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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANGLE

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Autobiography, 47:would do well to cultivate the friendship angle. I was absolutely sure (how wonderful that seems toAutobiography, 79:my conduct was really quite outrageous from the angle of Mrs. Grundy. Once I was at Lucknow andAutobiography, 80:and not much was done to handle the men from the angle of their mental problems. These are onlyAutobiography, 151:people's problems are more profitable from the angle of general helpfulness. Concentration onAutobiography, 180:problem in the ordinary way or from the ordinary angle. Perhaps this was because she had been fourAutobiography, 203:[203] girls as they are brought to him from the angle of parenthood, from the point of view of theAutobiography, 213:It motivates and implements the Plan from the angle of the aspirant and is the science of the Path,Autobiography, 230:civilization, particularly from its spiritual angle, we ourselves have been used to initiate.Autobiography, 231:be entirely accurate from the predictional angle. When this is so and the person accepts the dictumAutobiography, 232:into the sign Aquarius which means that from the angle of the zodiac, which is the imaginary pathAutobiography, 248:new inclination, to work out the future from the angle of this new approach. Astrology is aAutobiography, 273:another, and frequently emphasize the commercial angle. They demand obedience and look withAutobiography, 287:truth is approached in our presentation from the angle of evolutionary development; the gradedAutobiography, 294:truth. What are the essential doctrines from the angle of the Arcane School? What are the teachingsBethlehem, 47:study these five initiations of Jesus from the angle, first of all, of the individual aspirant, soBethlehem, 108:let us therefore study the story from the angle of Christ's humanity, never forgetting that He hadBethlehem, 116:He then handles his life conditions from the angle of that theory. For a perfected son of God, suchBethlehem, 116:and the life problem must be considered from the angle of divinity itself. Such was the issue withBethlehem, 117:we have erred in interpreting all truth from the angle of the mediocre. That is what has been done.Bethlehem, 122:marsh. Meeting his demands entirely from the angle of bread and butter may be much needed. It is.Bethlehem, 123:passages in the Bible are interpreted from the angle of the souls involved. Christ meets the devilBethlehem, 141:and this determination to handle life from the angle of mind and not of emotion, which distinguishBethlehem, 169:of the individual, and to study it from the angle of individual salvation. This attitude must endBethlehem, 177:Person and mission, and that, from a specific angle, His appearance was unprecedented. No studentBethlehem, 198:words. That is also why, from the psychological angle, Christianity has produced such sad, weary,Bethlehem, 206:fellow men, and Christ's death, viewed from one angle, was the logical outcome of the service whichBethlehem, 221:meant so much to Him, both humanly and from the angle of divinity, He has enabled us to gauge theBethlehem, 222:redemption we all share, not from the selfish angle of our individual salvation, but from theBethlehem, 241:study these problems either from the scientific angle or from a purely selfish individual one.Bethlehem, 241:happenings, even if it does not seem so from the angle of environment and circumstance. A steadfastBethlehem, 244:the Self, that which is the real man, from the angle of human life. There is something in us thatBethlehem, 257:subject of the five crises in His life from the angle of their world importance far more than fromBethlehem, 273:All forms of life will be regarded from the angle of spiritual phenomena, and we shall no longerDestiny, 17:study the nations of the world today from this angle, you will see this Shamballa energy of willDestiny, 52:of Love or of Attraction governs - from the soul angle - the British Empire and there is a relationDestiny, 60:is peculiarly interesting at this time from the angle of humanity because she comes under theDestiny, 77:Berlin is controlled by Leo from the personality angle, and there again comes out the relationshipDestiny, 81:work of the nation from the personality or lower angle - the secret and oft devious diplomacy andDestiny, 81:she has had to master. As yet, from the higher angle, Gemini does not entirely control, for theDestiny, 91:aspect in contradistinction to the conflict angle which the Moon and Vulcan together haveDestiny, 102:can be studied in various ways: [102] From the angle of antagonisms which seem inevitable and whichDestiny, 102:by soul energies rightly employed. From the angle of identity of forces, leading inevitably toDestiny, 102:identity of interests and activities. From the angle of fusion, of unity of vision and of goals.Destiny, 102:of unity of vision and of goals. From the angle of humanity as a whole. If it is remembered thatDestiny, 103:planets, their interrelation from the energy angle and the quality of the ray forces which areDestiny, 104:three major world blocs, from the consciousness angle and from the angle of world synthesis. OtherDestiny, 104:blocs, from the consciousness angle and from the angle of world synthesis. Other and lesser nationsDestiny, 112:human being from the current evolutionary angle) has been the unfolding of the "capacity forDestiny, 116:It can be studied, first of all, from the angle of energy which is ever coming into relation withDiscipleship1, 19:over the form aspect. Looking at it from another angle, this planetary soul - functioning as aDiscipleship1, 