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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ALIGNMENT

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Astrology, 197:that the divine [197] necessity of achieving alignment is portrayed for us in the symbolism of theAstrology, 298:active, you have the establishing of that "inner alignment and attitude which forces open the DoorAstrology, 301:Saturn The Sun Uranus Neptune As the above alignment corresponds to a very high stage ofAstrology, 376:the establishing of a peculiar relation or alignment between the constellation, Taurus (with itsAstrology, 376:constellation, Taurus (with its own, specific alignment with the Pleiades and Great Bear) theAstrology, 440:- if correctly effected - that which is called alignment or integration, resulting in a far freerAstrology, 657:of the connection and the accuracy of the alignment between any particular Heavenly Man and HisAstrology, 680:advent was brought about by a definite systemic alignment which involved: The Venus scheme of theAstrology, 681:own scheme, the Earth scheme. Owing to systemic alignment logoic kundalini could flow through aAtom, 136:means the putting of oneself in direct conscious alignment with one's Ego, or higher self, and notAutobiography, 267:the light, love and power of the soul. Through alignment, concentration and meditation, heAutobiography, 275:of people throughout the world meditate, make alignment and arrive at soul contact and knowledge.Autobiography, 277:with its techniques, and its various stages (alignment, concentration, meditation, contemplation,Destiny, 140:expression and renewed spiritual life. Planetary alignment can take place and this is a plannedDiscipleship1, 10:and alive and have achieved a certain measure of alignment. So it is with all of you in my group.Discipleship1, 11:quickly through the stages of concentration, alignment and meditation to contemplation. HavingDiscipleship1, 13:after you have worked at and brought about an alignment with your soul. The reason that it isDiscipleship1, 13:that it is essential that you link up after alignment is that you can then avoid the glamors andDiscipleship1, 28:recognition of the soul and the reflective alignment of soul and personality which will determineDiscipleship1, 36:of the mental plane. This involves complete alignment, so that soul-mind-brain are completelyDiscipleship1, 41:becomes: At-one-ment with his group brothers. Alignment with his soul and with the inner groupDiscipleship1, 59:or contact with the soul through a cultivated alignment and correct meditation. Rapport or contactDiscipleship1, 61:for you the stages to be followed: STAGE ONE. Alignment. Soul contact. Spiritual poise. Poise isDiscipleship1, 68:your minds and then - if you are capable of such alignment - upon your brains. This process can beDiscipleship1, 68:process can be either rapid or slow. Where the alignment is good, there can be an almost immediateDiscipleship1, 70:patient and the condition of his centers, his alignment and his point in evolution. As yet we areDiscipleship1, 126:is ever to develop a closer and more direct alignment between soul and personality and that is,Discipleship1, 142:incarnation.... Let him work first of all for alignment with his soul and then meditate, for fromDiscipleship1, 159:sensitivity is dependent upon a perfected alignment and the other upon the right seizure ofDiscipleship1, 159:can best be described by the following words: Alignment. Dedication. Directed thought. RecognitionDiscipleship1, 167:from every soul which has sought and found alignment. Fan those flames into a steady fire in everyDiscipleship1, 171:ray brain. There is, consequently, a direct alignment between soul and brain and this must beDiscipleship1, 172:alignments and in the following order: The alignment of all personality forces with the energy ofDiscipleship1, 172:the focus of the attention in the intellect. The alignment of the personality with the soul. ThisDiscipleship1, 172:- into direct relation with the soul. The alignment of soul and brain. This is brought about byDiscipleship1, 173:is to work at a more instantaneous and definite alignment. To this end, you will find, at the closeDiscipleship1, 174:have given you a meditation which makes this alignment it major objective. Also, in order toDiscipleship1, 174:to search for all that I may have said regarding alignment in my various books. Will you write themDiscipleship1, 174:will you write a paper on the nature of true alignment. In this way, you will stabilize your ownDiscipleship1, 175:especially. You have worked for some time at the alignment of the personality. This directedDiscipleship1, 176:to incorporate them into the meditation upon alignment which I earlier gave to you, you will gainDiscipleship1, 181:it. A word upon which I seek to lay stress is alignment. You need to develop a straight and directDiscipleship1, 181:of experience. You have already brought about an alignment between the mind and the brain. TheDiscipleship1, 181:the mind and the brain. The higher needed alignment has been much bettered and you need not work soDiscipleship1, 182:the O.M. three times as a personality, achieving alignment; then sound it three times as the soul,Discipleship1, 192:the simple, and apparently elementary, stage of alignment. The work of watching each day your useDiscipleship1, 192:use of energy, and your meditation practice in alignment will produce in you a greatly increasedDiscipleship1, 192:in you a greatly increased efficiency. Your alignment is weak. Your motives are all that could beDiscipleship1, 192:human relations. But your coordination and your alignment are not good. The coordination factor isDiscipleship1, 192:- mental, emotional and physical - whilst the alignment