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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ALMOST

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Psychology2, 448:Hierarchy of the planet. It has been the almost unconscious recognition of these cleavages and ofPsychology2, 450:frequent and - from [450] the time angle - of almost regular occurrence. But this is not the casePsychology2, 471:and they are only partial interpretations, being almost in the nature of distortions of the realPsychology2, 471:well-meaning aspirants. Many fine people are almost flattered when they are "up against" somePsychology2, 481:negative, receptive subject. In this state of almost sublimated awareness to the insistent demandsPsychology2, 525:a measure that the effect of the transference is almost negligible. This period is a long and veryPsychology2, 531:instincts of the human nature; the result is an almost pathological interest in the symbolism ofPsychology2, 535:to that point the incoming energy will almost automatically flow. The awakening of the ajna centerPsychology2, 539:resistance; they, therefore, begin to function almost exclusively through that center. This can bePsychology2, 578:the struggling disciple will be left to fight almost single-handed. If this cannot be done, theyPsychology2, 578:and prematurely assume proportions which are almost uncontrollable. This happened on a large scalePsychology2, 598:and leads to points of crisis and moments of almost intolerable difficulty in the history of thePsychology2, 609:ajna centers). This radiance can at times seem almost too bright to be borne. The extension of thePsychology2, 619:of the group members. Group leaders can be almost annihilated by the personality love of people.Psychology2, 702:a step forward that was unprecedented (I had almost said, unexpected) in its experience. This wasPsychology2, 703:we find the interlude with which we have been almost distressingly familiar. You may have been ledPsychology2, 703:a sense of disappointment, a reaction which was almost equivalent, in some cases, to loss of faith,Psychology2, 704:the approaching helpers more difficult and draw almost unnecessarily upon their spiritualPsychology2, 706:This conflict now amounts in the material sense almost to an impasse. The results of soul contactsPsychology2, 706:stages to a flexibility of response, amounting almost to instability, and producing constant changePsychology2, 707:of the human form. The art of today is as yet almost a childish attempt to express the world ofRays, 16:movement, thus prostituting and bringing down almost into the realm of cheap comedy one of the mostRays, 26:The words of these rules would seem to be almost tritely familiar. If they meant exactly what theyRays, 72:impersonality, which seems to him to be almost a form of aloofness and which in no way feeds in himRays, 73:withdrawing himself and by much unnecessary and almost obtrusive silence. He learns to penetrateRays, 191:or instruction. The aid of the group is invoked almost in the form of an order. The point of thisRays, 191:are now raging and running wild; their effect is almost tangible (being in etheric substance) andRays, 211:need and with the service he can render, and - almost inadvertently, as it were - desire dies ofRays, 293:you will discover that primarily (I might add almost necessarily) they center around yourselves,Rays, 335:in Shamballa. There the life aspect is being almost violently stimulated through the action of theRays, 359:conditioned by a previous solar system, and is almost automatic in its response to ethericRays, 368:the center of creativity is affected, and I had almost said guarded, by the "center which we callRays, 374:which He has attracted to Himself, the disciple almost inevitably thinks in terms of "my Master andRays, 436:psychic go wrong, for their interpretation is almost always fundamentally in error, and it takesRays, 479:the work now to be done, and to convey to you an almost visual concept of the method whereby manRays, 490:work, then it goes forward successfully and almost automatically. This he does through the power ofRays, 550:and one which is today in a condition of almost violent activity, owing to its becoming a focus ofRays, 554:welfare and human planning; as a result, and almost immediately, the men of goodwill everywhere inRays, 610:life, producing crises and tensions, sometimes almost past endurance; they indicate neverthelessRays, 624:It was this immaturity and this misguided and almost childish ambition which set the Principle ofRays, 628:leaders; the southern states are, however, almost unbelievably degenerated and deluded. RememberRays, 629:is between a love of freedom which amounts almost to irresponsibility and license, and a growingRays, 644:of the three worlds which he has viewed almost entirely from the angle of meaning. Now itsRays, 683:be brought, first of all, into a condition of almost violent and compelling activity. This activityReappearance, 38:moment for which He has so patiently waited has almost arrived; the "end of the age" to which HeReappearance, 53:of Gethsemane. Then His will - in agony and almost despair - was submerged in that of the Father.Reappearance, 124:critical mind; the word has gone forth almost unanimously that both of them have failed in theirSoul, 16:and cold facts of modern science. It is almost as if mankind were standing before the curtain in aSoul, 25:Western mechanistic psychologist is, therefore, almost impregnably strong, for it is based uponSoul, 26:the criticism which emerges immediately is the almost exclusive consideration that the WesternSoul, 62:parts, etc... would be further able, since it is almost certain that this substance removes andSoul, 118:and fibril, are, on the other hand, even now almost unknown. And so it has been admitted that inSoul, 122:the navel is often treated as more central and almost more essential to the organism than theSoul, 137:the corresponding nervous disturbance is almost entirely in the sympathetic system. In moreSoul, 138:sense-organ. Any [138] nervous action set up is almost exclusively in the cerebro-spinal system.Telepathy, 66:to the scarcely discernible reactions (invisible almost even to the eye of the seer) of theTelepathy, 69:Law of Imminence or of occult prevision which is almost unrecognizable and indefinable by advancedTelepathy, 99:of emotional sensitivity is peculiarly and almost unnaturally strong. It is stronger than theTelepathy, 118:words because this concept is of an importance almost beyond human comprehension, and because itsTelepathy, 154:Basis of Non-Separateness The word "prana" is almost as much misunderstood as are the wordsTelepathy, 173:aura. Instead of the word "frequently" I had almost said "usually," because that would be moreTelepathy, 193:the student enough upon which to ponder (I had almost said upon which to puzzle). The one important
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