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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ALTHOUGH

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Astrology, 664:corpse are full of active and destructive life, although the body which they had formed, isAtom, 89:after merging his identity with the group - although never losing it - the group itself has to beAutobiography, 44:the point of view of most of the people here, although not from mine, for you always look soAutobiography, 74:with that gang. One of them is still my friend although I have lost sight of all the rest duringAutobiography, 120:generalization, they, are absolutely true - although [121] from the standpoint of an individual JewAutobiography, 148:experience then which did something to me and, although I have never permitted it to affect myAutobiography, 158:Mrs. Besant. That remark broke a glamor in me, although I did not speak of it at that time exceptAutobiography, 203:I lived and worked. Craigie was with us and although there was an awful lot of housework to be doneAutobiography, 207:she would discuss them with me telepathically. Although I had no means of knowing about them, laterAutobiography, 260:study and describe, and the artist might copy, although the color effects are utterly beyond anyBethlehem, 119:live, and the thought life which more or less (although mostly less) governs our dailyBethlehem, 161:the death of Jesus. He was condemned as messiah although he had never appeared in that role." -Bethlehem, 166:undeviatingly upon the course assigned Him, although prevision of disaster was His. Not only had HeBethlehem, 191:now the whole race is at the point of so doing. Although today men are predominantlyBethlehem, 220:Five - The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion Although each son of God at different stages uponBethlehem, 221:hung pendent between heaven and earth, and although He was surrounded by crowds, and although atBethlehem, 221:and although He was surrounded by crowds, and although at His feet stood those whom He loved, HeBethlehem, 226:He is with us now, for He is in us all the time, although very often unrecognized and unapproached.Bethlehem, 271:are also divine. We are citizens of the kingdom, although we have not yet claimed and entered intoDestiny, 32:will be established but that time is not yet, although the intense interest taken today in theDiscipleship1, 168:to deepen and establish the soul contact which (although of the first ray) is, as you willDiscipleship1, 529:repose and peace for those who love the woods. Although one cannot see the lawn, one can come outDiscipleship1, 677:does mankind. Their rate of rhythm is steadier although in line with the Law. They learn throughDiscipleship2, 108:They are people in the fullest sense of the term although they may yet be lacking any contact withDiscipleship2, 473:I am an Oriental of the fourth root race and although I have had two European incarnations I stillExternalisation, 42:is perhaps one of the hardest to carry through, although from another angle it is far easier thanExternalisation, 531:- cannot be disrupted or in any way lessened. Although for Them no astral plane exists and glamorExternalisation, 626:the world war (1914-1945) is the proof, for although there was much talk of "saving the world forFire, 122:of the third. For it must be noted that, although each race gives birth to the succeeding race, theFire, 148:for principle, and not so primarily for matter, although matter, being inspired by spirit,Fire, 178:of achievement, of liberation, and therefore, although it is the shortest period when viewed fromFire, 403:the deva units in some schemes preponderate. Although from the standpoint of a human being theFire, 838:in the orbit of Neptune, are yet discovered, although they are strongly suspected. We know thatFire, 860:five stages as regards the Ego, The fact that although this is the second solar system from theHealing, 226:as studied today, goes back but a little way and although the enlightened historian and scientistHealing, 583:out by me, for the first time in any detail, although they were hinted at in The Secret Doctrine. IHealing, 610:of the "imperfect Gods" of The Secret Doctrine, although perfect past our human comprehension - theHealing, 658:- can be dangerous. It must be remembered that although energy is thought, it is also, from aHercules, 13:the Cosmic Deity: "Listen to this great secret. Although I am above birth and rebirth, or Law,Hercules, 79:to my heart." "And are you not a son of God, although a son of man? And is the shrine not also yourHercules, 167:the mind plus emotion, Hercules discovers that although he may be an aspirant and he may haveHercules, 216:called by the same names as the twelve signs, although they do not cover the same area of theInitiation, 17:control on the rays, if one may so express it, although this does not adequately convey the idea.Initiation, 29:as far as our immediate humanity is concerned, although literally the Planetary Logos Himself, onInitiation, 84:is consistently laid on his astral development, although his mental equipment grows steadily. ManyIntellect, 81:expression, for the union in question, although not actually realized in the sense in which we hereIntellect, 149:men do not reason their way to conclusions, although reason - the search for truth - apparentlyIntellect, 170:cannot recognize any sort of form in this light, although I sometimes see in it another light thatIntellect, 184:restrictions are to a certain extent relaxed, although the devotee is not yet altogether free. InMagic, 532:does mankind. Their rate of rhythm is steadier although in line with the Law. They learn throughMeditation, 111:tended to over-stimulation of the emotions and although men touched great heights, yet they alsoMeditation, 244:of healing, but what I seek to point out is that although those errors will be obviated in the caseProblemsare arising under present day conditions, although these can usefully be viewed as variations andProblems, 24:the attaining of right internal relationships. Although the problem of boundaries, possessions,Problems, 115:solution would be entirely [115] superficial; although the Jews have gained their desire andPsychology2, 48:is left but conscious knowledge and realization. Although this statement may signify but little toPsychology2, 283:return to the level of practical understanding. Although we turn aside to deal with these momentousRays, 195:they are essentially physical forces, and although they are the result of man's own effort andRays, 430:It is not for me to tell you what will happen, although the Hierarchy knows. Humanity must (as mustRays, 478:and in the early stages of the Aryan race, although great creative monuments appeared everywhereRays, 604:and was fought out upon the physical plane, although it was impulsed from the mental plane. TheReappearance, 174:the World War (1914-1945) is the proof, for, although there was much talk of "saving the world forSoul, 36:of the various glandular secretions... "Although we are as yet only on the fringe of the subject,
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