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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AIM

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Astrology, 229:or the disciple. His focus of interest and his aim is soul life, yet he finds within himself thatAstrology, 394:"fashioner of souls," including his own. He must aim at clear seeing, pure joyful will and theAstrology, 493:it must never be forgotten that the aim is to bring the solar Angel, the Son of Mind (called in TheAstrology, 525:no inevitable fate or unavoidable destiny. The aim of the individual disciple is to handle theAstrology, 570:predominantly astral and aspirational, and whose aim is peace and quiet. This peace and quietAstrology, 573:It is for the use of those men and women whose aim is the will-to-good, who think in terms of worldAtom, 27:part with intelligent understanding. Our first aim should surely be self-realization through theAtom, 31:to preface my remarks tonight by stating that my aim is to speak particularly for those who have noAtom, 71:entity, and that all that happens has a definite aim and goal, then we have the clue to ourselves,Atom, 98:qualities whilst working out a specified aim; and we extended this same concept also to the greatAutobiography, 265:dualism of the mystic factual. The new schools aim at a higher fusion - that between the integratedAutobiography, 285:the student completely free is a fundamental aim of the Arcane School. This is necessary if he isAutobiography, 285:in the heart can assume control. It is our aim to help the student to bring in that control byAutobiography, 295:nature of all manifestation, the nature and aim of the evolutionary process, the existence of theBethlehem, 139:integration or unification which religion should aim to produce, and it is this coordinationBethlehem, 169:asks the poignant question "What is the primary aim of a religion worthy of existence?" and goes onBethlehem, 170:our minds from one initiation to another? We can aim at that greatness in action which will redeemDestiny, 86:it is owing to this that we have the undeviating aim of the Italian state and its refusal to beDestiny, 100:no inevitable fate or unavoidable destiny. The aim of the individual disciple is to handle theDiscipleship1, 11:you are doing or may in the future do, your aim should be to achieve as rapidly as possible theDiscipleship1, 85:other on one level and some on another, but the aim should be a close contact on all three levelsDiscipleship1, 85:vision. So I would beg you, my disciples, to aim at a wide open simplicity which waits expectant ofDiscipleship1, 135:you do succeed at times in so doing. You should aim at the outer expression of the inner natureDiscipleship1, 137:of the past. To serve has long been your aim for you have loved your fellowmen and have struggledDiscipleship1, 137:your with my group that you should aim at a similar clarity of vision where they areDiscipleship1, 219:into proven wisdom. Is not this your immediate aim, my brother? As you know, your soul ray is theDiscipleship1, 243:soul is fluid in adjustment but undeviating in aim. Likewise, the brilliant fanatical devotion toDiscipleship1, 285:you at this time I have but this one message: Aim at real achievement in accomplishment. I haveDiscipleship1, 340:one which you can face with gallant attitude. My aim is to let you know the purpose of your presentDiscipleship1, 341:are not the true incentives. The real [341] aim of your soul is bridging work and the achievementDiscipleship1, 355:brain and of physical plane contacts, you must aim at being more at-one with your fellowmen. It isDiscipleship1, 362:which I have suggested. Above everything else aim at simplicity. The fertility of your mind is aDiscipleship1, 375:which you desire and which constitute your aim, and do you not require assurance on these points,Discipleship1, 408:And, my brother, may I add one parting word? Aim at demonstrating happiness. Be joyous in your workDiscipleship1, 425:heart, thus aiding all you meet. Have no other aim. The practice of this will balance and round outDiscipleship1, 496:and prompt him to excessive service. Tell him to aim at that! For excessive service carried to theDiscipleship1, 596:dual activity must be brought to an end and your aim must be to bring about in yourself theDiscipleship1, 601:I assign to individuals in the group has but one aim in view - to enable them to work as a groupDiscipleship1, 621:in the work of service is commendable. Your aim must be to avoid all static conditions. Many firstDiscipleship2, 100:to the Ashram of which I am the focal point; aim at a closer rapport with your fellow-workers andDiscipleship2, 137:and constantly impressing humanity with the aim in view of expanding the human consciousness. OfDiscipleship2, 444:Seek, as I have earlier told you, to be; aim at being a conduit for spiritual force; cultivate theDiscipleship2, 489:anchored in the heart is not involved. The aim is, for a few hours and whilst clothed in the astralDiscipleship2, 492:from the general psychic condition. Yet the aim of each pledged and obligated disciple (such as youDiscipleship2, 523:as well as about your group brothers. Aim simply to achieve a point of orientation towards me andDiscipleship2, 524:every kind of reaction to human happenings. Aim at a point of tension from which new endeavor andDiscipleship2, 540:the remainder of this life you must earnestly aim at a closer relation to me and to my Ashram, forDiscipleship2, 545:of relationships and opportunities. Your aim should therefore be the intensification of theDiscipleship2, 556:is safe with him." This is what I want you