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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ALLEGIANCE

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Astrology, 485:of mind which will produce an unswerving allegiance to the spiritual values and an unalterableAutobiography, 124:a sacrifice to an angry God, they will lose the allegiance of coming generations - and rightly so.Autobiography, 197:of the School or to any human being. No oaths of allegiance or personal pledges to any individualAutobiography, 290:other organizations and are not expected to owe allegiance to anyone in the Arcane School. ItsAutobiography, 298:pattern, her understanding of religion and her allegiance to the Church of England was set, rigidAutobiography, 301:particularly as to diet and the often fanatical allegiance given to the tidbits of Hatha and LayaDiscipleship1, 88:learn that it is humanity which calls for their allegiance, their loyalty and service. I would askDiscipleship1, 477:difficulty and you have not deviated from your allegiance to your soul. Nor will you. Years ago youDiscipleship2, 230:be done by those groups which claim your present allegiance (i.e., the Arcane School and theDiscipleship2, 238:to this truth the docile masses render prompt allegiance. This is a basic misconception and to itDiscipleship2, 317:will be some exoteric body of men who claim his allegiance and in which he learns group cooperationDiscipleship2, 493:and inclination [493] determine his personal allegiance. This will be true for you too but onlyDiscipleship2, 683:by you, indicates relationship, activity, and an allegiance which will confront you for many lives.Externalisation, 84:group willingness to sacrifice, plus loyalty and allegiance to some directing personality. BehindExternalisation, 114:churches have no longer sufficed to hold the allegiance of the potent, inner, spiritual life;Externalisation, 205:This group in no way interferes with the allegiance and loyalties of any man. It is a bandingExternalisation, 218:are you doing to aid the side which claims your allegiance, loyalty and idealism? Are you governedExternalisation, 262:[262] highest spiritual forces which claim your allegiance, no matter under what name - then thereExternalisation, 370:type of government to which they choose to give allegiance. This will necessarily all take time andExternalisation, 612:those who are not Christian but who retain their allegiance to their Founders - the Buddha,Problems, 133:- behind all human affairs and feel no inner allegiance to any outer ecclesiastical hierarchy. ThePsychology2, 177:easily see why aspirants are taught to pledge allegiance to their Higher Self, and to foreswear allPsychology2, 747:with the government or state to which they owe allegiance or loyalty. This does not mean endorsingReappearance, 60:those who are not Christian but who retain their allegiance to Their Founders - the Buddha,Reappearance, 145:to God The second truth to which all give allegiance - no matter what the faith - is that of man's
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