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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANGEL

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Magic, 386:the egoic body has served its purpose, the solar Angel has done its work, and the form side ofMagic, 546:and mental sheath, and the idea of the solar Angel is attaining definite concretion." The obviousMagic, 556:lesser scale, govern the activities of the solar Angel as he proceeds with the work of incarnationMagic, 557:upon the wheel of rebirth "the idea of the solar Angel is attaining definite concretion". CosmicMagic, 565:after the cycle of peace, call on the Solar Angel. The Centers and Prana The nearer we approach inMagic, 565:by the magician, whether he be the solar Angel occupied with the magical work of manifestation, orMagic, 565:interpreted. We can study the work of the solar Angel as he approaches the dense physical plane toMagic, 565:which that body must have upon the hidden solar Angel. The latter looks out through the fire andMagic, 566:When this clothing has been assumed by the solar Angel, a final stage is reached, and solar fireMagic, 567:stillborn for this very reason that the solar Angel wavers in his intent and is not sufficientlyMagic, 571:An harmonious cooperation with his own solar Angel, so that solar force may impose its rhythm uponMagic, 581:or mechanism of contact, so that the solar Angel has a vehicle, adequate for [582] the expressionMeditation, 155:only by the human hierarchy, but by the deva or angel evolution as well. The secret of it all liesMeditation, 196:sounded forth collectively by which the deva, or angel kingdom, will be communicated with. TheseMeditation, 236:be possible: Direct contact with the deva or angel evolution will come about, though it isMeditation, 266:souls being made up of the individual human and angel units of consciousness. On the secondMeditation, 312:not safely work, for instance, with the deva or angel evolution. In the preparatory school heMeditation, 352:on Occult Meditation - Glossary D-K Deva (or Angel) A god. In Sanskrit a resplendent deity. A DevaPatanjali, 8:Form Energy Force Matter The Presence The Angel of the Presence The human being A clear distinctionPatanjali, 40:the disciple arrives at a realization of the angel of His Presence, the solar angel, ego or soul.Patanjali, 40:of the angel of His Presence, the solar angel, ego or soul. This is the achievement of the previousPatanjali, 48:self. Here is depicted the nature of the solar angel, the son of God, the ego or the higher self.Patanjali, 56:soul within the form, the son of mind, the solar angel, the fifth principle. The significance ofPatanjali, 59:is, first of all, the act of the ego, solar angel, higher self or soul, as he sounds out the WordPatanjali, 91:of a chemical atom, a rose, a pearl, a man or an angel) would reveal all souls upon the ladder ofPatanjali, 179:the mystery of himself and draws closer to the "Angel of the Presence" which can only be truly seenPatanjali, 269:third is the splendid pine, the butterfly, the angel..." Problems, 148:Churchmen have forgotten the sequence in the angel's song: "Glory to God in the highest, on earthPsychology1, 76:aspect of the lower self. The ego or solar Angel, the pure Son of Mind, Who expresses intelligence,Psychology1, 77:of the Door The Dispenser of Knowledge The Angel with the Flaming Sword The Keeper of the SecretPsychology1, 83:Temple of the Lord be built", the seventh great Angel cried. Then to their places in the north, thePsychology1, 88:second ray. One ray is the goal of the deva or angel evolution, the third ray. All these three raysPsychology1, 191:is intended to be an expression of a solar angel, and is consequently linked to every other solarPsychology1, 191:and is consequently linked to every other solar angel in the kingdom of souls. Each is animated byPsychology1, 192:life, and of the measure of success of the solar angel at any given point in time and space (whichPsychology1, 192:first proposition relates to the ego, or solar angel, and its realization. The second propositionPsychology1, 192:man - inspired from on high by his solar angel. The third proposition, which states that qualityPsychology1, 192:and truly divine, but the quality of the solar angel only makes its presence felt slowly and duringPsychology1, 198:and its lives pass into the so-called deva, or angel, evolution. Hence the wind and the insectPsychology1, 391:destiny which the immortal principle, the solar angel, succeeds eventually and much later in timePsychology1, 414:In an esoteric relation to the deva or angel kingdom. (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p.564.) The fourPsychology2, 5:himself with the ego, the soul or solar angel. This he comes to know as his true self, the realPsychology2, 7:egoic consciousness, which is that of the solar angel as it begins with the preparation forPsychology2, 7:in the separative personality. Man, the Solar Angel, is the sum total of those energies and forcesPsychology2, 8:is the veiled reality, and that which [8] the Angel of the Presence hides. He is the syntheticPsychology2, 8:this triplicity can be studied as: Man - the Angel - The Presence. The root - the lotus - thePsychology2, 8:These forces constitute the lower man. The solar angel is a dual combination of energies - thePsychology2, 9:of the specific quality of the solar angel through the appropriation, by that angel, of a sheath orPsychology2, 9:solar angel through the appropriation, by that angel, of a sheath or sheaths, which thus constitutePsychology2, 14:[14] personality and those of the soul or solar angel) are