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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANALYSIS

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Discipleship1, 655:must find out and decide for yourself whether my analysis is justified, and whether truth liesDiscipleship1, 720:of the Will. The fire which must, in the final analysis, be used by the disciples in the world isDiscipleship1, 731:This force and energy is, in the last analysis, directed by a Master, by a group of three seniorDiscipleship1, 735:on group need. It indicates also a penetrating analysis which has carried the questioner to theDiscipleship1, 761:as distributing agencies for force. In the last analysis, the centers are (when functioningDiscipleship2, 9:and perfunctory reading and have, in the last analysis, given no real thought to what I have said.Discipleship2, 21:(Taurus) each year. This may involve at times an analysis of your group relation, of the effectDiscipleship2, 27:all in esoteric participation. Make a careful analysis each month of your success or failure toDiscipleship2, 54:[54] any interest in phenomenal results or an analysis (at this stage) of any reactionsDiscipleship2, 54:stage) of any reactions experienced. Individual analysis hinders group recognition and trueDiscipleship2, 72:the mechanism of inspiration, for - in the last analysis - it is individual and world inspirationDiscipleship2, 92:several times I have modified my criticism (or analysis, as I prefer to call it), and once or twiceDiscipleship2, 109:This is not by any means the case. In the last analysis, it indicates a superficial sense of falseDiscipleship2, 147:On the basis of the proposals, and after due analysis and discussion, the united decision isDiscipleship2, 185:gradually "the two become the One." In the last analysis, discipleship is the recognition by theDiscipleship2, 190:I have given you only a few hints in the above analysis, but you can arrive at much greater lightDiscipleship2, 265:one or two general ideas which emerge from an analysis of the whole and then a few sentences whichDiscipleship2, 295:the best that could be expected, and in the last analysis was all that was required, becauseDiscipleship2, 303:considered and developed, they are subjected to analysis and take shape eventually as createdDiscipleship2, 304:thought processes, all mental moods, and all analysis and application of occult hints. I wanted youDiscipleship2, 334:based upon that recognition, and not upon any analysis of the aspirant's lack of development. ThisDiscipleship2, 362:of the Plan and its working out is, in the last analysis, an entirely human affair, once it hasDiscipleship2, 485:impression - when analyzed and the results of analysis are employed - presents a most useful study,Discipleship2, 485:plane has to end, but a close and honest analysis on the part of the group itself would probablyDiscipleship2, 514:in subjective attitudes. That, in the last analysis, is a definition of meditation. The end of allDiscipleship2, 550:life of the Ashram which constitute in the last analysis what is meant by occult obedience. You, myDiscipleship2, 557:in this reply, but be extremely personal in your analysis of the situation. Then, as if you wereDiscipleship2, 581:I know that you also will cooperate. In the last analysis, the responsibility for the article isDiscipleship2, 606:still stay within my Ashram which - in the last analysis - is a part of his. I hinted at this factDiscipleship2, 705:to analyze and make practical application of the analysis. Learn to analyze life, circumstances andDiscipleship2, 741:and experience the delight which comes from analysis, reflection and mental activity, followed byDiscipleship2, 759:too you must have in mind. It is, in the last analysis, a question of recognitions. Let me assureEducation, 10:should warrant a definitely mental training in analysis, deduction, mathematics or logic? ThenEducation, 22:of creative activity, which means, in the last analysis, in the right use of the "mind stuff" (theEducation, 35:to particulars, as well as to undertake the analysis of particulars. There will consequently beEducation, 43:the true meaning of culture. In [43] the last analysis, and for the purposes of our theme,Education, 50:coordination and correct alignment. Some day an analysis will be made of the contribution of theEducation, 71:the ray chart - will be subjected to a careful analysis every seven years. These processes willEducation, 72:girl will meet with understanding help and with analysis, but not with ignorance and criticism;Education, 73:help him. It is for this reason that a careful analysis of the child must be made from the veryEducation, 103:Communistic. These ideologies are, in the last analysis, materializing dreams or visions. ForEducation, 114:has a direct bearing on our theme: "In the final analysis, the main problem of world government isEducation, 121:or group) it is apt [121] to be, in the last analysis, the coercion of the individual and hisEducation, 123:idealism and inclusiveness is, in the last analysis, a trend towards love-wisdom. The fact that menEducation, 129:of hierarchical status, which is, in the last analysis, the relation of the lesser to the greater,Education, 135:and inevitably cease. It is, in the last analysis, a form of legalized prostitution, and the factExternalisation, 14:factor. There will have to be careful analysis of the type and character of the psychic, and thenExternalisation, 31:to ask yourselves whether there is, in the last analysis, anything really new in them. I will giveExternalisation, 41:find due expression upon earth. From the above analysis of opportunity it is evident how the groupsExternalisation, 44:cases, because only