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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AIMS

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Astrology, 285:which leads to a synthesis of the national life, aims and intentions. A typical instance of thisAstrology, 375:is literally wilful adherence to personality aims) or as intelligently expressed will - actuated byAstrology, 399:potency in which self interest and personality aims and desires are the motives bringing aboutAstrology, 531:world see the vision clear, forego their selfish aims and agree in the unity of the work to be doneAutobiography, 223:by groups from Germany and France whose aims and ideas were anything but nice or clean. The fewAutobiography, 252:that the Hierarchy endorsed the attitude and aims of the United Nations, fighting for the freedomBethlehem, 170:to the man who seeks to follow Christ, and who aims eventually at climbing the Mount ofBethlehem, 243:that there is a goal greater than his petty aims, and that a life exists Which will embrace hisDestiny, 81:ages Taurus has led the way with his material aims, his acquisitive desires, his arrogant will andDestiny, 85:both these countries controls, and personality aims and ambitions are negated. Destiny, 105:world see the vision clear, forego their selfish aims and agree in the unity of the work to be doneDestiny, 152:is to be found the Christ. Thus the expressed aims and efforts of the United Nations will beDiscipleship1, 188:of spiritual interpretation and of spiritual aims and goals. But this constitutes a thought-form,Discipleship1, 341:when it is then deliberately subordinated to the aims of the soul - then you will have made a veryDiscipleship1, 408:their contents and to be familiar with the group aims, objectives and this preliminary teaching.Discipleship1, 461:or during the Festival itself, the significant aims of this period of opportunity, or of yourDiscipleship1, 596:the at-one-ment, or the unification of the aims and purposes which have hitherto been divergent.Discipleship1, 606:of your own thoughts, of your own wishes, aims and dreams. It means for you the treading of theDiscipleship1, 607:you: To sacrifice your own thoughts, wishes, aims and dreams. Have you done this? To follow theDiscipleship1, 687:divergences of opinion can appear; the aims of the soul and the personality blend and fuse; theDiscipleship1, 784:that the Hierarchy endorsed the attitude and aims of the United Nations, fighting for the freedomDiscipleship2, 43:consciousness of one's own nature, one's aims, one's life theme, one's aspirations and one'sDiscipleship2, 269:demonstrate. The objectives, goals, theories, aims and determinations of the bulk of mankindDiscipleship2, 278:so well that today the goals and theories, the aims and determinations now expressed in humanDiscipleship2, 382:an integral part of it through similarity of aims, spiritual aspiration and trained techniques. HeDiscipleship2, 600:achieve the fullest expression of your spiritual aims and goals, because of small and [601]Discipleship2, 633:expressions (e'en though distorted) of higher aims and aspirations. This thought should clarifyDiscipleship2, 656:for careful pondering. The personality with its aims and ambitions, its intelligence andDiscipleship2, 734:by the glamor of selfish desire and material aims will have made a real step forward when heDiscipleship2, 736:arriving at decisions, because his choices and aims will be motivated by the personality andEducation, 84:Thus a much needed alteration of humanity's aims from our present competitive and materialisticEducation, 125:the perversion of the truth to suit individual aims and ends. But as man gropes his way along theseExternalisation, 74:the form life and the working out of methods and aims which are inherent in the processes ofExternalisation, 83:the furtherance of political and sociological aims and to carry forward the projects of manyExternalisation, 126:whose focus is predominantly material and whose aims are selfish, animated by ambition and theExternalisation, 127:and with a clearer understanding of right human aims, right relationships and man's predestinedExternalisation, 140:but much time was lost in individual, personal aims. A spirit of inertia settled down upon theExternalisation, 148:earth, water, fire and air. This is one of the aims of the magical [149] workers but it concernsExternalisation, 182:hatreds. Individualistic interest, separative aims and aggressive desire march towards theirExternalisation, 183:demand for the Allies to state their peace aims and indicate clearly what adjustments will be madeExternalisation, 187:existence only because they benefit German aims - Italy, to give Germany scope in theExternalisation, 205:together of all men of constructive peace aims and goodwill who lay the emphasis upon the priorExternalisation, 216:you to embody the highest possible activity and aims, and you will relinquish that attitude ofExternalisation, 244:when nations give up their selfish purposes and aims for international good, and when thisExternalisation, 430:disaster and to deflect the ends and the aims of the Great White Lodge. Among all these areExternalisation, 435:spiritual issues and for the great humanitarian aims of the Hierarchy. Impressing the minds ofExternalisation, 451:picture of European culture and of British aims. This ignorance throughout the world plays rightExternalisation, 457:Who will restore livingness to men's spiritual aims and life to their planning; Who will engenderExternalisation, 498:which will leave man free to pursue the higher