48:with life and problems from a totally different angle to their own - handling them in a weak orDiscipleship1, 48:handling them in a weak or stupid way (from the angle of the disciple) and making apparentlyDiscipleship1, 50:to life and the handling of life from the angle of the soul. This does not refer to what is soDiscipleship1, 64:soul itself is inactive and, therefore, from the angle and vision of the Great White Lodge, motivesDiscipleship1, 68:such as, for instance, myself, works from the angle of the mind of the transmitter and that of theDiscipleship1, 88:disciple and quite one of the longest from the angle of time. For this you should be prepared.Discipleship1, 98:one life; that, however, is not long from the angle of the soul; it is but a flash of small momentDiscipleship1, 110:which will make you react to need from the angle of a rounded out equipment; it will be of aDiscipleship1, 121:capacity and growth of the group and from that angle I am pleased with the progress you have made.Discipleship1, 129:by a keen desire to aid you [129] all from the angle of my wider experience and to makeDiscipleship1, 143:from the standpoint of your health but from the angle of the status which you have reached upon theDiscipleship1, 188:even if unavoidably - from the personality angle. This results in your creating a potentDiscipleship1, 192:motives are all that could be desired from the angle of your knowledge; your devotion to the causeDiscipleship1, 207:you steadily study time from the forward looking angle and time in reference to the future, youDiscipleship1, 216:your first ray energy can aid. From the angle of the mind, this soul activity and change of focusDiscipleship1, 216:and of teaching is for you the way. From the angle of the emotional body, this transition marks aDiscipleship1, 216:better understand my plans for you. From the angle of the etheric body, this soul transition orDiscipleship1, 277:can do much for the probationer from the angle of the soul. The probationer cannot do the same forDiscipleship1, 290:but that you reconsider your decision from the angle of group good and group progress, and fromDiscipleship1, 290:of your group brothers, and not solely from the angle of what seems best to you yourself and yourDiscipleship1, 290:and which might not - from the personality angle - be the easier way out and the easier activity.Discipleship1, 330:problem as you are, but from a totally different angle of approach. It should be interesting toDiscipleship1, 336:open to you. But it means also, from the lower angle, that you will sacrifice much in order to beDiscipleship1, 343:goal of the group, but not with the organization angle which is ever kept in the background. ThisDiscipleship1, 344:similar, has many resemblances from the angle of the soul. May I add here, that the point ofDiscipleship1, 345:year and it must all be approached from the angle of soul contact, followed by efficiency on theDiscipleship1, 381:to serve where needed (and not so much from the angle of where you yourself wanted to serve), youDiscipleship1, 381:to be more pragmatically developed but from the angle of those interior determinations which carryDiscipleship1, 381:portal of initiation. It is not will from the angle of self-assertiveness. No man takes initiationDiscipleship1, 408:a mode of personal training... The individual angle of this work is of no importance, except in soDiscipleship1, 410:so much time on that which is futile from the angle of world need and of the true and basicDiscipleship1, 431:played in it? Have I spoken from the angle of a divinely indifferent viewpoint? Have I practiced anDiscipleship1, 461:suggestion to you? Your main problem from the angle of the soul is a physical one in thisDiscipleship1, 480:is relatively as unpleasant from the vibratory angle to contact you or spend some time within theDiscipleship1, 504:to their reaction to you and not from the angle of what you can give to them, and - in your givingDiscipleship1, 513:through the light of love and from the angle of the eternal values. By leaving everybody free toDiscipleship1, 558:the gift of synthesis. You see clearly from the angle of mental observation, acutely andDiscipleship1, 561:quality and not quantity, and teach from the angle of knowledge, carefully thought out inDiscipleship1, 569:month...The nature of purification, from the angle of vision of the disciple. Sixth month...TheDiscipleship1, 572:too prone to view things externally, from the angle of the outer detail and from the standpoint ofDiscipleship1, 587:of relatively futile accomplishment (from the angle of world service) but that the finer minds haveDiscipleship1, 591:our relations with them, have to work from this angle of limitation. I have, however, a few minutesDiscipleship1, 610:you meet you consider and approach from the angle of the work, and not because they are fellowDiscipleship1, 614:no ability to work in a big way from the worldly angle and are too old to learn. But the success ofDiscipleship1, 622:diary should be kept with care from this angle and the heart motive, underlying your activities,Discipleship1, 659:problem. If you approach this problem from the angle of the personality, you will not succeed inDiscipleship1, 689:They are integrated people from the personality angle and susceptible at all times to soul contact.Discipleship1, 692:is held back materially, emotionally or from the angle of time, when physical strength is so givenDiscipleship1, 699:of the energies to which it responds, from the angle of evolutionary development. It might beDiscipleship1, 700:and the responding forces. From the Master's angle of the group problem, duality enters into the
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