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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ALERT

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Astrology, 149:and thus we have the period wherein man is not alert enough or conscious enough to seize uponAstrology, 612:or groups. The darkened spots indicate awakened, alert centers. The diagram indicates the "interiorAtom, 104:consciousness among men. We meet people who are alert, alive, aware of all that is going on, keenlyAutobiography, 282:Discipleship entails a loving heart and a keen, alert mind. The loving heart has always beenAutobiography, 282:This is a basic truth and necessity, but a keen, alert and trained mind is of equal importance. TheDiscipleship1, 47:of contact. I refer to the ability to be alive, alert, keen to recognize relationships, quick toDiscipleship1, 192:fellowmen is very real. Your mind is active and alert, and you are deeply interested in life and inDiscipleship1, 192:place in your alignment. When you are mentally alert, which is quite often, a temporaryDiscipleship1, 295:any attachment to the results of the work. This alert awareness must be fostered by you, myDiscipleship1, 376:last breath say, with thought and consciousness alert: I am an expression of the Will of God. ThatDiscipleship2, 269:emotional apparatus; his lower mind is keenly alert and focused, and his higher mind is definitelyDiscipleship2, 325:of men everywhere. The mind factor is today alert, trained and controlling. These are facts whichDiscipleship2, 449:forth" into the light. It is that moment of alert conscious anticipatory direction whichDiscipleship2, 508:quiet and relaxed mental focusing, seek, with an alert consciousness, to contact: Your soul. MyDiscipleship2, 588:arousing of glamor but - if you are watchful and alert - you can soon become aware of it. This mustDiscipleship2, 637:remain unrecognized unless the disciple is very alert and constantly aware of the cyclic flow ofEducation, 106:order and all classes are keenly alive and alert to the general, national, racial or internationalExternalisation, 12:waking consciousness and with the physical brain alert and [13] active can offer himself as anExternalisation, 538:more light and understanding, but awakened and alert for changes. These adjustments are proceedingExternalisation, 566:concept of the One Humanity and the intensely alert spiritual demand which is today distinctive ofExternalisation, 586:three worlds. The intuition of the disciple is alert and active; the new ideas and the vital freshGlamour, 152:Dweller truly arise, and only when the mind is alert and the intelligence organized (as is becomingHealing, 81:with color; the life pulsates. Quickened, alive, alert in two directions; the two small doors areHealing, 235:crises, humanity is now far more mentally alert, the causes of the trouble are recognized, motivesHealing, 490:in his kama-manasic body, is as much aware and alert to his environment as he was upon the physicalHealing, 621:and sweetness, but show little strength, alert power and aliveness. And the promise has gone forthIntellect, 43:is to make him physically fit, mentally alert, to provide a trained memory, controlled reactions,Intellect, 96:with the eyes of the soul, with the inner vision alert to find out that which is sought. It isIntellect, 135:flourishes. The mind, therefore, positive, alert and well-controlled, is carried forward on theMagic, 206:be awake to the interests of the soul and as alert as is the 'I' consciousness of the averageMagic, 413:servers, all must be mentally polarized and alert, and all must be inclusive. One of the essentialMeditation, 99:the moments of highest vibration and contact is alert to watch and guard the lower vehicles. "WatchPatanjali, 212:body. In this transfer, the brain remains keenly alert and the withdrawal is consciously undertakenPatanjali, 212:body form a coherent quiescent unit, alive, alert, positive and steady. The state of samadhi orPatanjali, 249:of them. He is, however, intensely alive and alert, positive and awake, for the brain and the mindProblems, 117:until the Christ in every man is more awake and alert than is at present the case; the Prince ofPsychology2, 74:aspirant not only recognizes the process, but is alert and active in its fulfilment, then the workPsychology2, 293:Man The true thinker, or mental type - awake and alert. The one who knows the Plan, the purpose andPsychology2, 352:the hands clenched, the body braced, and mind alert. Emotion is not used in furthering of the Plan.Psychology2, 356:to a point of such intense inner focusing and alert mental detachment that he will be in a positionPsychology2, 374:and there holding himself poised and still, yet alert, the light will break in and reveal to thePsychology2, 657:can be divided into two divisions: - A restless, alert, discontented and intelligent minority (aPsychology2, 660:appear, but our spiritual perception must be alert to recognize [661] them. They must evokePsychology2, 720:of the inner vision open, and with our intuition alert and awake, perhaps some apprehension of theRays, 448:aspirant is not only aware of the process but alert and active in its fulfilment, then the workRays, 613:regulated and controlled by those men who are alert to human need upon the physical plane. ThisRays, 613:land and also for the progressive party who are alert to the new possibilities; one party aims atRays, 667:are so great that all servers must keep alert, developing in themselves the ability to register theTelepathy, 28:etc., on a stream of love which your brother - alert, receptive and waiting - will attract to
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