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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANGLE

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Astrology, 13:has no effect of any kind. The moon, from the angle of the esoteric knower, is simply anAstrology, 16:the power to respond to the Soul. Then, from the angle of that Soul, the man must learn to controlAstrology, 17:possible group relations. It indicates, from the angle of the Ageless Wisdom, nothing more. This isAstrology, 27:these energies and their interplay from the angle of their effect upon the planet, andAstrology, 40:the flower of the earlier system from a certain angle. From another angle, when studied as theAstrology, 40:system from a certain angle. From another angle, when studied as the "flower of the earlier Eight,Astrology, 79:be studied from two angles: From the orthodox angle. From the angle of discipleship and initiation.Astrology, 79:two angles: From the orthodox angle. From the angle of discipleship and initiation. 2. Consider theAstrology, 81:from the more philosophical and spiritual angle, giving you the subjective picture of man'sAstrology, 81:(on the plane of time) 25,000 years. From the angle of the inner vision, it is a sweep around theAstrology, 85:and are literally sixteen all told - from the angle of manifestation, I would remind you - and makeAstrology, 90:- undergoing the experience - from the orthodox angle as he travels from Aries to Taurus, viaAstrology, 91:ask you to consider what I have to say from the angle of character effects, of problems presentedAstrology, 98:noted when the horoscope is considered from this angle. At the same time, Aries is related toAstrology, 113:far as our planet is concerned and yet, from the angle of humanity, perfect indeed. The aboveAstrology, 117:opposites, both from the astrological, emotional angle and from the point of view of the four armsAstrology, 126:of the activity of Pisces. From another angle and in a dual sign, this can also be seen working outAstrology, 126:In Pisces, there is demonstrated the captivity angle of relationship and the two fishes are unableAstrology, 128:It is these words also which, from a different angle, govern the processes undergone upon the PathAstrology, 146:working through the esoteric planets from the angle of humanitarian awareness, of discipleship andAstrology, 146:deals basically with his experiences from the angle of the three Crosses, which involves first,Astrology, 182:symbology of this Cross, from the quality angle, can be gained if we give the two sets ofAstrology, 184:The ruler of Sagittarius from the orthodox angle is Jupiter, and from the standpoint of the path ofAstrology, 186:are likewise of prime importance from the angle of the transmitted energy. The Esoteric Planets -Astrology, 195:two planets (late in point of time and from the angle of human knowledge) for it is only in thisAstrology, 206:strength and Sagittarian attitudes. Another angle of the experience in Scorpio can be covered byAstrology, 208:and group that he is a disciple. From that angle he is meticulously watched; he learns the meaningAstrology, 210:Mars, therefore, rules Aries from the orthodox angle and Scorpio esoterically, and does not againAstrology, 211:fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human from the angle of the soul and not from the angle of the lowerAstrology, 211:from the angle of the soul and not from the angle of the lower nature. The final struggle inAstrology, 218:is a part. This Hierarchy, from the larger angle of the entire twelve hierarchies and not simplyAstrology, 234:to the orthodox narrow and bigoted Christian angle, as that is normally understood though not inAstrology, 235:forms and predispositions but from the angle of a perverted mentality and an unwholesomeAstrology, 241:name for synthesis and fusion. From another angle, you have: Gemini, the Twins - Mind - Cause ofAstrology, 243:to study the rulers of this sign. From the angle of orthodox astrology, Venus rules Libra, whilst -Astrology, 253:expression which was initiated - from the mental angle - in our Aryan times. Isis stands for thisAstrology, 282:a large manner and not so specifically from the angle of personality horoscopes. When the planetsAstrology, 282:to study the horoscope of an individual from the angle of his place upon the wheel of the zodiacAstrology, 283:The three decanates of Aquarius, from the angle of the disciple, are Saturn, Mercury and Venus. ItAstrology, 298:the process of individualization. From another angle, as might be anticipated, Leo is related [299]Astrology, 300:activity of the seventh ray, which is - from one angle - the lowest aspect of the first ray. HenceAstrology, 312:We have, therefore, three signs which (from the angle of consciousness) are closely connected yetAstrology, 315:revealed to the Savior, looking at life from the angle of the soul. In the words quoted above "MyAstrology, 322:from "all points of the compass, from every angle of the zodiacal wheel and from that which isAstrology, 326:theme of "cyclic impulse" be approached from the angle of the group, forgetting, as this is done,Astrology, 328:their effects in Cancer, we must do so from the angle of the mass mind and the mass reaction andAstrology, 328:theme of the zodiac can be approached from the angle of light and its unfolding and increasingAstrology, 347:the One. It should be remembered that - from the angle of the final development of the twelveAstrology, 375:exceeding potency today, particularly from the angle of the subjective spiritual values; it isAstrology, 379:interest as one studies it either from the angle of