aims of the Spirit. The prostituting of life to theExternalisation, 639:for economic, educational, religious and social aims and can therefore provide no true cause forFire, xv:of all that which is tangibly objective. It aims to provide a reasonably logical plan of systemicFire, 88:may lead to the furthering of the aims of the evolutionary process in the immediately coming lesserFire, 233:Units of Consciousness 94 If these stated aims are carefully considered, it will be seen how eachFire, 305:detail as are the perfected Manasaputras. Man aims at becoming a Divine Manasaputra, or perfectedFire, 358:the body logoic, that the Hierarchy achieves the aims of evolution. It will be obvious that theFire, 465:for mastery, who struggles to attain, and who aims at expansion of consciousness but is having someFire, 569:Law of Love is the law of the astral plane. It aims at the transmutation of the desire nature, andFire, 667:of contact. Limitation is the law for them. Man aims at self-control. Devas must develop by beingFire, 995:to know. Astral Stability. The student of magic aims, above all, to purify his desires, and so toFire, 995:the physical and the mental. He, therefore, aims at transmuting (as has often been said) lowerGlamour, 60:build his life around his idea, and to make his aims and his objectives of major importance,Healing, 174:of desire. What are his goals? To what are his aims directed? What is the nature of his realizedHealing, 225:of the body of every human being. One of the aims of the New Age will be "to lighten this shadowHealing, 375:be bound together by their common knowledge and aims, but who will all express this to the best ofInitiation, 37:the present time. In dealing with the work and aims of the personnel of the Hierarchy, it will notInitiation, 37:it will not be possible to state what those aims have been, nor to consider in detail who theIntellect, 28:and determined by what ideals? That education aims not at mere knowledge or mere power of any kind,Intellect, 32:precisely the pass to which our education, that aims at a hoarding of information, has brought theIntellect, 65:toward what definite goal the educated man aims as he enters on the way of meditation, and in whatIntellect, 100:conformity with the eastern method, which aims first to put a man in control of his mentalMagic, 158:which the disciple needs to relate if he ever aims to become an active and potent cooperator withMagic, 161:are not the victims of personality desire and aims, and are comparatively free from the whirlpoolMagic, 323:Ten - The Present Age and the Future The man who aims at providing a point of contact, betweenMagic, 385:He seeks to fuse them into a unity. He aims at the realization that, here and now, they are ONE.Magic, 601:dealing with things subjective and esoteric; he aims to be a worker in white magic. As such, heMagic, 630:he endeavors to make that vision a reality; he aims to achieve what, from the standpoint of theMeditation, 42:seeks to straighten out the temporary chaos, and aims at the reduction within limits of the lifeMeditation, 58:and see how it will work. Man, when meditating, aims at two things: At the formation of thoughts,Meditation, 67:ends. Let me enumerate for you some of the aims groups will have in view when they form themselves,Meditation, 77:but seeks spiritual development, if he but aims at sincerity of purpose and at compassionateMeditation, 100:[100] obsession, but in pure thoughts, spiritual aims, and unselfish brotherly conduct, lie theMeditation, 108:and working out (as a whole) certain definite aims. Meditation, 108:a certain form; he gathers certain material, and aims at a definite consummation that shall be theMeditation, 111:out of the causal body which is one of the aims in view. When, therefore, the wise Teacher movesMeditation, 143:go for our purpose, for this series of letters, aims not at the development of cosmicMeditation, 145:of a group, with no interests and desires, no aims or wishes apart from the good of that group. ItMeditation, 160:bodies or body. In apportioning forms different aims will be in view. Where, for instance, theMeditation, 161:object is to equip himself for service, when he aims only at the acquirement of healthy vehiclesMeditation, 172:He broods on the ideals as he senses them; he aims at contacting the Universal Mind, at wrestingMeditation, 237:That each sentence written in these letters aims at an exact impartation of a complete thought andMeditation, 242:of the subtler planes, that science which aims at the provision of right conditions and theMeditation, 265:the more practical side, that of the man who aims at this high calling. Meditation, 269:and there is no other means for achieving these aims. 3. The third thing the probationer has to doMeditation, 282:he conforms to the necessary [282] rules, if he aims always at regularity, at calmness, at thatMeditation, 309:of His powers, the purity of His life and aims, and the profundity of His knowledge. An endeavor toMeditation, 314:the thought of the Mount of Initiation which he aims soon to tread. Tomorrow we will take theProblems, 57:Thus a much needed alteration of humanity's aims from our present competitive and materialisticProblems, 70:they have made possible the narrow nationalistic aims of selfish politics; they have financed theProblems, 89:the rights of other people or nations. It aims to improve and perfect its own mode of life so thatProblems, 137:relinquish publicly their wrong and material aims, their money and their palaces and "sell all that
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