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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ALTERED

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Astrology, 9:This position and presentation of truth must be altered. In esoteric astrology we are, therefore,Astrology, 140:and attained under the old influences are not altered. They have "determined" his nature and fixedAtom, 49:work and mode of living will be fundamentally altered. The point of view of the medical world, forAutobiography, 15:work. I am very proud of her. I have never altered in my affection for her and should she ever readAutobiography, 47:cycle in my life and that it completely altered all my attitudes. What happened to me during thatAutobiography, 153:Once that has been proven, the situation is altered. The physical disciplines are a phase ofAutobiography, 225:and the whole tone and quality of the place altered. Some of them were most undesirable and theAutobiography, 281:principles are unchanging and will never be altered; if they are altered, then the Arcane SchoolAutobiography, 281:and will never be altered; if they are altered, then the Arcane School will no longer serve itsBethlehem, 101:in the aspirant, so that for ever after he is altered and different. An initiation takes placeBethlehem, 232:theology gave a turn to interpretation, and so altered the Gospel of love into a cult ofDiscipleship1by me as most unsuitable choices but later I altered my point of view and recognized that a wiserDiscipleship1, 314:His attitude to life and affairs is basically altered. His whole inner life tendency becomes thatDiscipleship1, 586:have been, shall we say, for all this can now be altered) of this combination of two first rayDiscipleship2, 168:and goals will be changed and his life will be altered and made spiritually useful. "As a manDiscipleship2, Esoter:of the work which should be done will have to be altered for reasons which I am confident you willDiscipleship2, 555:as strong as it has ever been; it is in no wise altered. Because of the very real progress you haveDiscipleship2, 628:periods wherein the pattern of a daily life is altered, there is a temporary loss of time and ofDiscipleship2, 689:with a truly perceptive attention - which, if altered or developed, discarded or intensified, wouldDiscipleship2, 706:angle of what you would like to change or see altered? Changes mean nothing unless they are theEducation, 128:of birth and social status. This has entirely altered the aspect of affairs and the first group,Externalisation, 115:static and eternal; if the old order never altered and the old values were never transmuted intoExternalisation, Esoter:Italy, Spain and Portugal, all of whom have altered their ancient policies, changed their forms ofExternalisation, Esoter:and who (during the past 150 years) have altered the character of their national life, andExternalisation, Esoter:changes in their day and generation and altered the face of Europe, incidentally affecting Asia andExternalisation, 300:This divine quality Christ revealed, and thus altered all human living and human goals. At thatExternalisation, 543:purpose down the ages, each of which uniquely altered the point of view and the pattern of livingExternalisation, 668:rhythm of international thinking has to be altered, and that constitutes a slow and arduous task;Externalisation, 674:substantial energies on matter will be radically altered because they will be - for the first timeHealing, 227:on its own plane. This something contributed has altered in some way the atoms and cells of theHealing, 319:involving as they do pain and suffering, will be altered materially. Then the man whose time hasHealing, 348:(whereby the astral nature is changed and altered) may be of a spiritual nature or simply of anHealing, 351:of living, and incidentally of dying, is utterly altered. In conclusion, however, and in apparentHealing, 391:when in good health, is something which must be altered and deliberately changed. ChristHealing, 664:two hundred years the entire picture has been altered. Individual men, in adequate numbers,Healing, 671:progress of humanity would have been altered, and in a dire and awful manner. But the dynamicHercules, 131:boar an object of ridicule. By a slightly altered perspective, many of the terrifying experiencesMeditation, 82:lives in establishing is not going to be lightly altered when the Ego - working in the lowerProblems, 18:to come but its motivation must be completely altered. Their main psychological problem is toProblems, 66:take their place. Conditions will be basically altered; along certain lines, such as theProblems, 114:the hearts and minds of men would not have been altered and the solution would be entirely [115]Psychology1, 83:outer appearance of the world will be profoundly altered; the vegetation and the animal life willPsychology1, 303:makes itself felt, but until they are wisely altered (and this takes time) they act as a brake onPsychology2, 129:side of life understand it, gets distorted and altered into busy-ness. It becomes changed intoPsychology2, 259:and in this way the form aspect is steadily altered and adapted, as it progresses towards anPsychology2, 299:during the life wherein the orientation has been altered, the emphasis of the life forces changed,Rays, 239:great Ashram of the Lord of the World has been altered. The Masters are no longer concerned with anRays, 409:in the hierarchical plans, this decision was altered. I was permitted to add to that already given.Rays, 411:of man's spiritual history was most peculiarly altered. This had not been anticipated, for - as oftRays, 418:in phrasing and wording, and this should be altered. The Higher Degrees are predominantlyReappearance, 12:quality, Christ revealed and emphasized and thus altered all human living, goals and values. TheTelepathy, 73:divine Plan; from that moment his entire life is altered. Later (and this [74] I cannot expect the
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