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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AMAZING

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Astrology, 395:illumination, motivates them all. Such is the amazing situation which faces the man - particularlyAstrology, 539:transmit will clarify the world issues in an amazing manner, plus an appreciation of the houses inAutobiography, 116:town general practitioner is to me completely amazing. They know people; they live lives ofAutobiography, 139:led mankind on down the centuries. I made the amazing discovery, amazing to me because I knew soAutobiography, 139:the centuries. I made the amazing discovery, amazing to me because I knew so little, that theDestiny, 51:Ray of Scientific Understanding. Hence their amazing contribution to the knowledge and the thoughtDiscipleship1, 152:has little life of its own. It is negative to an amazing extent and this again constitutes aDiscipleship1, 209:and when wisely used, you will experience an amazing release. The implication of these words is farDiscipleship1, 271:and that they also indicate in a most amazing manner the work and the achievement of the New GroupDiscipleship2, 156:into the vital meaning of these words, these amazing words. They embody, as far as is possible inDiscipleship2, 171:potency of the over-shadowed disciple will be amazing. One of the first experiments he made as heDiscipleship2, 200:these three Buddhas who were instrumental in the amazing and occult process of implementing theDiscipleship2, 274:the divine Will suddenly assumes a different and amazing significance, where the purposes beingDiscipleship2, 280:the race grasp with facility, but which seem so amazing to the neophyte. They appear to him of suchDiscipleship2, 425:implications attendant upon this fifth point are amazing at the first glance, and they demand anEducation, 100:to the whole. The initial germ of this idea (amazing as it may seem) started when the first schoolExternalisation, 4:astral planes was rent or torn asunder, and the amazing process of unifying the two worlds ofExternalisation, 99:which is evocative in its influence and produces amazing results. Ponder on this. The basic methodExternalisation, 164:their profound esoteric significance and their amazing living potency: I am the Light of the WorldExternalisation, 175:dangers of the present situation, to present its amazing opportunity to bring about needed changes,Externalisation, 354:world glamor (illusion, glamor and maya) in an amazing manner, and their powerful assault upon theExternalisation, 451:the ends they had in view, and have used it with amazing success; they are still using it, and canExternalisation, 519:1946 In these words I refer to an aspect of the amazing enterprise upon which the Hierarchy isExternalisation, 540:of the Lord of the World Himself, and to the amazing demonstration of the success of theExternalisation, 558:important things emerging from the theme of this amazing and imminent event (the reappearance ofExternalisation, 567:are now entering. This is, therefore, the most amazing period in the history of humanity. Added toExternalisation, 567:now moving for a period of 2300 years - a most amazing happening and full of import in ourExternalisation, 658:which must be called into activity during this amazing preparatory period with which all aspirantsGlamour, 161:world glamor (illusion, glamor and maya) in an amazing manner, and their powerful assault upon theHealing, 36:is not, the human creature demonstrates as an amazing kaleidoscopic mutable phenomenon. Bodies, soHealing, 151:- again only in the case of disciples - a most amazing picture story or symbol of the ninefold ofHealing, 225:incident to past ages. The immunity of man is an amazing matter, could you but realize it; heHealing, 454:The house is empty. Activity ceases, except that amazing and immediate activity which is theHealing, 610:as a general rule accurate. This law gives an amazing picture, and one too which is full of hope,Hercules, 29:which symbolically (and often in a most amazing fashion) embody the disciple's problem and indicateHercules, 162:of the Christ in Capricorn in December. It is amazing how your correspondences, your analogies workHercules, 175:interesting constellation that holds in it an amazing piece of symbolism. It is pictured in anIntellect, 200:discipline, i.e., of Concentration, are often amazing. People "find" themselves; they discoverIntellect, 202:work, in science and in art, we have seen two amazing things occur: Organized big business, withMagic, 333:nature have worked as souls, and all the most amazing of the developments in the realm of physicsMagic, 404:age, with its distinctive energies and its amazing opportunities. These [405] They noted and TheyMagic, 407:and a humanity characterized by three things: An amazing interrelation and inter-communication, ofMagic, 439:diagram, the individual life pattern. Amazing symbolic charts and lineal forms will be found toMagic, 497:The house is empty. Activity ceases except that amazing and immediate activity which is theMagic, 513:they cycle in and out of incarnation with amazing rapidity. The physical plane analogy of thisMagic, 577:the effects as seen by a clairvoyant are often amazing. When this work is done consciously a mostPatanjali, 353:by a most startling activity and most amazing results. Of him it can be said in degree as is saidProblems, 90:to the same selfishness, and to the same amazing aptitude for heroic divine expression, to the sameProblems, 105:of human endeavor and have, in that time, made amazing progress against great odds and muchProblems, 110:and bring into the world arena a race with an amazing contribution to make of spiritual assets,Problems, 160:an act of invocative approach to God will prove amazing and miraculous in its results. A responsePsychology1, 118:of truth. Through them we have arrived at an amazing knowledge of man, of his instincts and animalPsychology1, 156:indicating the vastness of the Plan and the amazing scope of the human consciousness. What thatPsychology1, 221:the organizing seventh ray is best seen in the amazing and geometrically perfect structure of thePsychology1, 245:kingdom the influence of Venus is predominant, amazing as this may seem to some occult students.Psychology1, 383:Ray of Scientific Understanding. Hence their amazing contribution to the knowledge and thought ofPsychology2, 98:unit. It is only possible to express this amazing truth about the planetary Life under a veil ofPsychology2, 136:plane glamored by the idea, for instance, of his amazing personal contacts, whereas he has onlyPsychology2, 273:Only as history is made and we learn later the amazing nature of the epoch through which the racePsychology2, 599:of the feminine mystics of the Church to the amazing revelations given in the ancient Puranas or inRays, 300:inner subjective kingdom of God, will produce amazing results. This kingdom, through its majorRays, 569:the initiate, and this must be the case in this amazing period wherein - for the first time sinceTelepathy, 80:Threshold. [80] You will note, therefore, the amazing planetary sequence of impression - all of itTelepathy, 82:[82] The entire human family is today an amazing receiver of impressions, owing to its myriad typesTelepathy, 86:it here: "The entire human family is today an amazing receiver of impressions, owing to the myriad
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