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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANCIENT

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Astrologybringing about a return to the knowledge of that ancient science which related the constellationsAstrology, 4:at any particular time or season. In ancient days it was believed that the earth was the center ofAstrology, 7:you grasp not its full implications as yet. The Ancient Wisdom teaches that "space is an entity."Astrology, 13:nature and in effect and is simply the result of ancient thought and teaching (descended to us fromAstrology, 13:and constituting in Lemurian days simply an ancient tradition, the moon appeared to be a livingAstrology, 13:effect and as the result of a powerful and most ancient thought-form; nevertheless, the moon has noAstrology, 13:at all. That is why the moon is spoken of in the ancient teaching as "veiling either Vulcan orAstrology, 27:Ageless Wisdom to this new and coming (yet very ancient) "science of effective energies," as it hasAstrology, 28:to our solar system and which, from the most ancient days, have always been related in myth andAstrology, 62:consciousness to become what is called in the ancient books "the Crab, who clears the ocean ofAstrology, 77:or the science of the centers. Both this ancient yoga and the still more ancient astrologicalAstrology, 77:Both this ancient yoga and the still more ancient astrological science have now to be studied uponAstrology, 79:his brother." The symbolism underlying these ancient myths will be easily interpreted by theAstrology, 92:and thus to face all experience" - thus runs an ancient statement. [93] The keynotes of the signAstrology, 94:therefore, starts the process of the "most ancient initiation" which all the human family hasAstrology, 96:in Capricorn). It is stated in some of the most ancient books that "the heat of the earth, theAstrology, 107:the Bull in mid-career," as it is called in the ancient books. This process of reorientation leadsAstrology, 113:expresses the three major aspects of the ancient and esoteric science of astrology and its threeAstrology, 114:start to prove the accuracy of the hypothesis. Ancient astrology was obviously incomplete but untilAstrology, 121:is undergone. "There is no more sea" says the ancient book, which means inevitably the "death ofAstrology, 144:names for the three crosses taken from the ancient archives and therefore difficult to translate:Astrology, 153:is the "fighting and triumphant creature" of the ancient myths. Under the symbolism of the aboveAstrology, 155:Unicorn. This secret is preserved for us in the ancient nursery rhyme about the "lion and theAstrology, 155:and selfishness. In the true rendition of this ancient myth the king of beasts is blinded andAstrology, 155:and leaves the initiate "unprotected." In an ancient astrological treatise which has never yet seenAstrology, 156:to and guarded by the horn of life." Again, an ancient proverb runs: "The Ram - when it has becomeAstrology, 159:are distinctive of experience in Capricorn. In ancient days, as you may perchance have heard, thereAstrology, 170:which is imparted to all true initiates. The ancient mode of pilgrimage in India, by which theAstrology, 175:which precedes Capricorn." I am quoting from an ancient book on the signs. Sagittarius is sometimesAstrology, 176:of the same mind through focus upon the soul. An ancient catechism which all disciples have toAstrology, 190:in the ascendant will be influenced by what the ancient Hindu Scriptures call kama-manas, which isAstrology, 200:quality of mind. As a consequence of this most ancient activity, the same force was present at theAstrology, 207:thoughts are things, as well you know. From ancient recesses of the memory, from a deeply rootedAstrology, 207:effected. But the unconquered residue and the ancient liabilities are numerous and excessivelyAstrology, 214:so vital and so basic that the "...Ancient One is no longer seen. He sinks to the depth of theAstrology, 214:nature and is also described in the same ancient writing in the following words: "...Ancient OneAstrology, 214:same ancient writing in the following words: "...Ancient One dies by drowning. Such is the test.Astrology, 219:known esoterically as the Initiator. In certain ancient formulas, the great Teacher of the West andAstrology, 225:service to man, begins to take the place of the ancient glamor by means of which we have fabricatedAstrology, 231:dual and blended sign is called in some of the ancient books "the sign of the Fish with the head ofAstrology, 238:Libra. The great battle which is related in that ancient scripture of India really took place inAstrology, 242:when there were only ten signs, and in those ancient days as in the present time, there was aAstrology, 252:itself is a descendant of and a corruption of an ancient Atlantean root name which was applied toAstrology, 252:to be found in the traditionally accounts of the ancient [253] Amazons, whose queen HerculesAstrology, 253:taken place and Isis consequently stands in the ancient zodiacs for fertility, for motherhood andAstrology, 256:sixth sign and of it the six-pointed star is the ancient symbol, portraying as it does the processAstrology, 267:development and by what is esoterically called "ancient relationship" between the informingAstrology, 273:the Moon in its own right of antiquity and of ancient thought-form control, and also as veilingAstrology, 313:first of all in this sign - one of the most ancient of the signs and one of the first to beAstrology, 313:and established as an influencing factor by ancient humanity. I