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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ALIGNMENT

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Externalisation, 538:completed by May, 1946. Then the task of the new alignment with humanity will be started and theExternalisation, 540:of the work to be done - to establish a closer alignment between the inner Ashrams and the outerExternalisation, 540:the burden of the outer world service; this alignment has also to be extended between seniorExternalisation, 540:time. This success has been proven by the alignment for direct interplay of the three majorExternalisation, 567:in direct and unimpeded relation, for today the alignment is correct and adjusted for the firstExternalisation, 604:distribution of love, and come into conscious alignment with the great potency of the inner groups.Fire, 106:column (which in so many is out of accurate alignment), its position in the back is apt to beFire, 207:fourth-dimensional effect, due primarily to the alignment of the inner subtler vortices with theFire, 207:the comparatively exoteric etheric centers. This alignment is brought about eventually atFire, 299:in number, and it took a moment of mysterious alignment between a globe, its corresponding chainFire, 349:Along with this juxtaposition came a similar alignment with one of the Pleiades, permitting ofFire, 362:afforded our planetary Logos through the alignment brought about. It eventuates in the turning ofFire, 362:in order again, thus bringing about another alignment of very grave moment. This carries with itFire, 362:in order. This brings about a still further alignment. Add to the above facts the acceptedFire, 362:this is the fourth round and we have a fivefold alignment which is of paramount significance to usFire, 362:What have we, therefore, in this special cyclic alignment? [363] A solar system of the fourthFire, 363:and all therefore bring about a simultaneous alignment which results in the clearing of a channelFire, 386:advent was brought about by a definite systemic alignment which involved: The Venus scheme of theFire, 387:the Earth scheme. Owing to systemic [387] alignment logoic kundalini could flow through a certainFire, 430:sense through all lesser correspondences. The alignment will be as follows: The fourth cosmicFire, 499:with a consequent reaction, repolarization and alignment of His body of manifestation. Under theFire, 549:astral, and mental - can be brought into direct alignment with their higher center of force, andFire, 757:who has brought all the three lower bodies into alignment, and necessitates the unfolding of theFire, 775:In this case there is now the possibility of the alignment of the three bodies which will later beFire, 862:to the age of the soul. As yet, through lack of alignment, this egoic force does not reach theFire, 885:purity (in all the three bodies), and upon the alignment of those bodies so that the flow of forceFire, 928:Lack of sustained will or concentration, Lack of alignment with the Ego, A weakness of coordinationFire, 957:in two divisions: first, the initial process of alignment with the Ego, so that the plan, purposeFire, 959:energy. [959] Let us take them one by one: a. Alignment with the Ego This, as we know, is onlyFire, 960:in thought-form building. In the early stages of alignment, it has to be concisely and carefullyFire, 960:will not then be given to the attainment of alignment. Accurate alignment entails, MentalFire, 960:given to the attainment of alignment. Accurate alignment entails, Mental quiescence, or stableFire, 960:force to the physical brain via the center. 88 Alignment: See Letters on Occult Meditation, pp.Fire, 960:possible when two things are realized: Direct alignment. The transmission of the egoic energy orFire, 963:produced by the other two. When, therefore, the alignment is corrected, and the physical headFire, 964:the physical head centers are awakened (through alignment of the etheric centers) we have the veryFire, 967:[967] The state of his bodies and their egoic alignment. The condition of activity present in theFire, 997:magician is ever one who, through conscious alignment with his Ego, with his "Angel," is receptiveFire, 1004:and women who have brought about a condition of alignment with the Ego, and are, therefore, inFire, 1015:and will give the clue to the necessity of egoic alignment, and to the problem of the extinction ofFire, 1025:stages of concretion) must see to it that his alignment with the Ego is just and unimpeded, and theFire, 1052:of the connection and the accuracy of the alignment between any particular Heavenly Man and HisFire, 1098:about through meditation that mental control and alignment which will result in stabilization, andFire, 1100:will complete the sacred nine." The specific alignment, interplay or free circulation of forceFire, 1102:of its own, which - until a certain amount of alignment has been achieved during evolution - livesFire, 1103:the personality (thus producing stability, and alignment) is brought about through the scientificFire, 1124:the process of bringing about a uniform alignment, and a conscious appreciation of the vibratoryFire, 1126:subject. I would like to enumerate the lines of alignment of the [1127] third group whichFire, 1128:of Synthetic Motion 1. Introductory Remarks on Alignment The effects of the synthetic activity ofFire, 1128:deals with some aspects of that very necessary alignment which