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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANALYSIS

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Psychology2, 556:from grace". It seems to me, therefore, that an analysis of these powers, their correct placingPsychology2, 559:Group consciousness. d. Curiosity. Enquiry. Analysis plus Self-assertion. Evolutionary urge.Psychology2, 591:one of real danger as well. It is, in the last analysis, the Science of Energy and teaches thePsychology2, 630:loyalties. The forces of evil are, in the last analysis, only the entrenched ancient ideals andPsychology2, 635:and the masses of men. In the last analysis, they are the determining factor in world affairs. ThePsychology2, 642:to that end seem powerless in the last analysis. They grieve over the economic distress but do notPsychology2, 652:of the Great Ones is, therefore, in the last analysis, simply an extension of the Plan as it hasPsychology2, 659:understanding - all leading in the last analysis to economic stability. The [660] right order byPsychology2, 670:leaders, but they are often, in the last analysis, only misinterpreted ideals, growing out of aPsychology2, 709:theme should be approached as follows: A close analysis of the life, quality and characteristics ofRays, 14:or life and death. These words are, in the last analysis, as meaningless as the terms good andRays, 25:There is no avoiding these laws in the last analysis, and there is no denying them, for we areRays, 35:even if the brain registers it not. In the last analysis, these Rules or Formulas of Approach areRays, 48:the content of the group's united life. A close analysis of this rule will convey to the intuitionRays, 103:Will. It is the will that, in the last analysis, produces orientation, focus, emphasis, the worldRays, 107:or its emotional nature; he is not, in the last analysis (a most occult phrase) the mind or that byRays, 131:not yet has this science of comparative analysis been turned into a definitely recognized line ofRays, 148:are not susceptible of casual and superficial analysis. I realize that only those who have takenRays, 152:rhythm. Here you have a relatively simple analysis (on the face of it, though not in reality) of aRays, 178:Logos upon those planes. That, in the last analysis, constitutes the main field of unfoldment andRays, 255:Ashram at this time. We come now to a detailed analysis of Rule XIII. In the foregoing pages I gaveRays, 256:sequence in mind that I [256] come to the analysis of the sentences in Rule XIII, beginning withRays, 259:of all degrees. Initiation is, in the last analysis, the realization, the recognition in the brainRays, 288:comments with much else given previously in the analysis of these fourteen rules. The "listening"Rays, 309:of rays and races. Death, in the last analysis and from the standpoint of the average human being,Rays, 358:as humanity is concerned, are only - in the last analysis - the four etheric subplanes of theRays, 417:may well surmise, its true name, for in the last analysis, freedom and liberation are effects ofRays, 468:process (with its stages of understanding, analysis, recognition and application) is fundamentallyRays, 505:the soul fades or drops out, yet in the last analysis it remains, for in this solar system there isRays, 562:men. We are entering now upon a somewhat close analysis of the energies of the seven rays and theirRays, 594:note that I have not included religion in this analysis. The reason for this is that If the worldRays, 600:to battle with glamor. Illusion is, in the last analysis, the control of the mental processes byRays, 634:distorted sense of values. There is in the last analysis but one world and one humanity, and in aRays, 643:esoteric side is of course known to me, but an analysis of it would be of no service to you, as youRays, 656:- Rays I, II, III (the three major Rays) an analysis of them would prove to you that yourRays, 660:to manifest that perfection. But in the last analysis, human progress is purely relative andReappearance, 102:the time to write or the time to read a complete analysis or statement as to the progressiveReappearance, 123:be revealed. The Mysteries are, in the last analysis, the true source of revelation; it can only beReappearance, 161:do; his grasp of the menacing difficulties, his analysis of his resources and of those with whom heSoul, 95:its forms. Its ultimate element is on the final analysis of one kind, and the differences in theSoul, 145:names of the World and the Universe. In the last analysis magic, religion and science are nothingTelepathy, 36:with real rapidity. It is, in the last analysis, the seed of MASTERHOOD. [37 Telepathy, 37 To:tuning out criticism and substituting for it analysis - an analysis impersonally given; stateTelepathy, 37 To:criticism and substituting for it analysis - an analysis impersonally given; state truthfully whatTelepathy, 55:ever-existent environment. It is, in the last analysis, just a question as to what "impresses" youTelepathy, 61:you study it, will summarize the above detailed analysis. I said, defining impression, that itTelepathy, 62:of Impression might be regarded, in the last analysis, as the fundamental science of consciousnessTelepathy, 127:of the major centers HUMANITY, yet - in the last analysis - all the centers are constituted ofTelepathy, 146:A center is a distributing agency, in the last analysis. Even though that energy will affect the
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