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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANCIENT

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Healing, 484:discover ancient tombs and their inhabitants, ancient mummies, and bring them and their possessionsHealing, 511:into Heaven! These are familiar truths and ancient platitudes, but they still remain largely theoryHealing, 532:a man's past, wherein he pays the price of ancient error; second, his inheritance, wherein heHealing, 532:His body. These three influences are called the "Ancient Law of Evil Sharing." This must give placeHealing, 532:must give place some day to that new "Law of Ancient Dominating Good" which lies behind all thatHealing, 543:a man's past, wherein he pays the price of ancient error; second, his inheritance, wherein heHealing, 543:His body. These three influences are called the "Ancient Law of Evil Sharing." This must give placeHealing, 543:This must give place some day to the new "Law of Ancient Dominating Good" which lies behind allHealing, 544:[544] A man's past, wherein he pays the price of ancient error. His inheritance, wherein he sharesHealing, 544:These three types of energy are called the "Ancient Law of Evil Sharing." The "Law of AncientHealing, 544:the "Ancient Law of Evil Sharing." The "Law of Ancient Dominating Good" lies be hind all that GodHealing, 544:has made. This law will some day supersede the "Ancient Law of Evil Sharing." It will be broughtHealing, 544:last analysis, be a beneficent way of paying off ancient debts. This induces in the patient aHealing, 555:of a sympathetic relationship. As an ancient book in the Masters' Archives puts it: "Soul to soul,Healing, 559:of conscious substance. We are assured in this ancient law that disease is an effect of the basicHealing, 573:of friction, but not to their Source," as an ancient book on healing states. The energy is sentHealing, 576:They are a translation or an adaptation of the ancient rules which have, since time began,Healing, 576:the Hierarchy at that time - the time or age of ancient Lemuria - and had then to be interpretedHealing, 576:the first rule was not part of the original ancient text from which these important rules have beenHealing, 583:has not been so usual and only a few writers, ancient or modern, have touched upon the nature ofHealing, 590:whereas the others all move down," to quote an ancient writing. The ray of the personality is aHealing, 705:I shall have to give in the form of seven ancient symbolic statements or formulas, gathered out ofHealing, 708:life is known and the years prolonged. If this ancient statement is read in the light of anyHealing, 713:from a clear analysis of the wording of these ancient formulas of healing. Apart from the reason,Healing, 713:the light of future scientific happenings, these ancient techniques will become much clearer, andHealing, 714:and coming terminology will throw light on the ancient formulas, and in time you will see how muchHerculesFrom out the mass of men, one man stood forth in ancient days and caught the great presidingHercules, 3:and theological religion has no longer its ancient appeal and in spite of the revolt againstHercules, 3:to express the old truths, and so present the ancient formulas for spiritual development that theyHercules, 4:of the dramatic experiences of that great and ancient Son of God, Hercules or Herakles, will beHercules, 17:and the power of his innate divinity. One of the ancient scriptures of India says: "By mastery ofHercules, 22:through a very peculiar stage. We read in the ancient story that Hera (Psyche, or the soul) droveHercules, 23:him, and one-pointedly he went his way. The ancient motto that has governed the activities of allHercules, 33:something which shall be specially his own. In ancient Accadian days, this sign Aries was calledHercules, 34:of the sign is to be found in the words of an ancient Indian scripture: "Man does not rightly knowHercules, 34:but the horse does rightly know it." In the very ancient days in India, the horse sacrifice wasHercules, 44:is regarded as conferring illumination. In ancient days it was called the leading star of theHercules, 44:of the divine voice", as Taurus was called in ancient Egypt, can be paraphrased into ChristianHercules, 47:in the heavens which they present to us. The ancient name of Orion was "the three Kings", becauseHercules, 51:doing: ride the bull. To ride an animal, in the ancient myths, signifies control. The bull is notHercules, 51:is ridden to the mainland. Use common sense. The ancient meaning of the word "common sense" wasHercules, 61:He is called in some of the classics, "the ancient of the sea". He was not only wise, but veryHercules, 64:up with the relationship (presumed from most ancient times to exist) between the stars of theHercules, 65:told for us in the constellation Gemini. In the ancient zodiac of Denderah, this sign is calledHercules, 75:beyond saying to every aspirant: "These are the ancient rules, this is the way that all the saintsHercules, 86:for the new birth. The month of June, in ancient Egypt was called "meore", which again meansHercules, 86:and of coming in physical incarnation. In an ancient zodiac in India, dated about 400 B.C., theHercules, 89:world savior has been celebrated; but in very ancient days, the birthday of the infant sun gods wasHercules, 91:will be found to prove the fact that the ancient names signify "the lesser flock", "the sheepfold",Hercules, 101:upset the balance of the number ten. The ancient scriptures of the east use some interestingHercules, 