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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ALONGSIDE

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Discipleship1, 739:I then move forward with those who are serving alongside of me without criticism and with silence?Discipleship2, 369:must always be established by you mentally, alongside that of the revelation itself. I would askEducation, 106:and philanthropic effort is at its height, alongside of the cruelties, hatreds and abnormalitiesExternalisation, 391:and events has never been so potent. Alongside of this material activity of humanity is to be foundExternalisation, 671:the individual and the national cultures, alongside a universal civilization and a worldwide systemHealing, 399:upon a large scale. This means the recognition, alongside of the ancient fear, of an unconquerableIntellect, 22:the culture of the individual can proceed alongside the civilizing, through education, of theIntellect, 42:conditions found throughout the Orient, alongside the highest spiritual illumination of the favoredMagic, 306:he looks at his personality and ranges it up alongside the work to be done, and the quality of theMagic, 486:of sufficient stability and wisdom goes alongside. But it is not thus with a physical plane fact.Problems, 27:difficulty at this time is that they must do it alongside of the strict fulfiling of theirProblems, 104:the entire blame and end the difficulty. Alongside of this, one must place the long and sorry storyRays, 144:inherent radiance repels evil. But They "move alongside the evil to which all lesser forms areRays, 488:is being built, this awareness must be present alongside the intention of the personality.
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