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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ALIGN

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Discipleship1, 80:you need to do some careful thinking and should align yourselves in love with your fellowDiscipleship1, 554:This will do more to release this group and to align them with myself and with what I representDiscipleship2, 723:noon, and each night before retiring to sleep, align yourself with your soul, with the Ashram andExternalisation, 156:most of you at present means imaginatively) to align or link soul, mind and brain so that there isExternalisation, 179:forces of the planet had no alternative but to align themselves on the side of the alliedExternalisation, 527:great first ray center. The energy which will align and adjust the subsidiary forty-nine Ashrams isFire, 863:with his threefold lower nature: [863] He must align his three bodies so that there is a directFire, 1123:works from that standpoint of power. He has to align these various factors, or energy centers, andFire, 1124:group, only with the exception that he cannot align the knowledge petals in the two inner groups,Magic, 456:as follows: Know the true meaning of meditation. Align with facility the soul, the mind and theMeditation, 6:much discipline and many lives of effort to align the two at the same time. When that is done, theMeditation, 10:1. It enables a man to contact the Ego and to align the three lower bodies. 2. It puts a man intoMeditation, 198:true use of rhythmic movement the effect is to align the three lower vehicles with the causalMeditation, 202:qualification required will be the capacity to align with the higher, and to cooperate with all thePsychology2, 373:time comes when he can take his stand and there align himself with all visions, all forms of truth,
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