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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AIM

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Fire, 816:Treatise is to follow the latter method, as the aim is to make clear the rationale of the process. Fire, 859:the center of desire, the solar plexus, with the aim in view of guiding it still higher to theFire, 863:of both the astral body and the mind, and must aim at that emotional equilibrium which is producedFire, 868:burning away of all known impurities." "Their aim is, to bring soul-vision, and to wear awayFire, 868:thinking. Students must remember that the aim of all truly occult teachers is not to giveFire, 919:sheaths for purposes of evolution and with the aim in view of developing the second aspect ofFire, 1266:system. They know His wishes, His will and His aim, and to Them He entrusts the carrying out of HisGlamour, 5:Is that not something which all aspirants aim to achieve? And is it not something that each of you,Healing, 6:healers. It is group healing at which I aim, and it is the work which is done in formation whichHealing, 325:is not the way of the disciple. He must aim, as you suggest, at personality integration and at theHealing, 364:beloved person back, or are sidetracked in their aim by the activities involved in assuaging painHealing, 402:and of the persistence of the human soul; they aim to answer the eternal questioning of the humanHealing, 422:have been mentioned. We have seen how the aim of each life (whether human, planetary or logoic)Healing, 422:comprehended, to a life of dignity and offers an aim worthy of our best endeavor. When this angleHealing, 606:and over-active. In the last analysis the aim in the three modes of aiding the patient by directHercules, 133:measuring so characteristic of Libra have one aim; the establishment of equilibrium. The [134]Initiation, viii:- the dense physical and the etheric body The aim of evolution is therefore to bring man to theInitiation, 13:permits and whose efforts suffice to fulfil the aim. Initiation leads to the mount whence visionInitiation, 34:of all manifestation was emphasized, with the aim in view of teaching men how to liberateInitiation, 57:great laboratories, with all who definitely aim at the healing and solacing of the world, and withInitiation, 73:therefore, has several things at which to aim: A sensitive response to the Master's vibration. AInitiation, 84:center is the one usually vivified, with the aim in view of the more effective controlling of theInitiation, 87:clairvoyance, until after this initiation. The aim of all development is the awakening of theInitiation, 142:has been occupied with a threefold work, their aim being to produce certain results in theInitiation, 166:of the careful building of mental pictures. The aim has been two-fold: To teach the student toInitiation, 180:such mysteries as his particular karma, the aim he may have in view for any particular cycle, andInitiation, 191:system. They know his wishes, his will and his aim, and to them he entrusts the carrying out of hisInitiation, 202:This recognition will be based upon: Unity of aim. Oneness of vibration. Identity in groupIntellect, 30:Russell points out that "Education should not aim at a passive awareness of dead facts but at anIntellect, 119:attentively upon a chosen idea has been the aim. We have, therefore, been dealing with what mightIntellect, 131:the attention, nor is any form of sensation the aim. All manner of feeling must be, for the time,Magic, 64:student ponder upon this last sentence. Let him aim to live as a soul. Then the cyclic impulses,Magic, 79:who works much on the mental levels. Their aim is so to tap the resources of force stored up by theMagic, 166:wider and inclusive awareness of the soul. His aim is to include the higher, and there is no needMagic, 172:error and the disciple perhaps from harm. The aim of every high disciple is to carry out his workMagic, 205:with the centers down the spinal column, nor aim at their conscious utilization as does theMagic, 263:form and thereby learns. Purely astral maybe the aim of the devotee - love of wife or child, orMagic, 265:Cultivate responsiveness to the Great Ones, aim at mental expansion and keep learning. ThinkMagic, 370:is the case, and it is for this the student must aim. Some people are happy because they shut theirMagic, 615:end the shadows and to dispel the moisture; the aim of the Masters is to let in the light of theMeditation, 5:in geometry, or in figures and numbers. The aim of the evolution of man in the three worlds - theMeditation, 15:a different method of approach, for the aim of all meditation is union with the divine. At thisMeditation, 37:By definite work on color and sound with the aim in view of stimulation and vivification, workingMeditation, 44:in deafness to all earth's noise - such is the aim for the disciple. I say no more. I but desireMeditation, 49:will increase ability to serve will ever be the aim. The greater aim includes, after all, theMeditation, 49:to serve will ever be the aim. The greater aim includes, after all, the lesser. 