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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANCIENT

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Discipleship1, 7:with the spiritual kingdom - can teach you the ancient rules and give suggestions to you so thatDiscipleship1, 18:occidental and the oriental approaches to the ancient wisdom and to the Hierarchy. Cooperation andDiscipleship1, 21:have to tread, requires obedience to the ancient rules for disciples. This is given willingly andDiscipleship1, 27:there is no "space in consciousness" (to use an ancient occult phrase) for the reiteration of theDiscipleship1, 37:glamors and illusions, and so dissipate the ancient deceptive thought forms. They will release theDiscipleship1, 55:know the Way. The practical application of the ancient Rules is your personal responsibility. WhatDiscipleship1, 56:emotional body into organized activity, based on ancient habits. For the disciple and for theDiscipleship1, 93:of a hint. If you have read and studied the ancient writings of India (and who today has not readDiscipleship1, 93:what the Master taught his disciple in the ancient days when the fundamental truths anent theDiscipleship1, 97:to fulfil certain obligations [97] of very ancient origin and thus "clear the decks" for moreDiscipleship1, 99:newer modes of training by using a part of the ancient techniques - now becoming somewhat obsoleteDiscipleship1, 116:so) for you have much knowledge as the result of ancient experience and deep thought and study inDiscipleship1, 119:as the result of serious and earnest seeking, ancient karmic ties, much questioning which wrestedDiscipleship1, 124:are still, however, under the influence of an ancient thought-form, forgetting that one of theDiscipleship1, 140:as you open the doors and also close them upon ancient imprisoning limitations. You know wellDiscipleship1, 156:insulation along the line of love, using the ancient method which has been called "the wheel ofDiscipleship1, 157:mean, brother of mine, when I repeat to you the ancient formula: "Out of the lotus in the headDiscipleship1, 203:with one which you can most easily recognize. An ancient karmic link with me, your Tibetan Teacher,Discipleship1, 206:You have now also gained a release from much ancient responsibility; this should leave you stillDiscipleship1, 232:most efficient surgeon) and the disappearance of ancient crystallizations, it becomes apparent toDiscipleship1, 253:for you can use them now and study also the ancient words of Patanjali who deals fully with theDiscipleship1, 303:to Disciples - D.L.R. January 1935 BROTHER OF ANCIENT DAYS: I can indicate to you the line ofDiscipleship1, 341:no longer entirely govern your attitudes, though ancient habits still persist. Twenty years ago youDiscipleship1, 362:to say to you can be embodied in the words of an ancient Book of Rules for disciples which wasDiscipleship1, 386:yourself from forms, no matter how dear or how ancient the rhythm by which they hold you. Turn,Discipleship1, 390:definitely produce effects in him. In these ancient platitudes lie, for you, much instruction, muchDiscipleship1, 392:the following phrases, taken from a very ancient writing. I suggest that you ponder them with care.Discipleship1, 400:as it is on an attitude of mind, is of such ancient habit that it seems inconceivable to man that aDiscipleship1, 454:now in your life wherein you must conform to the ancient rule and become the sannyasin, theDiscipleship1, 459:some thought to the magical formula which that ancient prayer embodies. The deepest esotericDiscipleship1, 460:your three bodies. You should all remember that ancient phrases (such as these I oftentimes give)Discipleship1, 473:- past recovery - old thought habits and ancient forms. Be not discouraged because I am making noDiscipleship1, 476:and drive out the last few signs of your ancient and deep seated self-pity. Study with care what IDiscipleship1, 506:descend upon you, when you are swept by an ancient habit of thought that you know to be wrong butDiscipleship1, 506:long time. It will aid you to break the power of ancient thought-forms. You ask: What is my gift toDiscipleship1, 508:was very problematical. It is not so now. The ancient habits of thought and the quick submerging byDiscipleship1, 521:of fear and of worry do not resume their ancient sway and that old emotional reactions are notDiscipleship1, 525:of you that I take this time with you. Ancient karmic ties with me, your [526] elder Brother, andDiscipleship1, 545:I only seek to suggest. I give hints in the ancient occult manner, leaving it to you to interpretDiscipleship1, 553:tastes the fruit thereof." This thought, of ancient import, will mean much to you. Ponder on it. IDiscipleship1, 560:in your consciousness is the realization of our ancient link and tie. You have known for years thatDiscipleship1, 562:Recognizing your link, and knowing that your ancient aspiration is bearing, and will bear, fruit.Discipleship1, 603:is sound, but e'en that motive is tainted by the ancient rhythms. Your other motives are oftDiscipleship1, 618:to walk humbly and to recognize the fact that ancient thought-forms still exist upon the peripheryDiscipleship1, 622:with you, brother of mine, of your being an ancient comrade, who knows right well what I would sayDiscipleship1, 624:had long been your chosen field of service. An ancient sannyasin are you. To the understanding andDiscipleship1, 625:visualization and the registering of color. The ancient pomp and ceremonies of a priestly past lieDiscipleship1, 634:integration into your true place; that is your ancient love for astral wandering and for psychicDiscipleship1, 634:in this life, your astral body easily reverts to ancient ways, to ancient thoughts, to control byDiscipleship1, 634:astral body