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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ALCYONE

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Astrology, 194:Scorpio to Sirius, the Dog Star. Aquarius to Alcyone, one of the seven Pleiades. There is littleAstrology, 198:Star of Sensitivity - governing the Hierarchy. Alcyone - The Star of the Individual - governingAstrology, 200:relinquishing of desire in Scorpio. Aquarius, Alcyone and Humanity constitute a most interestingAstrology, 200:constitute a most interesting triangle of force. Alcyone is one of the seven Pleiades and is calledAstrology, 200:in this solar system. The energies coming from Alcyone impregnated the substance of the universeAstrology, 201:therefore, the following line of force to study: Alcyone - in the Pleiades, the mothers of theAstrology, 484:and will respond to the energies pouring in from Alcyone. Astrology, 657:in the Milky Way. They are thus considered (Alcyone, in particular) as the central point aroundAstrology, 669:I, 542) "The sun (i.e. the solar system) has Alcyone in the Pleiades for the center of its orbit."Astrology, 679:Pleiades as the central group of the Bull and Alcyone, one of the 7 pleiades, is supposed to be theHercules, 46:sign are to be found the Pleiades, among them Alcyone, called the central sun of our universe, andHercules, 217:journey around the central sun of the universe (Alcyone) pass through each sign of the Zodiac; but
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