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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AIM

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Psychology2, 690:of the race whose objective is world peace, who aim at the establishing of good will on earth asPsychology2, 747:laid down the following rules: That they must aim at achieving peaceful relationships with, andRays, 36:progress. In these short instructions, which aim only at a "tentative indication" (note thatRays, 536:enables a man to become a disciple with the aim in view of eventually entering [537] the Ashram ofRays, 669:is vital to your future progress and you should aim at achieving a measure of real understanding.Rays, 703:behind (a minor renunciation) and his one aim, in seeking liberation and freedom from the threeReappearance, 60:already made and clear. Let recognition be the aim. [61] Reappearance, 102:and concepts of truth. When They come, Their aim is to meet the immediate need in such a fashionReappearance, 171:conduct will lead them to a good heaven, the aim has been basically selfish. The little prayerTelepathy, 53:is unaware, owing to short-sightedness. The aim must be to overcome the undue concentration uponTelepathy, 126:grasped more clearly than is now the case. The aim of the entire evolutionary scheme is to bring
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