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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ALIGNMENT

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Healing, 557:contact, first of all; the constant practice of alignment, and the comprehension of the Science ofHealing, 620:column is the physical symbol of that essential alignment which is the immediate goal of directedHealing, 620:unimpeded relationship; this is another name for alignment. It is therefore the establishment of aHealing, 621:upon your mental reaction to the produced alignment, on the satisfaction you acquire from such anHealing, 621:on the satisfaction you acquire from such an alignment, in which you register a new world or worldsHealing, 621:and as esoterically desirable) are correct alignment, right relationship, and clear channels forHealing, 648:to the soul. When the healer (through practiced alignment) has linked up with his soul, he thenHealing, 651:healer. This presupposes an advanced stage of alignment and of concentration and will [652]Healing, 653:to the healer's capacity to avail himself of alignment and recognized contact will be the qualityHealing, 657:and has nothing more to do but to hold his soul alignment steady and permit nothing to disturb hisInitiation, 202:and the problem of working harmoniously in group alignment is not so simple as it may appear. EgoicMagic, 60:magician is ever one who, through conscious alignment with his ego, with his "angel", is receptiveMagic, 106:the mind. These four are in complete accord and alignment. When this is the case, the work ofMagic, 109:now all life in the three worlds is illumined. Alignment is produced, the work of discipleship andMagic, 133:of all his three bodies is coordinated and his alignment accomplished. He who has a stable mentalMagic, 214:the soul knows the [214] plan, and when the alignment is right and the attitude correct, the willMagic, 215:as the result of conscious development, right alignment and the inflow of soul life. Then itsMagic, 322:it stable and steady, and to be in such direct alignment that the force and power of the soul mayMagic, 369:of the soul and is realized in the mind, when alignment takes place. Third, bliss, which is theMagic, 415:in the majority, of soul-mind-brain must be in alignment and active. The brain has to beMagic, 422:establishment of three things: Direct conscious alignment between soul-mind-brain. The appearanceMagic, 463:This control is only possible where there is alignment of the brain and mind and soul. Again, it isMagic, 512:and receptive emotional body and that inner alignment which will make his personality a trueMagic, 515:so difficult by the beginner) of making the alignment between soul-mind-brain, of quieting theMagic, 519:is not only that of motive, but also of alignment and the radius of the consciousness and its fieldMagic, 528:vaster a scale, and with such an adequate inner alignment that students such as those who readMeditation Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter I - Alignment of the Ego with the Personality ALIGNMENT OFMeditationI - Alignment of the Ego with the Personality ALIGNMENT OF THE EGO WITH THE PERSONALITY Sunday, MayMeditationmental body holds the other two in circumspect alignment. The mental body, then, is in directMeditationstraight through to the physical brain. When the alignment is fourfold and when the three aboveMeditation, 2:coordinated personality; when the Ego is nearing alignment with the lower bodies, the pineal glandMeditation, 2:between the three centers is perfected, and the alignment of the bodies is geometrically rectified;Meditation, 2:superman. For the average man, then, this alignment occurs only at intervals, - in moments ofMeditation, 2:mentality and contacts the physical brain, then alignment is commencing. [3] Hence the work ofMeditation, 3: Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter I - Alignment of the Ego with the Personality Alignment andMeditation, 3:I - Alignment of the Ego with the Personality Alignment and Vibration Forget not either that it isMeditation, 4: Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter I - Alignment of the Ego with the Personality The Chord ofMeditation, 5: Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter I - Alignment of the Ego with the Personality MicrocosmicMeditation, 5:with the Personality Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Alignment June 2, 1920 This morning, I would touchMeditation, 5:morning, I would touch on the matter of egoic alignment again, showing you, under the Law ofMeditation, 5:physical, emotional and mental planes - is the alignment of his threefold Personality with the bodyMeditation, 6:fluctuating restlessness, is continuously out of alignment. Where the emotional body may beMeditation, 6:the control of the physical brain and its final alignment remain to be effected, so that it may actMeditation, 6:System? An indication I give here. In the direct alignment of certain planets in the process ofMeditation, 6:other and with the Sun comes Logoic or divine alignment. Think this out, but one word of warning IMeditation, 6:I give. Seek not to work out hypotheses of alignment based on the physical planets. The truth liesMeditation, 6:three in etheric matter) enter into the final alignment that marks the [7] attainment by the LogosMeditation, 7:the emotional permanent atom. Further still the alignment may be progressed: - in the alignment ofMeditation, 7:still the alignment may be progressed: - in the alignment of our entire solar system with theMeditation, 8:June 3, 1920 It results in egoic contact