4. The fourth groupMeditation, 49:with you. The control of the mind is the present aim of meditation, and must always be theMeditation, 65:higher inspiration will be possible. This is the aim of all true meditation and can be reached byMeditation, 71:to arouse interest, know then that that is my aim. When your interest and the interest of allMeditation, 72:contacting those entities that is the issue and aim. In its emotional counterpart, it is the organMeditation, 93:should be the one-pointedness of purpose and of aim, and not that which develops one sole line ofMeditation, 93:that which is slowly built up endures forever. Aim at regularity. Realize always that the trueMeditation, 96:then raise his vibration as high as may be, and aim next at lifting it clear of the mental bodyMeditation, 97:on the mental plane he should definitely aim at making all his mental experiences, aspirations andMeditation, 98:the standpoint of service to the race. Let them aim at a wise coordination in expression, that willMeditation, 99:so oft achieve, and so run into danger. The aim should be to make the emotional ovoid positive toMeditation, 100:asset coupled to its refining effects, is the aim of the evolution of our threefold life. When theMeditation, 107:for this one solar system: He had some specific aim that necessitated some specific vibration andMeditation, 107:and conforms to certain rules with the aim in view of the achievement of a particular goal, and theMeditation, 108:whereby he attains a demonstrable object. That aim may be the acquirement of virtue by paying theMeditation, 112:blind forgetfulness of the higher that it is the aim of the present method to offset. If the adeptsMeditation, 117:to some particular group the thing that he must aim at is to play his part perfectly, so that heMeditation, 119:teachers on the inner side seldom do more. We aim at developing thinkers and men of clear vision,Meditation, 141:between the higher and the lower that is the aim of all evolution. I desire to leave in the mindsMeditation, 145:the point I am aiming to impress upon you - the aim should be the development of the habit ofMeditation, 156:work on emotional matter will accomplish. The aim of the pupil who treads the Path is to build anMeditation, 237:the intuition. I but seek to be suggestive. My aim is but to indicate. The usefulness of theMeditation, 242:with causes and not with effects. The primary aim of the healing group will be to discover theMeditation, 283:as found on those planes and subplanes, with one aim in view and only one - the furthering of theMeditation, 298:the true scientific development which is the aim of true meditation. The troubled condition of theMeditation, 299:stability and a strong healthy body is the aim for all. But now you have mental developmentMeditation, 301:for universal recognition and for universal aim and goal. They will be prepared for and enteredMeditation, 302:is the fact. At this particular moment (with the aim in view of the development and tendering ofMeditation, 305:the foundations - like subsidiary colleges. The aim of all is the evolution of the race, the objectMeditation, 307:have been kept by the Brotherhood with just this aim in view. Branches, affiliated with one of theMeditation, 312:textbook methods ever employed. The whole aim is only to put the student in the way of finding outMeditation, 318:an Initiate of the first or second degree, the aim of the school being to prepare pupils for theMeditation, 337:Self, and therefore via the atomic subplane. The aim of the aspirant should be to so train theMeditation, 337:a mirror, so that it may reflect perfectly. His aim should be to make it reflect only the causalMeditation, 344:proceeds steadily. But nevertheless the aim of personal progress remains secondary. Meditation, 346:server takes the attitude of elimination. His aim is so to train the emotional body that it becomesPatanjali, 112:reading and devotion to Ishvara. 2. The aim of these three is to bring about soul vision and toPatanjali, 126:Patanjali - Book 2 - The Steps to Union 2. The aim of these three is to bring about soul vision andPatanjali, 368:in taraka, the knowledge which is the end and aim of yoga. It relates to all objects from theProblems, 9:weaknesses and complexes. Each nation must aim at sound mental health and endeavor to implementProblems, 36:world and this has been materialistic. The aim has been physical comfort; science and the arts haveProblems, 37:been subordinated to giving humanity things. The aim of education, generally speaking, has been toPsychology1, 13:of all else drops away. To achieve that is their aim and objective. Psychology1, 176:Builders, the Seven Rays Second, Religious The aim before this department is to establish aPsychology1, 193:the medium of the Law of Attraction, with the aim of producing an ultimate synthesis inPsychology1, 363:with the Plan becomes possible, and the aim of all the divine service begins to demonstrate. AllPsychology2, 18:cost and sacrifice, should be our steadfast aim. For this, in truth and sincerity, we shouldPsychology2, 216:Ray - Rules for Inducing Soul Control 1. The Aim of these Rules The objectives can (for ourPsychology2, 217:later we can somewhat elaborate them: The first aim and the primary aim is to establish, throughPsychology2, 217:elaborate them: The first aim and the primary aim is to establish, through the medium of humanity,Psychology2, 287:service of the Plan into being. This is ever the aim of the initiate members of the Hierarchy. TheyPsychology2, 327:with which we are now engaged, our primary aim is to point out the effect upon the soul of thePsychology2, 652:Whether this effort succeeds or not, the final aim is assured, but it can be hastened if men willPsychology2, 656:idea of the objectives of the Plan and the aim of its Custodians. Each phase of it constitutes aPsychology2, 669:their essential unity. The major objective and aim of all who are associated with the New Group of
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