsychology2, 590:of a constant inflow of energy and greatly aids in freeing of the psychic from the astral plane. IRays, 324:in which he lives and upon the environment which aids and conditions him. In the third volume weRays, 371:realized it - it is this constant inflow which aids in the intelligent application of the Plan toTelepathy, 78:kingdom the deva world is invoked and greatly aids and hastens the unfoldment of the vegetable
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