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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AMAZED

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Autobiography, 10:The rapturous moments when a sunset arrests our amazed attention, or the silence, deep andAutobiography, 88:of worried and tried people. I have sat amazed at the intimate details that they have brought toAutobiography, 107:in this [107] country, I have been shocked, amazed and frightened by the attitude of many AmericansAutobiography, 209:do you want with the Grand Duke, Mrs. Bailey?" Amazed, I looked at him and said, "Nothing. I can'tAutobiography, 227:wisdom. When she returned to me in England I was amazed at her lack of rancor or spirit of revengeAutobiography, 227:spirit of revenge and retaliation but I was also amazed that anyone could look so desperately illBethlehem, 61:of these statements, and at the end will stand amazed at the persistence of God's love and theHercules, 98:lion who stood upon the Way, blocking his path, amazed at prowess hitherto unmet. For Hercules cameInitiation, 123:and gets a brief revealing which opens to his amazed understanding the fundamental purpose of theInitiation, 170:of the Supreme Being is unfolded before his amazed vision. The two secrets previously imparted, andInitiation, 174:spirit aspect is revealed to the wondering and amazed Master, and he realizes in a senseMagic, 558:purpose. Lack of impediments. Students would be amazed if they could see their motives as we seePsychology1, 97:so fast, that we can no longer stand amazed at any occurrence. Psychology2, 368:component and its purposes and use. I stand amazed, I see naught else. I penetrate the mysteries ofRays, 203:begins faintly to dawn upon Their entranced and amazed understanding. It is of real value to us,Rays, 552:wondrous dimensions that the world will stand amazed; nothing like it will have been seen before. A
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