must take place prior to fullFire, 1129:are of the main importance where [1129] egoic alignment is concerned, and their vital force onlyFire, 1129:To summarize therefore: we have perfected alignment just as soon as the following factors have beenFire, 1131:point where he has produced a certain measure of alignment through self-induced and continuousFire, 1131:effort. He is then taught how to utilize that alignment, and how to manipulate energy consciouslyFire, 1132:bear in mind, that we are considering synthetic alignment in connection with the second aspect, andFire, 1149:be borne in mind that (for a disciple) direct alignment with the Ego via the centers and theFire, 1153:considering the transmission of energy through alignment and through the forming of certainFire, 1153:schemes owing to the bringing about of a cosmic alignment. It is the bringing in of this terrificFire, 1154:activity based upon three causes: Logoic alignment, The taking of a logoic Initiation, The actionFire, 1165:which constitutes the different grades of alignment, for it must never be forgotten by studentsFire, 1165:that all that manifests is a sphere, and alignment really consists in unimpeded communicationFire, 1173:knowledge, His own Higher Self, so as to produce alignment and illumination, His Guru, That whichGlamour, 36:of the soul. If the disciple can make right alignment and consequent contact with his soul, theGlamour, 37:of his ancient and distorting emotional miasmas. Alignment, contact with his soul, and thenGlamour, 38:the time when the group can be trained in group alignment, group contact and group steadfastness.Glamour, 43:might be expressed in illustration thus: Through alignment and subsequent contact, the intuition isGlamour, 43:the brain to the heart of the disciple. Through alignment and subsequent contact, the energy of theGlamour, 52:the desire to serve and to love, he achieves alignment. He becomes then aware of the results of hisGlamour, 52:demanding recognition. As he does so, his alignment is steadily impaired; his contact lessens andGlamour, 54:task of intelligent service. [54] Made his soul alignment consciously and easily, and firmlyGlamour, 55:still self-centered, the contact feeble and the alignment uncertain. The ideas are therefore onlyGlamour, 57:the three aspects of the personality, and the alignment established between soul-mind-brain. This,Glamour, 89:our use of a similar process under the term "alignment" when dealing with the work of meditationGlamour, 89:orientation. Mental direction. Personality alignment. These are all attempts to express the processGlamour, 90:Animal kingdom Illusion. 4. Personality alignment Human kingdom The Dweller on the Threshold. TheseGlamour, 179:preliminary steps for which the practice of alignment should have prepared the student of theGlamour, 209:This process of focusing is undertaken through alignment and by the effort to bring to a point ofGlamour, 216:The recognition of two aspects of preparedness: Alignment of the personality, so that the threeGlamour, 220:the searchlight of the mind. [220] A process of alignment and of recognized integration. AGlamour, 231:- O M - OM The processes of individual and group alignment and integration can now be regarded asGlamour, 235:the dissipation of glamor. Preparedness through alignment and integration. This is the productionGlamour, 237:Unification of the three lights. The process of alignment and of recognized integration. TheHealing, 7:to him: The power of his own soul; this involves alignment through individual meditation. ThoseHealing, 12:Disease appears where there is a lack of alignment between these various factors, the soul and theHealing, 13:in all kingdoms are full of inharmony and out of alignment with the indwelling life. Disease andHealing, 32:following: All disease is disharmony and lack of alignment and control. Disease is found in all theHealing, 103:the will, after making your own quick, conscious alignment, link up as a soul with the souls ofHealing, 158:related to the personality when the process of alignment with the soul is being mastered. ThisHealing, 158:the Hierarchy automatically takes place as this alignment goes forward and direct soul contact isHealing, 160:shall have [160] the first indications of soul alignment, of personality decentralization and ofHealing, 161:via the soul, because that disciple, through alignment and contact, has put his heart into closeHealing, 241:the yoga of the future, through meditation and alignment and right practices, the centers will beHealing, 329:the production of definite organization and alignment. Soul healing supersedes the three aboveHealing, 351:of the Law of Karma. The soul, through alignment, enters into a right use of time; or rather theHealing, 360:distribution of love, and come into conscious alignment with the greater potency of the innerHealing, 373:healing agency, Mental and faith healing, Soul alignment and contact, and many other processes andHealing, 545:humanity is becoming more direct and unimpeded. Alignment is being brought about. You can seeHealing, 545:life of the healer must be laid upon contact and alignment, and why so few succeed. There is littleHealing, 549:which - if correctly functioning and in right alignment - will preserve the physical body in goodHealing, 556:to learn in connection with himself: Rapid alignment between soul, mind, head center and physical
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