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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANALYZE

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Astrology, 283:suffering, to learn to choose rightly, to analyze correctly and to decide upon the higher values.Astrology, 475:and perfected soul. It is not my intention to analyze these crises. These, the student who is inBethlehem, 192: with man. Mind produces the power to analyze a observe, to differentiate andDiscipleship1, 8:the requirements with exactitude. You will analyze and question the requirements which from time toDiscipleship1, 300:them to think and reflect, to ponder and to analyze, but you do these with a rare facility.Discipleship1, 300:do these with a rare facility. Frequently you analyze yourself into a cul-de-sac. Is it not so, myDiscipleship1, 367:failures and having frequently had the need to analyze you to yourself in terms of [368] reproof,Discipleship1, 410:lower in the upper part of the body. Do not analyze the situation, or the location or the purposeDiscipleship1, 435:unless you so desire. But keep the diary and analyze results. The meditation work and thoughtsDiscipleship1, 449:(when dominating the personality) to dissect, to analyze, and to come to conclusions and this is aDiscipleship1, 581:but occasionally not so right) and a power to analyze and oft to criticize others, theirDiscipleship1, 729:criticize the members of his Ashram. He seeks to analyze for them the points wherein they mayDiscipleship2, 72:Placement determines effort (I suggest that you analyze this statement). Consequences areDiscipleship2, 145:STAGE FOUR - The Analyzer of Ideas. You now analyze or think over with clarity the work you haveDiscipleship2, 145:your theme-word has evoked, you think about it, analyze it and relate it to life, getting all youDiscipleship2, 539:call them so, and (for your own aiding and help) analyze them, define accurately to yourself theDiscipleship2, 705:the spirit of criticism from the ability to analyze and make practical application of the analysis.Discipleship2, 705:practical application of the analysis. Learn to analyze life, circumstances and people from theDiscipleship2, 705:the angle of your personality point of view; analyze also from the angle of the Ashram, and notEducationmusic and the arts; to grow in ability to analyze problems and arrive at thoughtful conclusions."Education, 20:ideas, to respond to impact, to translate, analyze, and to construct forms for revelation. Thus theEducation, 35:the soul. 3. The new education will deal with, analyze and interpret the laws of thought, becauseExternalisation, 54:study these and other ways of governing, and analyze their ordinary modern expressions and futureExternalisation, 327:Servers). What constitutes the difficulty, if we analyze the situation? Two major factors: Healing, 94:by the spiritual will of man." [94] If you analyze the four causes of disease here given, you willHealing, 565:law sentence by sentence and attempt somewhat to analyze the meaning: Disease, both physical andHealing, 625:upon his fellow men. It is not my intention to analyze the various glands, noting how they respondHercules, 19:They regard the mind, with its capacity to analyze and discriminate, as a snare and a delusion. ButHercules, 93:is also a human being; he is rational; he can analyze, criticise, and he possesses that somethingMagic, 17:only that which the concrete mind can grasp, analyze, criticize and test. The ignorant and the wisePsychology1, 38:which in turn demonstrate as the power to analyze, to discriminate, to separate, and toPsychology1, 78:the ways appear. Discern and choose; dissect and analyze. All ways are one. Quality - revelation ofPsychology1, 218:not so related. It will be of value if we now analyze our tabulation with a measure of care and getPsychology2, 29:and where there is no power to discriminate, to analyze and to choose, there is no free will.Psychology2, 223:from the misuse of the power to discriminate, to analyze and to criticize. It is, however, a basic,Psychology2, 243:realized synthesis which governs its activities) analyze, discriminate and divide. The soulPsychology2, 244:we live and move, the disciple must learn to analyze, discriminate and discern those aspects,Psychology2, 251:Their part, the constant use of the faculty to analyze, and the power to discriminate. The factRays, 455:development, the mind of man has to understand, analyze, formulate and distinguish; therefore theRays, 731:and livingness, and each death (if you analyze it with care) prefaces resurrection in some form or
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