to aim at in your remaining years, so that you will (inDiscipleship2, 659:to help. Remember this, my brother, and aim at decentralization without diffusion. Think about thisDiscipleship2, 695:you. Dwell not too much upon world horror, but aim - in meditation - at conveying strength andDiscipleship2, 699:your personality constantly disturbed. Your aim, therefore, should be to cultivate all theDiscipleship2, 734:It is not some situation from which you must aim at escaping for it is part of manifestation andEducation, 16:to the world of objective phenomena. Until the aim of education is to orient a man to this innerEducation, 21:of this already developed tendency is the aim of all true education. The nature of ideas, the modesEducation, 71:of youth - which is what every educator should aim to be. Third: The admittance of the fact of theEducation, 101:emphasis up till this time has been twofold. The aim of education has been so to equip the childExternalisation, 79:The averting of a world debacle is the aim of our effort and towards this aim I have asked yourExternalisation, 79:is the aim of our effort and towards this aim I have asked your help. Externalisation, 157:as you are capable of achieving. Then you aim at complete self-forgetfulness and when that has beenExternalisation, 221:its nature is inclusive love; and the whole aim of the present crisis is to shift the focus ofExternalisation, 238:I would ask you to contrast the expressed aim of the Allies, reiterated again and again in theExternalisation, 275:sought to gain control over humanity. Note that aim. This will-to-power can only be dissipated whenExternalisation, 277:a cycle of steadily growing activity, with the aim in view of establishing right human relations,Externalisation, 311:by force itself if need be. They would aim at clear thinking, and thus clear the channel for theExternalisation, 316:of Preparation for the Coming One. Its aim is to prepare all of you interiorly. I would ask youExternalisation, 323:into a more spiritual way of living. They aim to foster the growth of right human relations throughExternalisation, 425:coercion, cruelty, hate, terror and lies; they aim to subjugate the human consciousness through theExternalisation, 505:His wide inspiration. Internationalism is the aim of His endeavor. With Him works the great AngelExternalisation, 531:one of the seven goals towards which the Masters aim after They have attained the fifth initiation,Externalisation, 612:already made and clear. Let recognition be the aim. Externalisation, 633:was only incidental to this objective; its aim is to train those disciples who can implement theExternalisation, 680:that is not needed or desirable. The unity of aim, the desire to serve, the recognition of theFire, 60:of the two and their correct manipulation is the aim - perhaps unrealized - of all scientificFire, 88:in the immediately coming lesser cycle. Our aim, therefore, is to make the secondary body of manFire, 89:established past all controversy, and the whole aim of preventive and curative medicine will shiftFire, 102:leading to those which are still greater. The aim for this greater cycle is the blending, as weFire, 114:of the etheric body by the human monad, with the aim in view of both human and planetary escapeFire, 133:have been mentioned. We have seen how the aim of each life (whether human, planetary or solar)Fire, 133:comprehended, to a life of dignity and offers an aim worthy of our best endeavor. When this angleFire, 143:is primarily activity and intelligence with the aim of adaptability, and that this is His mainFire, 232:Man is one of the sacred planets, and They aim at the same goal as man - the attainment, on TheirFire, 237:Love and Wisdom. The merging of these two is the aim of evolution. The Divine Ray is sevenfold. ItFire, 244:during evolutionary objectivity, and the whole aim of progressive development is to bring the SonFire, 244:the Heavenly Men (through atma-buddhi-manas) aim at a similar progression. These two, the HeavenlyFire, 252:does in the case of the atomic spirillae. Their aim is to achieve uniformity of contact with eachFire, 337:more explanatory words might be spoken but we aim to start students thinking for themselves, andFire, 399:the mystery he awakens to a realization that the aim of evolution for him is to build consciouslyFire, 419:Only the voluntary merging of interest and of aim is of value, and only that is seen in man as heFire, 442:or the logoic quality, with its function and aim. Second. Its work in relation to: The animalFire, 475:the transmutation of metals into gold with the aim in view of the alleviation of poverty. The mindFire, 483:of language. - S. D., I, 197, 290, 293. We must aim to become a disciple. - S. D., I, 188. II, 246.Fire, 487:stages, will come strenuous effort and aim on the part of many aspirants, and the evolutionaryFire, 494:is liberated and seeks a new form. This is the aim of the transmutative process and the fact thatFire, 525:be of a temporary nature for the fundamental aim in view will be the bringing about of an eventualFire, 576:which we find matter of all the subplanes. The aim of evolution for us is love dominated byFire, 579:of our present system, the second. It is the aim of all things to unite; approximation,Fire, 584:law is of prime importance at this time. The aim of human [585] endeavor is both to be controlledFire, 750:may have differed in appearance, an identical aim was in view. - The Theosophist, Vol. IX, p. 246.Fire, 811:a juster apprehension of the laws of health. The aim of the physician will then be to find out what
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