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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AJNA

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Psychology2, 415:is gradually unfolded and perfected until the ajna center, or the center between the eyebrows, isPsychology2, 417:the clearing house of the brain, and through the ajna and throat centers. Intuition distinguishesPsychology2, 521:center. Ray four - Harmony through Conflict - Ajna center. Ray five - Concrete Knowledge - SacralPsychology2, 522:have been raised to the heart and throat, to the ajna center between the eyebrows, in the middle ofPsychology2, 522:personality. The soul also stimulates the ajna center. That the more advanced disciples and worldPsychology2, 523:up the spinal column to the head center, via the ajna center. The energy of the sacral centerPsychology2, 525:A second period of transference ensues and the ajna center, which governs the integratedPsychology2, 526:the expression of his personality potency. The ajna center is vivid and potent; the throat centerPsychology2, 527:focusing of the energy of all the centers in the ajna center (between the eye brows). This centerPsychology2, 528:The stage wherein transference is made into the ajna center and the personality life becomesPsychology2, 528:of the bodily forces (focused through the ajna center) with the Soul forces, (focused through thePsychology2, 529:five lower forms of energy are focused in the ajna center in the head. Students might here ask: ArePsychology2, 529:base of the spine which are carried up to the ajna center via the solar plexus center? There arePsychology2, 535:almost automatically flow. The awakening of the ajna center which is, as we have seen, primarilyPsychology2, 549:- the solar plexus, the throat center and the ajna center in the head. The heart center and thePsychology2, 553:psychological difficulty. 6. The activity of the ajna center will increase a great deal during thePsychology2, 553:body and the growing interplay between The ajna center and the pituitary body The center at the topPsychology2, 553:of the head (involving the pineal gland) and the ajna center will produce serious problemsPsychology2, 553:connected with the brain and the eyes. The ajna center focuses the abstracted energy of the fivePsychology2, 554:takes place, the energies - concentrated in the ajna center - sweep down into the solar plexus orPsychology2, 573:of his personality energy (focused in the ajna center) and produces eventually a "centering in thePsychology2, 575:on a large scale and as a mass through the ajna center; this will take place in the next race for,Psychology2, 581:This is the stage of psychic development. The ajna center between the eyebrows, corresponding toPsychology2, 582:- are beginning to shift their forces into the ajna center and to develop mental faculties. ThisPsychology2, 603:devotion and his emotional obsession. The ajna center swings into activity before there is any truePsychology2, 607:to the man in whom the throat center and the ajna center are awakening. The moment that anyPsychology2, 607:to that ambition. When this takes place the ajna center is active and is synchronizing itsPsychology2, 609:pineal gland (as expressions of the head and the ajna centers). This radiance can at times seemPsychology2, 612:organs of the soul and the personality - the ajna center, working through the pituitary body andPsychology2, 614:is related to the heart, mystical duality to the ajna center and the problem of power to theRays, 165:of all to the head center, from thence to the ajna center and then to that center which has beenRays, 257:to which we give the names the head center, the ajna center and the alta major center. TheseRays, 270:related to the subject under consideration: The ajna center, embodying the directing energy of thatRays, 273:in man when the three centers in the head (the ajna center, the brahmarandra, center, and the altaRays, 340:Glamor Devotion Initiation 3. Transfiguration Ajna center 5th ray Mental plane IntegrationRays, 368:subhuman kingdoms has relation to this fact. The ajna center of the Lord of the World is justRays, 432:of mental energy or of energy from the soul, the ajna center becomes the directing agency; this isRays, 669:center and the center between the eyebrows (the ajna center) are the agents and eventually -Rays, 671:sufficiently integrated and coordinated and the ajna center (the center between the eyebrows) isRays, 671:free interplay, is established between the ajna center and the head center, and therefore betweenRays, 672:related activity: The energy concentrated in the ajna center and which is indicative of theRays, 689:340, that in this third initiation it is the ajna center (the center between the eyebrows) which isRays, 689:being made available to him, doing so via the ajna center and directed towards humanity as a whole.Rays, 690:which follow the third initiation) from the ajna center of which He is possessed, to the headRays, 690:the initiate and from thence immediately to the ajna center of the initiate. Then this energy isRays, 691:remains unconscious of its presence. [691] The ajna center is the "center of direction"; it isRays, 691:of which the initiate is constantly aware), the ajna center is controlled and dominated by theRays, 691:striving all the time to learn the uses of the ajna center and consciously and with rightRays, 733:directing Agents and are a correspondence to the ajna center of mankind, only here it is the ajnaRays, 733:the ajna center of mankind, only here it is the ajna center of the planetary Logos, in the sameSoul, 111:- sahasrara chakra Center between eyebrows - ajna chakra Throat center - vishuddha chakra Heart orSoul, 115:or spiritual mind, and as the intuition. The ajna center, or the center between the eyebrows,Telepathy, 14:slow. It involves the activity of the throat and ajna centers. We have, therefore: InstinctualTelepathy, 19:to impression from higher sources, and the ajna center which is the recipient of the idealisticTelepathy, 19:of the idealistic intuitional impressions; this ajna center can then "broadcast" that which isTelepathy, 28:organized use of the energy of the etheric ajna center, and sometimes of the head center, whenTelepathy, 34:Particularly should the sensitivity of the ajna center be developed. Sensitivity to the state ofTelepathy, 41:the brain in the location lying just behind the ajna center and consequently in the area of theTelepathy, 50:center for the antahkarana, and that the ajna center is concerned with the process of translatingTelepathy, 50:the Science of Impression - the head center, the ajna center and the throat center. In the above ITelepathy, 88:works via the center between the eyebrows, the ajna center. The first group of recipients areTelepathy, 112:(as you can readily see) and also the use of the ajna center. The occult Science of Impression.Telepathy, 118:becoming a member of the Kingdom of God. The ajna center is not involved and it will remain forTelepathy, 167:i.e., the heart center, the throat center, the ajna center and the head center, are controlled byTelepathy, 191:distributing agents" in an unique manner: The Ajna Center (the center between the eyebrows) worksTelepathy, 193:head, the heart and the throat centers is the ajna center between the eyebrows. The agent for the
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