the ordinary round of the zodiac, followed byAstrology, 379:by average and undeveloped humanity, or from the angle of the disciple wherein the path of zodiacalAstrology, 385:expression of the natural world (from the human angle). He is the one who goes down into the depthsAstrology, 386:close rapport with each other, both from the angle of the Plan and from the expression of materialAstrology, 388:by pointing out that desire is not (from the angle of reality) a subjective quality except in soAstrology, 391:the disciple. Looking at the matter from another angle: Venus, the mind or the soul in LibraAstrology, 393:- the central spiritual Sun. Thus from every angle, illumination remains the theme of this sign. WeAstrology, 395:have to be considered in such cases from: The angle of the unevolved man who will be centered InAstrology, 396:In these, the Mutable Cross controls. [396] The angle of the cycle of lives wherein the dualitiesAstrology, 396:the Wheel." The Fixed Cross then controls. The angle of the initiate. Here the Cardinal Cross isAstrology, 410:or soul. The lesser zodiac covered - from the angle of extreme illusion - in the course of oneAstrology, 430:In some unusual manner (from the human angle), all that concerns the development of mankind hasAstrology, 430:astrological interpretation. From this peculiar angle, therefore, we can approach the greatAstrology, 436:and brings experience to an end, from the angle of humanity. This is the major stream of force inAstrology, 479:this science must always be approached from the angle of the three basic energies: i.e., thoseAstrology, 483:with the will-to-be, but from the consciousness angle and not the material expression ofAstrology, 491:triangle, though still potent from the esoteric angle of the individual disciple or initiate. LibraAstrology, 492:Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. This is from the angle of hierarchical effort, as I earlier pointedAstrology, 507:kingdom, the kingdom of God. From still another angle you have: Aries - ruled by Mars. Cancer -Astrology, 519:being the most developed - both from the angle of the mechanism and of consciousness - is the pointAstrology, 527:science can be studied in various ways: From the angle of antagonisms which seem inevitable andAstrology, 527:by soul energies rightly employed. From the angle of identity of forces, leading inevitably toAstrology, 527:identity of interests and activities. From the angle of fusion, of unity, of vision and of goals.Astrology, 527:of unity, of vision and of goals. From the angle of humanity as a whole. If it is remembered thatAstrology, 528:planets, their interrelation from the energy angle and the quality of the ray forces which areAstrology, 530:three major world blocs from the consciousness angle and from the angle of world synthesis. OtherAstrology, 530:blocs from the consciousness angle and from the angle of world synthesis. Other and lesser nationsAstrology, 538:and the present world situation. From the angle of the ray energies involved and seeking to controlAstrology, 567:their energies in their highest forms (from the angle of human understanding), though these areAstrology, 594:them in some detail in my other books from the angle of consciousness and from the point of view asAstrology, 601:circle of their activity is complete from the angle of God the Father; the will to initiateAstrology, 615:the way, is a definition of meditation from the angle of goal and achievement. A man can trulyAstrology, 617:stages, particularly from the consciousness angle; that is via Shamballa, the Hierarchy andAstrology, 621:ray energy throughout our solar system. From the angle of human relations, this triangle rearrangesAstrology, 628:Christ principle. In time and space and from the angle of humanity, the triangle of constellationsAstrology, 628:is Gemini, Virgo, Pisces; the latter is the angle from the standpoint of Shamballa. Astrology, 628:evolution. The emphasis, is necessarily from the angle of the form nature and upon the phenomenalAstrology, 639:which is a six-pointed star... In the upper angle of the upper triangle is the Eagle (Scorpio); inAstrology, 639:is the Eagle (Scorpio); in the left lower angle stands the Lion (Leo); in the right, the BullAstrology, 653:The Words for the Signs of the Zodiac From the angle of form. Natural order. Retrogression throughAstrology, 653:Word said: Let form again be sought. From the angle of the soul. Spiritual order. Correct passingAstrology, 681:systemic and cosmic point of view, or from the angle of its importance to a planetary Logos and aAstrology, 686:our sixth chain (or the second according to the angle of vision) and affected the correspondingAtom, 126:right. We can look at this matter from another angle: it is quite possible for us to meet greatAutobiography, 4:and culture and - incidentally from the angle of eternity - destroying many old and beloved forms.Autobiography, 5:rich and the very poor, intimately and from the angle of close friendship; the very highest in theAutobiography, 11:myself, of that I am sure. From the worldly angle, I had no reason to be miserable and my familyAutobiography, 13:before he was four years old. From another angle, if I did not watch myself with the greatest care,Autobiography, 16:however, a very interesting one and, from the angle of esoteric symbolism, extraordinarilyAutobiography, 41:at saving souls, but I wonder now - from the angle of more worldly wisdom - if they did not getAutobiography, 43:and field of thinking. [43] From the worldly angle things were not so easy. My sister and I had not
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