easily reverts to ancient ways, to ancient thoughts, to control by ancientDiscipleship1, 634:ancient ways, to ancient thoughts, to control by ancient thought-forms and is consequently subjectDiscipleship1, 635:is no reality at all; they are but shells of ancient astral workers, held together in form-activityDiscipleship1, 637:into your true place and that is your ancient love for astral wandering and for psychic phenomena."Discipleship1, 664:a sense of life and love which negatives the ancient loneliness, and offsets the old solitaryDiscipleship1, 674:in no way be considered as translations of the ancient terms. Discipleship1, 678:DISCIPLESHIP AND ITS END There is a curious and ancient Atlantean chant which is no longer used butDiscipleship1, 679:lives remain." These words, chanted in the ancient formulas on peculiar and selected notes, wereDiscipleship1, 679:potent and brought definite results in certain ancient ceremonies that have long since died out.Discipleship1, 683:The rules for instituting soul control are ancient and well-known. They have to be practiced forDiscipleship1, 713:in no way be considered as translations of the ancient terms. Discipleship1, 743:holds the thread." This is quoted from a very ancient manuscript in the Archives of the Hierarchy,Discipleship1, 747:accepted discipleship and have not yet cast off ancient habits of thought. These questions haveDiscipleship1, 779:them have been compilations of other books, both ancient or modern. This book of mine, however, isDiscipleship1, 786:spiritual life, though based, of course, on the ancient rules. Some of these instructions are madeDiscipleship2, 13:humanity and thus aid humanity to vanquish this ancient evil. To do this presupposes crisis in yourDiscipleship2, 15:backs to the light because you comprehend the ancient aphorism which states: "He who faces theDiscipleship2, 18:newer modes of training by using a part of the ancient technique, now becoming somewhat obsolete,Discipleship2, 18:stage. These hints I will convey to you in the ancient symbolic formulas which will require muchDiscipleship2, 40:Human beings forget easily, and besides this ancient habit, humanity is very tired. Get ready toDiscipleship2, 41:a reverting to the old, and a demand for the ancient ways are characteristic. You will also have toDiscipleship2, 43:is, symbolically speaking, a recurrence of the ancient event of individualization upon a higherDiscipleship2, 55:"irradiated the lunar surface" (to use the ancient formula) and made possible certain revelations.Discipleship2, 68:vision, set a needed example and emphasize the ancient landmarks. [69] A realization of these fewDiscipleship2, 101:her or (should I perhaps say?) recovery of ancient links and knowledge clarified her vision and herDiscipleship2, 103:governs the formation of a Master's group. It is ancient relationships, the ability to demonstrateDiscipleship2, 104:the quality of his vibration, through karmic ancient relationship and through the invocative demandDiscipleship2, 114:has two points of dynamic energy - one most ancient and awakened, being expressive of the life ofDiscipleship2, 123:saying these mantric words (taken from a very ancient disciples' manual) vision pictorially theDiscipleship2, 126:my requests as I endeavor to teach you the ancient rules. Will you also, at this point, study anewDiscipleship2, 132:first and most fundamental, as well as the most ancient, premise of the esotericist. The second isDiscipleship2, 136:by the fire of love." Ponder upon this ancient writing: It refers to the cycle immediatelyDiscipleship2, 149:understandable and adequate phrases the very ancient word-forms which the Christ will employ. TheseDiscipleship2, 160:of the Dark Face (as they are called in the ancient Scriptures and in The, Secret Doctrine) anotherDiscipleship2, 174:It is uniquely related to all true and ancient beliefs; it holds out hope for the future, and it isDiscipleship2, Here t:spirit. I am going to give you today a very ancient mantram which is called the Affirmation of aDiscipleship2, 175:with your whole heart as a soul the following ancient mantram: "I am a point of light within aDiscipleship2, 175:I attempt to transcribe into language words so ancient that they antedate both Sanskrit and Senza.Discipleship2, 224:the supervision of mankind; as it is said in the ancient Archives of the Masters: "Eventually, theDiscipleship2, 236:The mystical type of meditation [236] is of ancient formulation and its use indicates the next stepDiscipleship2, 245:on your part and the use of the first of the ancient formulas which it is my intention to give forDiscipleship2, 246:Initiation - Part I The Formulas There are six ancient formulas or symbolic forms which are to beDiscipleship2, 257:This designates sensitive response to the ancient formulas which are given to those being preparedDiscipleship2, 272:to the next stage of his work. These curious and ancient sets of phrases or symbols are endowedDiscipleship2, 273:below: [273] Curiously enough, it is this ancient symbol, with its indicated reference to theDiscipleship2, 274:unsuitable translation of certain phrases in the ancient Sensa which are intended to convey theDiscipleship2, 276:death to Immortality." Thus this prayer of the ancient past becomes the present effort of theDiscipleship2, 283:to you before the difficulty of putting these ancient symbols or symbolic writings into such formDiscipleship2, 283:together and interspersed with certain very ancient phrases. You know yourselves how difficult itDiscipleship2, 284:the necessary sounds and enunciating the ancient words in due place (and these I may not give you),Discipleship2, 306:is related to the Law of Karma; in fact, in the ancient records from which these formulas are
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