and alignment. It brings about a state of equilibrium. ItMeditation, 9:ultimo. Fundamentally, meditation is to assist alignment and so permit of contact with the HigherMeditation, 25:of emotional and physical polarization in alignment. Alignment is now easily achieved between theMeditation, 25:and physical polarization in alignment. Alignment is now easily achieved between the physical andMeditation, 25:bodies. The problem is to bring both under alignment with the mental and later with the egoicMeditation, 53:and centers, and its efficacy in effecting egoic alignment. Meditation, 58:vibration. He should so sound the Word that alignment will [59] be automatically made, and theMeditation, 62:that he is the lower aspect of Deity seeking alignment with the higher. Then let him three timesMeditation, 64:exactitude and thus reach the desired end; his alignment will be perfect, the bodies will be pure,Meditation, 68:physical body. Groups whose purpose is to effect alignment, and to clear the channel betwixt theMeditation, 70:the centers. Their interrelation in the work of alignment. [71] First let me say that certainMeditation, 83:center has to be magnetically linked, in full alignment, with the corresponding centers in theMeditation, 94:in his threefold nature is affected by its alignment or by its lack of alignment. Let us take eachMeditation, 94:is affected by its alignment or by its lack of alignment. Let us take each body separately at firstMeditation, 97:of the Ego, and lead to a coordination and an alignment, to a rounding-out and a symmetricalMeditation, 99:matter and its conscious receptivity. Its alignment with the mental and with the causal bodies. IfMeditation, 99:the mental and with the causal bodies. If this alignment is imperfect (as it so frequently is) itMeditation, 99:of force to undesirable centers. This lack of alignment is the cause of the frequent straying fromMeditation, 99:transmit power from on high, but as the alignment is imperfect the force from those higher levelsMeditation, 103:forced, or is pursued too violently, before the alignment between the higher and lower bodies viaMeditation, 197:having probably a physical manifestation. The alignment of the vehicles is affected, and may beMeditation, 199:on the emotional. When the secret of causal alignment is better grasped, and when groups of peopleMeditation, 202:will start its sessions without the ceremony of alignment, the teacher this time being the focalMeditation, 221:It is necessary to effect this merging and alignment before the transmission of the teaching to theMeditation, 222:accurate. It has a close bearing upon the alignment of the centers. Meditation, 245:in the mental body, and who can study the alignment of all [246] the bodies with the Ego. The groupMeditation, 277:accuracy be brings his three lower bodies into alignment and - with emphasis I reiterate - only asMeditation, 277:and - with emphasis I reiterate - only as alignment is effected is the Master able to work with theMeditation, 320:to have a certain amount of coordination and alignment and the causal body must be of a certainPatanjali, 63:body in its two divisions and its subsequent alignment with the soul via the sutratma or thePatanjali, 226:of the three bodies or sheaths, Their due alignment, The regulation of the rhythm of the sheaths soPatanjali, 232:senses by the sixth sense, the mind. [232] The alignment of the threefold lower man so that thePatanjali, 284:thinking principle and setting up that direct alignment and functioning which is possible when thePatanjali, 353:The seer has achieved the consummation of the alignment process. His triple personal self has beenPatanjali, 368:vehicles form a unit and are at one; complete alignment of the bodies has been achieved and the SonPsychology1, 232:plane on to the mental, and thereby produce alignment and stabilization. We now come to aPsychology1, 327:is dependent upon having produced a peculiar alignment of the personality through aspiration and anPsychology1, 328:and another "caste," ever takes place unless an alignment has been produced between (for instance):Psychology1, 328:is universal in the world. It is when the third alignment has been truly accomplished and when thePsychology1, 406:actively felt, via the astral body, as soon as alignment has been achieved. The process is asPsychology2, 85:function as conscious souls, through definite alignment and at-one-ment. This section will,Psychology2, 112:this contact and learns to make a rapid alignment and then, and only then, can come into touch withPsychology2, 113:or of the mystical tradition. It is not alignment and union with a Master's group, or fusion withPsychology2, 114:of the entire planet. This makes a planetary alignment of great potency. Should the needed work bePsychology2, 134:and who constitute the planetary Hierarchy. When alignment has been effected, when the at-one-mentPsychology2, 189:of the mental plane. This involves complete alignment, so that soul-mind-brain are completelyPsychology2, 192:work the stimulating of the minds of men so that alignment can take place. They act primarily asPsychology2, 195:as it should be followed by those who, through alignment, have made some measure of soul contact.Psychology2, 197:All this involves personality integration and alignment and that magnetic, attractive appeal whichPsychology2, 200:This is the reward of a definitely achieved alignment. These two qualities of the soul - serenityPsychology2, 249:the primary task, therefore, of the artist is alignment, meditation and the focusing of his
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