104:group of stars, called "the sickle". To the ancient initiates, who saw all the externalHercules, 106:of prey to eliminate Hydra, the serpent, in the ancient pictures is portrayed as a female serpent.Hercules, 106:It is the cup of obligation certain of the ancient Masonic rituals, and symbolizes the drinking ofHercules, 116:taken. So the war between the sexes is of ancient origin; indeed is inherent in the duality ofHercules, 126:the boar emerged, seeking for food, driven by ancient hunger. And in the shadows near the snareHercules, 140:on Gate the eighth," the Teacher said. "In ancient Argos a drought occurred. Amymone besought theHercules, 152:Why is Scorpio the sign of magic? An ancient book says: "Virgo is the witch, she prepares theHercules, 153:the man who wrestles with the serpent. The ancient zodiac portrays the serpent in the hands of thisHercules, 160:to Capricorn and it is called in some ancient books "the sign of silence". In ancient mysteries theHercules, 160:in some ancient books "the sign of silence". In ancient mysteries the newly admitted brother had toHercules, 167:were filled with man-eating birds, pictured in ancient books as ferocious storks, the birds ofHercules, 168:yourself and find out where you are at fault. An ancient scripture says, to him who is harmless allHercules, 175:amazing piece of symbolism. It is pictured in an ancient zodiac as a fish full of life leaping outHercules, 180:to Augeas whose kingdom must be cleansed of ancient evil. I have spoken." Forth went HerculesHercules, 205:and theological religion has no longer its ancient appeal but, in spite of a widespread revoltHercules, 205:which is enforced through authoritarianism and ancient tradition; for truth, as Bernard Shaw tellsHercules, 207:same foundational truths, and so to present the ancient formulas and rules of the road which willHercules, 207:racial, that is revealed in the story of this ancient Son of God. We are given a synthetic andHercules, 208:and destiny. We find, as we study this ancient myth that Hercules undertook certain tasks, symbolicHercules, 215:there are indications of the influence of the ancient science of astrology. There have been manyHercules, 219:and worshipped it, thus reverting in this act to ancient forms and sacrifices. Their sin consistedHercules, 221:the glory of the sun's rays. At the time of the ancient picturing of the Zodiac, August 15th wouldHercules, 221:The cross within the circle is one of be most ancient of the world's symbols, antedating theInitiation, 14:that is "moving and unmoving," as phrased by an ancient Scripture. Initiation involves ceremony. ItInitiation, 28:and, under the form of Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, and the Lord of the World, came down toInitiation, 29:in the next section of our subject. With the Ancient of Days came a group of other highly evolvedInitiation, 33:a center in the Gobi desert, called in the ancient books the "White Island." It exists in ethericInitiation, 88:a change comes. The Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, the ineffable Ruler himself administersInitiation, 106:Initiator, he who is called in the Bible "The Ancient of Days," and in the Hindu Scriptures theInitiation, 211:the Light of Life itself, the Wondrous One, the Ancient One, Lord of Venusian Love, the greatInitiation, 212:the greatest Lord of all, before whom e'en that Ancient One bends in obeisance low; before whoseIntellect, 4:of the centuries is available for all; and ancient techniques and modern methods must meet andIntellect, 5:the following extract from his Commentary on an ancient Chinese writing. He says: "WesternIntellect, 9:own clay-shuttered doors. The angels keep their ancient places; Turn but a stone and start a wing!Intellect, 24:wheel of life, we are due again to revert to the ancient method of specialized training for theIntellect, 73:of man's problem) by the mind principle. In an ancient book of the Hindus, The Bhagavad Gita, theseIntellect, 92:and undeterred perseverance, and if the ancient rules and formulas are grasped, we can approach ourIntellect, 100:Eckhart expressed can also be found in that ancient Indian Scripture, the Bhagavad Gita: "The mindIntellect, 102:from other minds, and the thoughts of men (both ancient and modern) are conveyed to him through theIntellect, 133:condition could be continuously present. In the ancient technique and the orderly meditation withIntellect, 136:hard-held waiting for the divine revelation. The ancient sage of India, Patanjali, tells us theIntellect, 148:and this has been told us for centuries in an ancient Chinese teaching, dating back to the eighthIntellect, 204:- Chapter Nine - The Practice of Meditation The ancient science of Meditation, the royal road toIntellect, 208:nature until such time as he can conform to the ancient rule of withdrawal, or he has to formulateIntellect, 215:go forward with our investigation and give the ancient [216] techniques and formulas time to proveIntellect, 222:the cause is breathing exercises. In the ancient teachings of the East, the control of the breathIntellect, 223:It is only here and there that, in the ancient days, the teachers picked a man for this form ofIntellect, 234:once and for all, and simply follow the ancient rules. This must be done without a constantIntellect, 238:hold much information for the student of this ancient technique of meditation. The goal ofIntellect, 240:law governing all meditation work is the ancient one formulated by the seers in India centuries
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