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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ALIGNED

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Astrology, 169:Capricorn stand wide open, being then occultly aligned. Astrology, 291:of consciousness in the form so that it becomes aligned to or closely related to Their Own. AllAstrology, 291:first the form, gradually prepared, adjusted, aligned and oriented during many aeons of time;Astrology, 557:development until the man stands forth as an aligned person, slowly reorienting himself to a higherAstrology, 649:initiates. Of these our Earth is one but being aligned in a peculiar fashion with certain spheresAutobiography, 292:the war (1914-1945) the Arcane School officially aligned itself with the purpose of the AlliedDiscipleship1, 172:focused in the mind nature. This means an aligned personality with the focus of the attention inDiscipleship1, 176:do God's will. The two aspects of yourself - the aligned personality and the attentive soul - willDiscipleship1, 190:so that you can present to your soul an aligned and clear channel through which spiritual force mayDiscipleship1, 190:and balance your unfoldment. With heart and head aligned, the healing force can flow with powerDiscipleship1, 193:friend and brother, that the more disciples are aligned and coordinated, the greater will be theirDiscipleship1, 193:to hold the mind steady in the light and aligned with the brain. 1st month - May the light of theDiscipleship1, 200:free analysis. This group of disciples is more aligned, and integrated, than it was and if thisDiscipleship1, 269:can usually be met by the technique of an aligned personality and in your case this is particularlyDiscipleship1, 270:the personality. Understand the technique of an aligned personality, for the extremity of theDiscipleship1, 383:your earthly life will start with that aligned attitude which will permit of early illumination.Discipleship1, 457:and tested and the trials which are applied to aligned personalities have been applied to you. TheDiscipleship2, 7:because the individual group units are aligned and rightly adjusted. Why is it necessary for theDiscipleship2, 122:in which the heart and the ajna center become aligned and related. This stage is omitted from theDiscipleship2, 177:spiritual man might be correctly oriented and aligned, and thus present no obstacle to the inflowDiscipleship2, 184:Spiritual Triad. When these have been correctly aligned and the resultant integrity has beenDiscipleship2, 400:history the initiate is completely [400] aligned and can function straight through from the headEducation, 13:presence felt when soul and mind and brain are aligned and coordinated. Flashes of insight andExternalisation, 270:in the ancient scriptures Shamballa) - are aligned and en rapport with each other. There will thenExternalisation, 273:kingdom of God). When these two are more closely aligned and related, light will break out amongFire, 57:that when the spinal column is duly adjusted and aligned, and when the spleen is freed fromFire, 365:any scheme such as the fifth, for instance, are aligned or connected esoterically with the secondFire, 1134:of the personality is reached, and the vehicles aligned, we have: The energy of the mental unit -Fire, 1151:are grouped in the Hierarchical records as "the aligned points of fire." They are distinguished byFire, 1163:towards the close of manifestation will become aligned in the same way as the center at the base ofFire, 1175:initiates. Of these our earth is one, but being aligned in a peculiar fashion with certain spheresFire, 1179:ascertained by the student of meditation who is aligned with his Ego, and in touch with his egoicGlamour, 54:This contact opens up from the moment a man has aligned himself and brought the lower nature intoHealing, 88:body is the transmitter (when active and rightly aligned) of soul energy and this soul energy,Healing, 602:The rule here requires that the healer, having aligned himself with the soul and "tapped" soulHealing, 621:of the Christ were rightly adjusted, correctly aligned, truly awakened and functioning, andIntellect, 223:we picture to ourselves the threefold lower man, aligned or in direct communication with the soul.Magic, 108:and the base of the spine are geometrically aligned and certain developments then become possible.Magic, 291:but that these same personalities, purified and aligned, can be transmitters of the energies of theMagic, 422:when the triplicity of soul-mind-brain are all aligned in the individual and when each aspect of itMagic, 422:relation, but as yet the lowest aspect of this aligned and linking triangle, the physical brain,Magic, 493:all three, because he has coordinated or aligned the soul, the mind, and the brain and is thereforeMeditationfundamentally those whose three lower bodies are aligned; that is to say, those whose mental bodyMeditationand when the three above mentioned bodies are aligned with the body of the Higher Self, the causalMeditation, 3:mind, and the three lower vehicles thus become aligned. The vibrations of the abstract levels canMeditation, 4:by vibration reciprocal to that of the [4] Ego, aligned itself sufficiently to form a fairlyMeditation, 4:the basic note of matter, the major third of the aligned Personality, the dominant fifth of theMeditation, 6:Where the emotional body may be momentarily aligned, then the mental body acts as an obstruction,Meditation, 11:emotional and mental planes (when dominated, aligned and functioning simultaneously in the sameMeditation, 59:and each meditation should see the man more aligned, should disperse some of the matter of lowMeditation, 82:purified. Each body has to be readjusted and aligned. Each body has to be subjected toMeditation, 197:distorted or misplaced, or they may be correctly aligned and put in touch with the causal. This isMeditation, 200:numbers of the human race are more directly aligned with the egoic body, you will see theMeditation, 201:and the formulation of His intentions. Having aligned their bodies and made the necessary funnel,Meditation, 295:into his three lower bodies, when he has aligned them with the body egoic (even if only for a briefMeditation, 330:as the deva, and where all his bodies will be so aligned and adjusted that he can at the end of aPatanjali, 109:functioning adequately and the lower bodies are aligned upon it, producing a direct channel ofPatanjali, 181:or of posture as they relate to the triple aligned and coordinated lower man, remembering that itPatanjali, 284:his own plane, the mind, and the brain, are all aligned and coordinated via the sutratma, thread orPsychology1, 345:is free interplay of energies and a straight aligned channel between the various aspects ofPsychology1, 402:of the three bodies, which constitute - when aligned and functioning in unison - the personality.Psychology2, 87:(integrated and separative) or of souls (aligned and group-conscious). Here is the major divergencePsychology2, 112:respond to the Plan, so does this group of aligned souls come into contact with certain greaterPsychology2, 114:in the hands of those scattered but spiritually aligned men and women whom we call the New Group ofPsychology2, 343:with that Self. A period wherein the forms, aligned at increasingly frequent intervals, arePsychology2, 345:turn - as a functioning soul and body, united, aligned and used - becomes gradually aware of aPsychology2, 354:Slowly and laboriously, using every power of his aligned personality and, in his realizedPsychology2, 362:of a continuity of consciousness, within the aligned forms. Therefore we begin with alignment inPsychology2, 366:now begin His real work when the personality is aligned, the crisis recognized, and thePsychology2, 376:inflow of power, of energy from both the aligned points, from both directions, converging upon him,Psychology2, 691:each other, and when the three groups can be aligned, even momentarily, much can be accomplished;Psychology2, 697:respond to the Plan, so does this group of aligned souls come into contact with certain greaterRays, 62:the basic note of matter, the major third of the aligned personality, the dominant fifth of theRays, 73:soul light as it is perceived by the attuned and aligned personality. That too is left behind, andRays, 473:Hierarchy, and Humanity. These are now closely aligned, thus producing a fusion of energies whichRays, 509:by the two ray qualities, and it is held stably aligned in the light of the Spiritual Triad - notTelepathy, 7:[7] is the man, in exoteric expression, who has aligned his brain, his mind, and his soul. Telepathy, 8:attuned to the soul; that they are also so aligned that the soul, mind and brain are coordinated
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