factor is related to the control by yourDiscipleship1, 192:the astral body. Here is the weak place in your alignment. When you are mentally alert, which isDiscipleship1, 192:up and there is what one might call a momentary alignment. But the moment your mental activityDiscipleship1, 192:the mental nature remaining outside the lower alignment. I told you earlier that you could work asDiscipleship1, 193:and coordination. In the production of alignment during meditation, I will ask you to do theDiscipleship1, 194:the symbol on the physical plane of your inner alignment. Discipleship1, 194:thoughts. Your coordination is better, but your alignment is still weak. One of the objectives,Discipleship1, 220:in the light of the soul through the practice of alignment. You must realize: The soul is light.Discipleship1, 221:shineth in a dark place. [221] Make a conscious alignment then of the vehicles with the soul,Discipleship1, 227:would suggest the following: Meditation Work: 1. Alignment with the soul and a definite consciousDiscipleship1, 230:Meditation Work: Give five minutes to alignment consciously achieved and to the withdrawing of yourDiscipleship1, 248:in the etheric body. Here is the meditation: Alignment with the soul, to be carried forward asDiscipleship1, 251:soul contact and by bringing about a more stable alignment. Learn to think always in terms of theDiscipleship1, 253:The focusing of attention in the head. [253] Alignment of the bodies through correct and supervisedDiscipleship1, 259:upon the physical [259] plane, of an established alignment between my first ray soul, my fourth rayDiscipleship1, 259:therefore, the following meditation: Achieve alignment, conscious fusion and stability. ThenDiscipleship1, 261:door to the astral plane. Make a short, quick alignment with the soul. Know yourself to be, inDiscipleship1, 288:more dynamically and with a more instantaneous alignment and its consequent results. Seek duringDiscipleship1, 294:be developed. The bringing about of a better alignment would also release more fully the love ofDiscipleship1, 294:in fact. This release of love will come through alignment, decentralization from the things of theDiscipleship1, 294:starting to definite work in order to produce alignment. See to it that, as far as you may, youDiscipleship1, 298:in the light." This will involve renewed work in alignment, and in the conscious refocusing of theDiscipleship1, 298:soul, seeking identification with that soul. The alignment usually carried forward is that of theDiscipleship1, 308:I seek to see you bring about a more rapid alignment and a more dynamic intensification of yourDiscipleship1, 308:of the will, see three things occur: complete alignment, definite integration with the personality,Discipleship1, 309:Having done this, repeat rapidly the process of alignment given in points 1, 2, 3, and then sinkDiscipleship1, 309:for integration. 3rd month - The technique of alignment. 4th month - The inspiration of theDiscipleship1, 334:entire personality and also facilitating soul alignment; it can also be a closer contact, a tuningDiscipleship1, 340:linking up soul and brain. Your objective in alignment will then be the mind, linked with the soulDiscipleship1, 342:is not yet a pure channel; nor is your alignment and your inner adjustment to the soul yetDiscipleship1, 345:exercises. Endeavor to clarify and deepen your alignment between the personality and the soul. Discipleship1, 346:you, I suggest the meditation outlined below. Alignment. Achieved consciously and as rapidly asDiscipleship1, 358:be careful exercise in an elementary stage - the alignment of the soul and brain, via the mind.Discipleship1, 358:After you have worked for a few minutes at right alignment then: [359] At your morning meditationDiscipleship1, 364:following suggested meditation. After effective alignment and the centering of the consciousness inDiscipleship1, 372:later, I shall see a pronounced change - full alignment and heightened radiance. I would ask you toDiscipleship1, 374:which I here outline... Then seek brain-mind alignment with the soul and see the love of your soulDiscipleship1, 405:the soul, remembering that, as you achieve this alignment and contact, the soul has its major pointDiscipleship1, 418:a one-pointed driving forward to a quick alignment and entering into the light. As regards the restDiscipleship1, 429:of spiritual insulation, after a brief alignment and dedication, and that throughout the day youDiscipleship1, 453:first of all, to achieve as stable a measure of alignment as you can, to raise your consciousnessDiscipleship1, 456:for the next few months at strengthening your alignment, linking consciously brain-mind-soul, andDiscipleship1, 459:and which will help you to gain a more perfect alignment and the further release of the innerDiscipleship1, 468:prior to the group meditation. After achieving alignment, inner poise and rest, see each of yourDiscipleship1, 489:and holding each day a very steady and felt alignment. If you achieve this each morning with powerDiscipleship1, 533:and that, therefore, through the right alignment and the discipline of the personality, will thatDiscipleship1, 533:be the guarantee of the effectiveness of your alignment and the success of your meditation. BeforeDiscipleship1, 542:to Disciples - R.L.U. SUGGESTED MEDITATION Alignment. Focus attention in the mind nature to theDiscipleship1, 544:all the preliminary stages and - after a rapid alignment - take one of the symbolic phrases andDiscipleship1, 550:and a hope. The way to that knowledge is through alignment. Direct knowledge of your fellowmen, soDiscipleship1, 568:direct contact with your soul through a focused alignment and the understanding and effective use
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