through such an effort can analysis of a right kind eventually be achieved andExternalisation, 47:three tasks to perform and we attempted a slight analysis of their planned undertakings. Now we canExternalisation, 52:force, but through right understanding, through analysis, discussion and experiment. CuriouslyExternalisation, 65:which is in the least helpful and, in the last analysis, is definitely [66] harmful. ThisExternalisation, 69:on the theme. What is our theme? A study and an analysis, from the esoteric angle, of the socialExternalisation, 113:all its horror and suffering, is - in the last analysis - the result of successful evolutionaryExternalisation, 116:and much to be desired development. Reasoning, analysis and the presentation of differingExternalisation, 129:Forces of Darkness. The issue is, in the last analysis, the right to express the will-to-good, theExternalisation, 135:or wise as the case may be - but, in the last analysis, highly developed personalities. They areExternalisation, 136:of a nation and of the world. In the last analysis, and from the standpoint of the Hierarchy, theExternalisation, 165:(which is sustained concentration, in the last analysis) and thereby producing conditions for whichExternalisation, 174:Picture The Coming World Order April 1940 This analysis of world conditions is being written inExternalisation, 218:into helplessness? A clear and searching analysis of the spiritual objectives of humanity willExternalisation, 263:thought I would like to touch upon prior to an analysis of the phrases of the Invocation. Externalisation, 266:ignorant server. [266] Let us now proceed to the analysis of the three stanzas or verses. The firstExternalisation, 266:of the thinkers in all nations. In the last analysis, it is this interference with individual andExternalisation, 320:to share in the benefits of victory. In the last analysis, however, the world situation must beExternalisation, 329:with samples of their literature and an analysis of their ideas. [330] 4. Gather together all theExternalisation, 330:the reading of books, their digesting and analysis, the forming of a small available library, andExternalisation, 362:the success or failure of the test, in the last analysis, will be determined by mankind itself. YouExternalisation, 366:the past and upon sounder planning. In the last analysis, it is not peace for which the men ofExternalisation, 373:Why did the powerful democracies, in the last analysis, permit this war when, united and bandedExternalisation, 526:within the Hierarchy What, in the last analysis, is this Hierarchy? It is a great salvaging corpsExternalisation, 563:activity in the three major centers. In the last analysis (and this is the factor of supremeExternalisation, 565:a creative factor and one which, in the last analysis, not only releases the life from its previousExternalisation, 582:early stages to esoteric matters. In the last analysis, there is for the Master and His disciplesExternalisation, 589:historical processes, and through a comparative analysis of ancient and modern civilizations andExternalisation, 615:do; his grasp of the menacing difficulties, his analysis of his resources and of those with whom heExternalisation, 641:of the teaching for the New Age. In the last analysis, the books are your working tools and theExternalisation, 697:number of working initiates (for, in the last analysis, that is all that any Master is), and thatFire, 711:only the first canto, and I shall give you the analysis of it, so far as I know. Excluding theGlamour, 7:symbol under consideration. When, however, your analysis is completed, you must not rest satisfiedGlamour, 10:We have consequently the following stages in the analysis of a symbol: Its exoteric consideration:Glamour, 11:conceptual and esoteric, but add to that an analysis of your sensitivity and response to theGlamour, 19:These records will serve as the basis of analysis if all goes well, and from that analysis we mayGlamour, 19:of analysis if all goes well, and from that analysis we may gather much of value. What I have toGlamour, 24:with which I have been dealing. I ask for a real analysis and not just four sentences ofGlamour, 25:the close of six months, subject it to a careful analysis and see what is the sumtotal of gain.Glamour, 25:see what is the sumtotal of gain. Divide your analysis into the following heads and express yourGlamour, 44:the victim of illusion or of glamor. In the last analysis, he must know where he stands before heGlamour, 65:will suffice to awaken in you that constructive analysis which leads from knowledge to wisdom. WeGlamour, 83:the soul nature or the egoic form. Then, through analysis, discrimination and right thought oneGlamour, 84:where there exists: Criticism, when careful analysis would show that no criticism is reallyGlamour, 92:on the Seven Rays as your guide in this self-analysis; I would remind you that the rays govern theGlamour, 126:possesses the required fortitude. In the last analysis, the partial subjugation of glamor andGlamour, 129:be the more modern ideas which are, in the last analysis, the reaction of modern thought to worldGlamour, 137:others were small, but intelligent men who, from analysis and deduction, assessed the immediateGlamour, 138:the intellect, because the intellect - through analysis, [139] discrimination and right reasoning -Glamour, 148:will count and not so much the accuracy of your analysis or the perfection of your technique. Glamour, 148:energy of the soul, the true Individuality. This analysis should prove illuminating to you. If menGlamour, 150:results yet, in the long run and in the last analysis, they may condition the future experience
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