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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANALYTICAL

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Astrology, 120:under the influence of Virgo, which has been analytical and critical, changes to that quality ofAstrology, 184:incite students to scientific, statistical and analytical investigation. Only in this way will myAstrology, 227:and the power to utilize rightly the balancing, analytical faculty of the mind. It is also the signAstrology, 367:advanced stages it leads to an equally fluid but analytical understanding of men and ofAutobiography, 269:in order that the disciple may be intelligent, analytical (but not critical) and in possession of aDiscipleship1, 9:people today have an over-development of the analytical mind. As time goes on, however, and if realDiscipleship1, 198:wherein the emphasis is laid upon the critical, analytical mind. This leads you to watch andDiscipleship1, 233:and capacities of your personality - critical, analytical, separate, prideful and full ofDiscipleship1, 252:process of introspection too closely for your analytical mind is functioning adequately these daysDiscipleship1, 297:and patience and not too great a use of the analytical mind. Love reveals far more clearly andDiscipleship1, 299:and not with the wordy arguments of an analytical brain. From that field of victory, he went forthDiscipleship1, 342:from criticism and from conjecture of too analytical a nature until I have had time to demonstrateDiscipleship1, 351:It was for you a hard task for you are an analytical personality. You can now receive the teachingDiscipleship1, 520:fifth ray and, therefore, you have an intensely analytical mind. I would, however, remind you thatDiscipleship1, 520:mind. I would, however, remind you that you are analytical but not discriminating. Ponder on thisDiscipleship1, 729:need to learn the distinction between true analytical insight and so-called criticism. A MasterDiscipleship2, 691:that is the way for you to proceed. Your keen analytical mind will know what to do with theseDiscipleship2, 741:and there both of them are arrested by your over-analytical mind. You need not infer from this thatEducation, viii:Psychosomatic medicine, parapsychology, Jung's analytical psychology are only a few indications ofExternalisation, 251:the return of the Christ. Men's theological, analytical minds have distorted God's revelation, andGlamour, 2:of similarities and the possession of a clear analytical mind. Intelligent people who have lived inGlamour, 22:and the result also of the activity of the analytical mind, but they serve to embody a part of theGlamour, 39:of the world glamor. This world glamor, the analytical mind has to differentiate into distinctiveHealing, 369:Then they would be growing [369] and using the analytical mind as a bridging factor between theHercules, 123:with technique, with health and hygiene, with analytical vivisection of himself and others, isHercules, 149:self-sacrificing tendencies. Separativeness. The analytical mind divides and subdivides, prizingIntellect, 30:their influence out of the realm of the purely analytical critical mind into that of pure reasonIntellect, 124:a more than average instinctive sensitiveness; analytical reason follows, consolidating thePsychology1, 244:are not realized, whilst its relation to the analytical and discriminative mind is not appreciatedPsychology2, 52:makes possible that of another, and only the analytical mind sees or seeks differentiation. ThePsychology2, 252:mind control, of intuitive apprehension and of analytical desire. We would do well to ponder uponPsychology2, 325:no real danger of a basic misunderstanding. The analytical, intelligent mind uses forms of speechPsychology2, 346:separative individual, governed by the concrete, analytical mind) and the will of the soul, whichPsychology2, 371:how the mind quality of the fifth ray (critical, analytical, separative and over-discriminating)Psychology2, 416:of the personality and is correctly used as an analytical, integrating factor instead of as aPsychology2, 511:commentaries upon it - the work of the finest analytical minds that the world has ever seen - butRays, 249:of those who form the Hierarchy. The lower analytical concrete mind which questions and separatesReappearance, 131:principle and not with the wordy arguments of an analytical mind; from that field of threefold
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