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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANGEL

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Glamour, 159:the Dweller whilst the Hierarchy of Souls is the Angel and behind stands the PRESENCE of DivinityGlamour, 160:high relief by the light which shines from the Angel, the transmitter of energy from the PRESENCE.Glamour, 160:the Dweller, negating thus the influence of the Angel, refusing imminent opportunity and postponingGlamour, 160:desire and pressure on the side of the Group Angel. In this way there might occur that stupendousGlamour, 161:between the Dweller on the Threshold and the Angel of the PRESENCE. These people are the aspirants,Glamour, 162:fear and its immediacy and the fact of the Angel has been a theory and a point of wishful thinking.Glamour, 162:the Dweller on the Threshold and the Angel of the PRESENCE, and the basic dualism of manifestationGlamour, 163:the conflict between the Dweller and the Angel, and thus the three forms of glamor and the finalGlamour, 163:effort and aspiration on to the side of the Angel, thus restoring the lost balance and slowlyGlamour, 163:between the Dweller on the Threshold and the Angel of the PRESENCE might be itemized as: TheGlamour, 171:intuition, dispelling illusion, revealing the Angel, indicating the Presence, and opening up to theGlamour, 172:by the intuition through the medium of the Angel and, when revealed and recognized, brings illusionGlamour, 176:fact of God Transcendent. The influence of the Angel, who is the individualized seed ofGlamour, 178:off, and presuppose facility in approach to the Angel or the soul, and an ability to raise theGlamour, 178:of a state of fusion with the soul or with the Angel which guards the approach to the Path of theGlamour, 180:effort primarily to see in the light which the Angel radiates the point of light behind allGlamour, 180:vision - that of the Presence, of which the Angel is the guarantee and promise. As the light of theGlamour, 181:the mind, the light of the soul, focused in the Angel, and the universal light which the PresenceGlamour, 182:of the Higher Way. The return to the Angel, or a refocusing in the soul. A pause or interlude forGlamour, 182:thinking, under the influence of the Angel. The turning of the mind to the formulation of thoseGlamour, 183:is only for those who can penetrate beyond the Angel into the place "where fire dwelleth," andGlamour, 193:these divine ideas. The directing Agent, the Angel of the Presence, produces the power to create inGlamour, 203:Then the Dweller on the Threshold confronts the Angel of the Presence and the last and majorGlamour, 203:of opposites and the triumphant victory of the Angel - the embodiment of the Forces of Good in theGlamour, 223:and the intellectual. The moment that the Angel of the Presence is a reality to them, theirGlamour, 266:of a better one) is away from the soul and the Angel of the Presence to the mysterious PresenceGlamour, 267:this is the confronting the personality by the Angel of the PRESENCE. There is no need for me toGlamour, 268:spiritual embodiment, and the fact of the Angel. Between him and that door is a burning-ground;Glamour, 268:of the will destroyed. The relation between the Angel and the Dweller must be released, by means ofGlamour, 269:time, produces an "evocative response" from the Angel. The two factors involved (and forget not, myGlamour, 269:is absorbed into the greater light of the Angel or soul. The Angel, therefore, "occultlyGlamour, 269:into the greater light of the Angel or soul. The Angel, therefore, "occultly obliterates" theGlamour, 269:becomes lost to sight in the radiant aura of the Angel. This has been symbolically portrayed for usGlamour, 269:- Dweller. The Sun - spiritual nature - soul - Angel. The Earth - aspiring man - the disciple. TheGlamour, 269:it is seen no more as of old. The light of the Angel envelops it; the burning ground has done itsGlamour, 270:the quality and the characteristics of the Angel can shine. It is a fusion of lights, with theGlamour, 270:fact of his discipleship. The perception of the Angel, waiting and dynamic. The invocative appealGlamour, 270:all the processes himself. It is not the Angel or the Dweller but the spiritual man himself who hasGlamour, 270:moved irrevocably forward, the response of the Angel is sure, automatic and all-enveloping.Glamour, 271:necessity that I have written. That the Angel of the PRESENCE may make His nearness felt andHealing, 140:"breathes upon the waters" (or forces) and the Angel of the Presence descends into the whirlpool.Healing, 140:later stirred violently by the descent of the Angel, respond to the Angel's healing power and areHealing, 140:by the descent of the Angel, respond to the Angel's healing power and are changed "into a quietHealing, 178:the Barhishad Pitris, to the solar Lord or Angel. The field of work of the former is the sacralHealing, 178:sacral center, par excellence; that of the solar Angel is the throat center. Healing, 303:He said: Lord of Glamor, that am I, and the Angel of Bewilderment. Naught is clear to me. I loveHealing, 407:soul again becomes conscious of itself as the Angel of the Presence and is reabsorbed into theHealing, 495:will be made with the soul or with the solar angel. After that contact, a relatively violentHealing, 507:the Dweller on the Threshold, stands before the Angel of the Presence. The light of the solar AngelHealing, 507:Angel of the Presence. The