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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ALAN

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Astrology, 106:struggle and fight. I would remark here that Alan Leo had a glimpse of the inner significance ofAstrology, 129:It is interesting to note that the astrologer, Alan Leo, suggests Neptune as an alternative toAstrology, 138:assign Saturn as one of the rulers. [138] Alan Leo does so, but I would point out that in this caseAstrology, 148:decanates in Aquarius are governed (according to Alan Leo) by Saturn, Mercury and Venus, and theAstrology, 173:decanates are available. [173] According to Alan Leo, we have Saturn, Venus and Mercury. AccordingAstrology, 192:planets as Mercury, the Moon and the Sun, whilst Alan Leo gives us Jupiter, Mars and the Sun,Astrology, 251:gives us the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter, whilst Alan Leo posits the controlling planets as Venus,Astrology, 284:governed by the Sun, Venus and Mercury, whilst Alan Leo gives us Mercury, Saturn and Venus. I wouldAstrology, 311:him as being ruled by Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Alan Leo is, however, nearer the truth when heAstrology, 369:it is interesting to find that Sepharial and Alan Leo give entirely different ruling planets, andBethlehem, viii:grateful thanks to Mr. William Cummings and Mr. Alan Murray for the willing and intelligent helpFire, 786:and is true of all thought-form. building. Alan is constructing thought-forms all the time, and isHercules, 66:and of the first decanate is Mercury for, as Alan Leo tells us: "Mercury in the outer worldHercules, 66:the hands as instruments of intelligence." (Alan Leo, Complete Dictionary of Astrology, p. 163)Hercules, 216:and Pisces." The Zodiac: A Life Epitome. Alan Leo tells us also: "...the constellations are groupsHercules, 216:204. Another point to be remembered is made by Alan Leo in the following: [217] "The twelve
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