beginning to fuse and blend. The energyPsychology2, 16:and functioning increasingly as the solar angel, because focused primarily in the inner spiritualPsychology2, 19:The energy of the soul itself, or of the solar angel, as that energy pours forth upon the vehiclesPsychology2, 21:into human form and indwelt by the soul or solar angel, is that which normally colors thePsychology2, 22:the mind has a very close relation to the solar angel, and there is a peculiar affiliation betweenPsychology2, 22:and there is a peculiar affiliation between the Angel of the Presence and the mental man. It isPsychology2, 38:- 'The truth lies hidden in the unknown Way. The Angel of the Presence guards that Way. The mindPsychology2, 38:Presence guards that Way. The mind reveals the Angel and the door. Stand in that Presence. Lift upPsychology2, 38:Enter through that golden door. Thus will the Angel, who is the shadow of the Blessed One, revealPsychology2, 38:of the Blessed One, reveal the open door. That Angel too must disappear. The Blessed One remainsPsychology2, 41:pure reason; The wisdom which works through the Angel of the Presence. Psychology2, 41:as later synthesized and absorbed by the solar angel; it [42] manifests eventually as all that canPsychology2, 42:Power to recognize and contact the Angel of the Presence; Sensitivity to Deity, to light and toPsychology2, 45:of a better name) Identification. Ray One "The Angel of the Presence stands within the light divinePsychology2, 45:focus in the head of him who stands before the Angel. Eye to eye, and face to face, and hand toPsychology2, 45:with will, the Whole with power.' " Ray Two "The Angel of the Presence draws the wanderer to him.Psychology2, 46:with love and understanding.' " Ray Three "The Angel of the Presence stands within the center ofPsychology2, 46:above and from below. With intelligence, the Angel works to make the One Who is above and the onePsychology2, 46:hour sounds forth, and then the two are one. The Angel stands entranced. Ear to ear, breast toPsychology2, 46:and mind, to serve that Plan.' " Ray Four "The Angel of the Presence stands in his beauty rare uponPsychology2, 46:revealed. His work is done. Back to back, the Angel and the Warrior stand, their auras meeting in aPsychology2, 46:Ray - The Growth of Soul Influence Ray Five "The Angel of the Presence serves the three - the OnePsychology2, 46:refers to the fact that on the fifth plane the Angel is definitely met and known, and the threePsychology2, 47:directions, and permeate the Whole. The man and Angel face each other, and know themselves to bePsychology2, 47:I therefore serve the Plan.' " Ray Six "The Angel of the Presence reaches down, and, at the midwayPsychology2, 47:all I have, I serve that Plan.' " Ray Seven "The Angel of the Presence lifts one hand into the bluePsychology2, 47:into heaven. This the man, who stands before the Angel, knows. He grasps the meaning of the paintedPsychology2, 47:grasps the meaning of the painted sign which the Angel holds aloft. (Then follows a phrase which isPsychology2, 48:he stands - at the third initiation - before the Angel and sees that Angel also pass away, so thatPsychology2, 48:initiation - before the Angel and sees that Angel also pass away, so that naught is left butPsychology2, 49:the intended teaching. When this happens, the Angel of the Presence approaches ever closer, andPsychology2, 49:at last, light permeates the darkness, and the Angel dominates the life. Psychology2, 93:the death and sacrifice of a Son of God, a solar angel, for, from the angle of Deity, descent intoPsychology2, 94:life and consciousness of the soul, the solar angel, whose awareness is potentially that of thePsychology2, 116:levels. The Master of his group. The solar angel. The aspiring disciple on the lower mental levels.Psychology2, 147:of Repulse The Law of all Destroying Angels The Angel with the Flaming Sword The Rejecting EnergyPsychology2, 148:pictured for us in the ancient symbol of the Angel with the flaming sword, who stands before thePsychology2, 148:security of that shelter and condition. This angel acts in love, and has so acted down the ages,Psychology2, 148:who have earned the right to sojourn there. The angel protects the unready aspirant (not the placePsychology2, 160:lower manas by the divine Agnishvatta, the solar angel, functioning through the egoic lotus, is thePsychology2, 174:effects that the disciple becomes aware of the Angel with the Flaming Sword, Who stands before thePsychology2, 174:wide the Gate of Life. He stands before the Angel and takes away his sword, releasing thus thePsychology2, 174:and takes away his sword, releasing thus the Angel unto a higher task. He himself guards thePsychology2, 312:when the Dweller on the Threshold and the Angel of the Presence face each other. This constitutesPsychology2, 312:of the portal of initiation, and who faces the Angel of the Presence open-eyed, as the ancientPsychology2, 312:the soul. The two great contrasting forces, the Angel and the Dweller, are brought together - facePsychology2, 313:of Discipleship. Upon the mental plane - The Angel of the Presence and the Dweller on thePsychology2, 352:ray man can be trusted to be God's Destroying Angel - the Angel who brings life through thePsychology2, 352:be trusted to be God's Destroying Angel - the Angel who brings life through the destruction of thePsychology2, 357:the same way. A glimpse of the "Guardian Angel," who is the dim reflection of the Angel of thePsychology2, 357:Angel," who is the dim reflection of the Angel of the Presence, the Solar Angel, which walks with
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