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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ALLIANCE

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Astrology, 674:and the other in a negative) caused a planetary alliance. Light flashed forth." (C. F. 323) "TheAutobiography, 294:and as something with which they must have no alliance. Much harm has been done by those schools ofDiscipleship1, 322:that you have. Your brain and soul have close alliance. A high grade astral body acts oft as aExternalisation, 248:attempt to frustrate the activities of the evil alliance which you may find in your environment; itFire, 323:the working out of an old debt and a planetary alliance. Light flashed forth [324] in Lemurian daysFire, 329:On the buddhic plane definite and permanent alliance may be seen. On this plane also the "devas ofFire, 396:and of mystical geometry, has been studied, and alliance has been made between these two sciences,Fire, 407:to be known before the end of this round, and alliance will be made between the fourth CreativeFire, 416:the seven solar systems, and in this mysterious alliance is hidden the mystery of the moon chain.Fire, 442:levels of the physical plane works in close alliance with Him and this will be apparent if we bearFire, 498:if sought for and found, will bring into close alliance all of these factors till they are blendedFire, 555:nerve reactions of the physical frame, and their alliance with the brain consciousness. As will beFire, 595:devotion and the sixth law of love have a close alliance, and on the sixth plane comes the powerfulFire, 784:in the planetary and systemic body, and the alliance between mind and heart which is hidden in theGlamour, 255:it can be gathered that only when there is an alliance between breathing and thinking will resultsHealing, 622:is anchored in the heart, after passing (in alliance with the consciousness thread) into andMeditation, 207:of the second Aspect. Blue, because of its alliance with indigo and its relationship to the auricMeditation, 220:in the first solar system, and continue their alliance here. I have opened up for all true studentsMeditation, 290:psychic faculty develops, though there is an alliance between the two, but I speak of a definitePsychology1, 68:Essential Life The One Who produces Alliance The Three-sided Triangle The Illuminator of the LotusPsychology1, 71:family is concerned, for there is a numerical alliance between the fourth ray, the fourth CreativeReappearance, 96:Buddha for humanity is nearly over, and His long alliance with the race of men has nearly come to
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