state a basic truth - vaguelyAstrology, 317:and the Fish Goddesses of the sign Pisces. In ancient Lemuria, the symbol of Pisces was a womanAstrology, 352:basic illusion. I am talking here in terms of ancient facts and not in terms of reflection, as isAstrology, 379:an esoteric way, therefore - quoting from a very ancient book of prophecy: "The golden eye ofAstrology, 408:There has indeed been no true accuracy since ancient Egyptian days. Anything now possible alongAstrology, 434:the Pilgrim on his way; they condition through ancient habit the responsiveness of the units in theAstrology, 446:endeavor appear to aid in the restoration of the ancient and sacred Mysteries among men. The energyAstrology, 471:the, recognition of [471] this which made the ancient astrologers merge Virgo-Leo into one sign.Astrology, 479:ended. These words were once spoken to me by an ancient seer who bisected the square esoterically,Astrology, 496:inner esoteric astrology which must govern this ancient science in the future. I have emphasized inAstrology, 525:many of the allied nations (past aggressions, ancient cruelties and wrong doing), they sought toAstrology, 526:by corrupt politics and in Great Britain by ancient imperialistic tendencies. But democraticAstrology, 527:of consciousness, interpreting and using it. The ancient occult truism remains accurate:Astrology, 544:their extreme skill and cunning, based on very ancient evil experience and hence also the well-nighAstrology, 546:to divinity but the effort [546] to evoke the ancient gods, to deify the forms of matter and toAstrology, 546:of questioning. But the imposition of the ancient myths in an effort to still the demand for truthAstrology, 546:ideal is on its way to manifest; in Germany, ancient crystallized forms of belief are met withAstrology, 546:forms of belief are met with something more ancient still and the combination of world dislike andAstrology, 566:Testament, but has been preserved for us in the ancient Christian legend that - in the cradleAstrology, 585:were disclosed made possible the great inflow of ancient and focused evil which has brought theAstrology, 585:to the people of their time. One such figure in ancient times was Nero; the modern example isAstrology, 587:in this war. This is a fulfilment of the ancient prophecy that the attempt to destroy the AryanAstrology, 587:the Aryan race will be by means of fire, just as ancient Atlantis was destroyed by water. But,Astrology, 612:move and have our being. This great Life, the Ancient of Days, the Lord of the world, Sanat Kumara,Astrology, 635:all the Old Scriptures. The war in Heaven of the ancient mythologies. (S.D. Vol. I, 223) BehindAstrology, 639:The signs of the zodiac: Each a double sign in ancient astrological magic - namely: it wasAtom, 152:or not. Nevertheless, if we go to some of the ancient books, those which we call mythological (andAtom, 152:are ready to understand it), and if we study the ancient books of the East, we shall find that inAtom, 153:only, lies separation and differentiation. The ancient books of the East point out, in consideringAutobiography, 39:calendar month of Vaisakha (Taurus) under its ancient name. This month is of vital importance toAutobiography, 52:therefore, you endeavor to translate a book as ancient as The New Testament into English, how canAutobiography, 52:old translation from the Aramaic or Hebrew into ancient Greek, and from the Greek into Latin, andAutobiography, 52:also, the probably incorrect translation of very ancient terms and hence, also, the well meant butAutobiography, 52:tried to render into their mother tongue these ancient writings. I realize all this now but inAutobiography, 82:moment. I believe he really loved me. He was an ancient gentleman with a long, white beard and heAutobiography, 95:discretion. The situation required what that ancient scripture of India, The Bhagavad Gita, callsAutobiography, 124:will no longer enter them when confronted with ancient meanings to what they recognize as livingAutobiography, 133:we might call spiritual - the world which the ancient Hindu teacher, Patanjali, calls "theAutobiography, 154:his life from all the three, and he does. In the ancient scriptures of the East, it is pointed outAutobiography, 172:the public everywhere to respond to this very ancient teaching. The indebtedness of the world toAutobiography, 222:behind all this beauty were corruption and very ancient evil. [223] Autobiography, 238:The Tibetan gave me the paraphrase of the ancient Sanskrit phrases because I know no Sanskrit butAutobiography, 239:to approach closer to humanity, to restore the ancient Mysteries, and to externalize and makeAutobiography, 241:life and presents those new formulations of ancient truths which during the Aquarian age will guideAutobiography, 247:them have been compilations of other books, both ancient or modern. This book of mine, however, isAutobiography, 254:spiritual life, though based, of course, on the ancient rules. Those instructions will be madeAutobiography, 260:in the second edition. Extracts from the ancient manuscripts, and the reading of certain stanzasAutobiography, 260:and corrected by the Tibetan. A knowledge of the ancient language is not necessary in this work, asAutobiography, 260:is not necessary in this work, as the most ancient manuscripts are ideographic and symbolic, and -Autobiography, 264:the Way with the disciple, and emphasize the ancient rules but with their new interpretations. HeAutobiography, 275:attached to phenomena. Posture, the use of ancient formulas, words and mantrams, breathing
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