light of the solar Angel then obliterates the light of matter. TheHealing, 516:glory of the Presence, [516] transmuted by the Angel, is such that the personality completelyHealing, 590:other realized, to which we give the name of the Angel of the Presence. These are the soul (theHealing, 590:of the Presence. These are the soul (the solar angel) and the monad. One embodies the monadic rayHealing, 639:out, when the Dweller on the Threshold and the Angel of the Presence face each other. It is in thatHealing, 647:for whom there is no healing possibility. The Angel of Death (and this time I am not speakingHealing, 708:they both remain in peace and calm Thus must the angel of the Lord descend into the pool and bringInitiation, 4:of our consciousness, - a whole that the highest Angel or Perfected Being is but beginning toInitiation, 60:time and attention to the work of the deva, or angel evolution, until their agency helps to makeInitiation, 114:face with that manifestation of the great solar angel (Pitri) who is himself, the real self. HeInitiation, 115:member of the human family. The great solar Angel, who embodies the real man and is his expressionInitiation, 116:emanates from the heart center of the solar Angel, linking thus heart and brain, - that greatInitiation, 116:is first contacted. In all these words, "solar angel," "sphere of fire," and "lotus," lies hid someInitiation, 117:as we understand it, are lacking. The solar angel hitherto contacted has withdrawn himself, and theInitiation, 136:Ego on its own plane. This Ego is a great solar angel, who is the medium of expression for theInitiation, 136:The life then, which manifested as a solar angel, and which, through inherent energy, held togetherInitiation, 137:work of destruction is accomplished, the solar angel returns to his own place, having performed hisInitiation, 193:motive are transmitted by him to the recording angel of the Hierarchy; only those disciples whoInitiation, 195:5 Let the applicant see to it that the solar angel dims the light of the lunar angels, remainingInitiation, 217:gone on and taken the sixth initiation. Deva (or Angel) A god. In Sanskrit a resplendent deity. AMagic, 47:with corresponding entities in what we call the angel or deva kingdom. The Hierarchy of Rays -Magic, 51:One - Some Basic Assumptions RULE ONE The Solar Angel collects himself, scatters not his force but,Magic, 58:fact will be the spiritual man, the solar angel or soul. It will also be realized that hisMagic, 60:conscious alignment with his ego, with his "angel", is receptive to his plans and purposes, andMagic, 61:is seldom responsive to the ego or the solar angel until many cycles of incarnation haveMagic, 61:of the entire ladder of evolution. The solar angel is unceasingly in deep meditation. The impulsesMagic, 88:more actively aggressive. The work of the solar Angel has hitherto been largely in its own worldMagic, 88:into the fifth kingdom. Now the solar Angel approaches a time of crisis and of reorientation. InMagic, 88:the present age, indicates to the solar Angel a second crisis, of which the first was but theMagic, 88:was but the symbol. That for which the solar Angel exists is making its presence felt withinMagic, 88:strong pull. is being exerted upon the solar Angel which this time will produce a secondMagic, 88:Kingdom in nature. The first effort of the solar Angel turned animal-men into human beings; theMagic, 89:in the human family. For this the solar Angel, the soul, is organizing itself and reorientingMagic, 90:into an understanding of the life of the solar Angel, seek to assure my fellow pilgrims that theMagic, 98:form one unit, the creative power of the solar Angel can express itself in the three worlds, andMagic, 100:the guarantee. 4. The blending of the deva or angel evolution and the human. This is a mysteryMagic, 100:arrives at the consciousness of his own solar Angel, only to discover that that too is also but aMagic, 101:served its purpose, must be left behind. The angel or deva evolution is one of the great lines ofMagic, 105:terms: "When the radiant light of the Solar Angel is fused with the golden light of the cosmicMagic, 108:a living fire. The Bull of God sees the Solar Angel, and knows that Angel to be the light whereinMagic, 108:Bull of God sees the Solar Angel, and knows that Angel to be the light wherein he walks. " Then theMagic, 108:four proceeds. The four are at-one. The Solar Angel is identified with his instrument; the life ofMagic, 108:sake of clarity, the steps outlined: The Solar Angel begins the work of initiating the Personality.Magic, 157:RULE FIVE Three things engage the Solar Angel before the sheath created passes downward; theMagic, 200:before God - standing now not only before the Angel of the Presence, but before the very PresenceMagic, 211:towards a specific objective. The soul or solar angel might be regarded as gazing in threeMagic, 211:slips away. With this direction of the solar Angel's vision we need not concern ourselves. 2. OverMagic, 211:ourselves. 2. Over the kingdom wherein the solar Angel reigns supreme, over the world of souls, orMagic, 212:be forgotten that the spiritual man, the solar Angel, has also his goal of endeavor, and that hisMagic, 212:the buddhic or wisdom-love aspect in the solar Angel demonstrates his fitness for furtherMagic, 219:sought) are seen; the two paths face the solar Angel; the poles vibrate. A choice confronts the one
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